Hulk Hogan Speaks On His Return, Brooke, Steve Austin & More

Thanks to reader Keith Lipinski & ProWrestlingTorch for the following Hulk Hogan interview recap:

Hulk Hogan was on Pete McMurray's radio show on 105.9 FM WCKG in Chicago this afternoon for seven minutes.

McMurray, who proclaimed he was in fact a "Hulkamanic," called Hogan "One of the greatest wrestlers of our generation." Hogan started the interview with his typical calm, charming voice, "What's going on big Pete! Pete, Pete is my dad's name!" McMurray asked Hogan if he was still taking his vitamins, which might have been a shot at Hogan's multivitamin brand in the early-'90s.

Hogan told McMurray he was. "Yes, I'm saying my prayers and training, too. I can beat any 20 year old!"

Hogan let us know he was happy that WrestleMania is in Hollywood. He added, "My man, Sylvester Stallone, is going to induct me into the WWE Hall Of Fame."

As for a comeback, Hogan said he couldn't do a "365 day schedule, but sooner or later you will see Hulkster in the ring."

Hogan then talked about his son (Nasty Nick) who's 14 years old and according to Hogan is a "genius at importing cars." Brooke's music career is "on a roll, she's in the studio cutting music."

McMurray asked Hogan about the Star this week, in which Hogan is shown on page 40 with his many pets, which McMurray called "farm animals." Hogan talked about the rooster they do have a permit for, but what they "didn't show is were on two and a half acres and there's a weird law, which is kind of gray where you can have five animals no matter how much land you have." Hogan showed us a comparison. "Say you could have a studio apartment with five pitbulls or six goldfish and it's okay. I have two and a half acres!" Hogan also talked about his big fat chocolate lab which "loves McDonalds cheeseburgers."

McMurray and Hogan talked about Mania I and III, including Mania 3's "94,000 people attendance record." Then Hogan noted he and Steve Austin could fill the Pontiac Silverdome with 95,000 with the "dream match no one thought they would see."

Hogan noticed "Stone Cold switched gears, giving the finger rather then saying his prayers" and had a "cult following in the '90s." Hogan said the dream match would sell the rafters out of the Silverdome. "I'm 51, and my arms are bigger then his (Stone Cold's) legs. I'd love to get in the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin, not a building big enough to hold it."

As for Mania, "I'm there the night before, I definitely don't think I can walk away. On April 5th, I'm supposed to be back in the recording studio with my daughter. I don't know if I can sit there to watch myself and compose myself. I don't want to walk in unannounced. I don't think its proper protocol to walk out there while I'm not under contract."

Hogan let us know he was now 290lbs, which he hasn't been since the "ninth grade." About Piper, "Piper's a crazy nutcase. He's cool, he's just off his rocker."

Then Hogan did a 105.9 promo in his hulk Hogan "brother dude" voice as the interview ended.

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