Hulk Hogan Comments On Whether He Will Make Surprise WrestleMania Appearence; more

There has been a great deal of speculation as to whether Hollywood Hulk Hogan would be at this Sunday’s WrestleMania. As it currently stands, Hogan has told a Chicago radio station that he is not under contract with WWE, so an appearance at WWE’s biggest event of the year is very unlikely.

As reported here on the Rajah news board previously, Hogan is scheduled to be in Los Angeles for the Hall of Fame ceremony this weekend, but he had to be back in the recording studio with his daughter by Apr. 5 - two days after WrestleMania.

He said regarding potentially attending in person: "I don't know if I could sit there and compose myself. I don't want to walk in unannounced. I don't think it's proper protocol to walk out there while I'm not under contract." As for a comeback, Hogan said he couldn't do a "365 day schedule, but sooner or later you will see Hulkster in the ring." He said he is at his lowest weight in many years. "Since ninth grade," he actually claimed. Regarding Roddy Piper, he said: "Piper's a crazy nutcase. He's cool, he's just off his rocker."

One thing that does seem odd is that one WWE source says that all Hall of Famers will be at the actual event Sunday night, so who knows what games Hogan is playing with the above comments.

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[ Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter ]