Stacy Keibler Speaks On Being A Bad Girl, WrestleMania XXI & More

Thanks to reader Eddie Charshafian for the follwoing:

Just thought I would send this in. I live in New Jersey and last night on 1050 ESPN Radio, a New York Sports Station, had Stacey Keibler on to promote Wrestlemania 21. The host, Todd Wright, has had Triple H, JBL,Candice Michelle and Trish Stratus on before. He was very knowledgable about the WWE. He said he follows Raw and Smackdown, knew about the Undertaker's Mania winning streak,all the WM 21 matches and even attended Wrestlemani X-7 at the Houston Astrodome. He promoted the Hall of Fame inductions on Spike TV and Wrestlemania 21 April 3rd on PPV.

Here is a recap of what Stacey Keibler said:

-Talked about how she thought it was an honor to be named babe of the year and that people who don't even follow wrestling recognize her
-Said everyone at the WWE is really excited for Wrestlemania 21
-Said that if Trish isn't doing her Job is she isnt getting Booe'd
-She would love to play a heel because it's fun and it's a challenge. And wants to be a bad girl, instead of "Americas Sweethart"
-Plugged the Hall of Fame inductions and said that Hulk Hogan was a close personal friend and was very excited for him.
-Talked about being RKO'd by Randy Orton and said she would like Undertaker to continue his streak by "kicking Randy's ass"
-Talked about how she's been in the business for 6 years and is living the life of the rock star and loves the business and will never want to do anything else. And loves her fans.
-Said she's attending acting school as she is always trying to be a better performer.

All in all, the host knew all about Wrestlemania 21 and the matches. He plugged JBL/Cena, Orton/Undertaker, and HHH/Batista. He said you HAVE to be on the side of the Undertaker and that the Undertaker goes to 13-0. He even knew that Undertaker's streak started agains Jimmy Snuka. I was very impressed. Good Stuff.

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