Official WWE SmackDown! Preview For Next Week; Mania Fallout


APRIL 7, 2005

With WrestleMania 21 in the books, SmackDown! will come to San Diego this week.

And there figures to be major fallout from the show on April 3. Will JBL still be WWE Champion and extend his reign to nearly 10 months after his match with John Cena? Or will Cena come to San Diego with the WWE Championship?

Will Undertaker be 13-0 after his match with Legend Killer Randy Orton? Will Kurt Angle defeat Shawn Michaels in a battle of living legends?

Will Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio still be on the same page after they lock horns in Los Angeles? And was Big Show able to defeat Sumo Grand Champion Akebono?

Don’t miss the first SmackDown! after WrestleMania 21 on UPN (8/7 CT).

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