Recap Of Steve Austin's Appearence On The Dennis Miller Show

Thanks to reader Bedford Crenshaw for sending in the following:

Just saw Steve Austin on Dennis Miller. Fans were vocal throughout the show in anticipation of Austin.

Miller denotes all the tourists from overseas coming to Wrestlemania. Miller thanks Austin for being gracious to his kids backstage once. Asks Austin about the card. Austin mentions his Piper's Pit but dismisses the rest of it. Austin goes on to discuss how important Wrestlemania is in establishing new storylines and ending old ones, and how someone lower on the card can use Wrestlemania to improve his stature in the company.

Miller refers to wrestling as "trompe l'oeil". Austin asks him to translate that "redneck style". The wild fans just hooted and hollered. Miller ends up saying it's what one does to someone named Lloyd/Loy.

Miller asks about the WWE changing its name. Austin briefly mentions World Wildlife Fund. Miller quickly asks about Austin's relationship with McMahon. Austin says he "works with" McMahon, and how McMahon "shares the wealth" with the top tier of wrestlers.

Miller asks how long a wrestler can stay on the top. 5 years? Austin says 5 is about right. There were incomprehensible fan shoutings after this comment.

Miller asks about his neck Austin says it feels good, but is tired of people asking him about it.

Austin talks about his bit part in "Longest Yard", and how he starts shooting in June for "The Condemned".

Once again, Wrestlemania mentioned, but Austin once again dismisses the rest of the card when asked.

Save for dismissing the rest of the card, Austin carried himself well. But the wrestling fans in the audience embarrassed us all.

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