WWE Velocity Report (04/02/05) Taped in Houston, Texas

WWE Velocity Report-2nd April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Wrestlemania weekend is well and truly upon us so let's get this party started. Velocity kicks off this week with................................

Nunzio vs Akio
Josh is joining us this week on commentary despite his beatdown by Kurt Angle on SmackDown! Both lockup, Akio takes Nunzio to the corner and slaps him. Nunzio charges into an Akio boot, Akio goes behind Nunzio takes him down and drops knees onto his back. Nunzio gets up armdrags Akio but charges into another boot to the gut and Akio stomps on Nunzio's leg. Akio drops Nunzio down on one leg before Nunzio gets a few nearfalls with a sunset flip and la mahistrol cradle. Akio ducks outside, Nunzio goes out, Akio slides back in punches Nunzio on the apron, Nunzio counters a headbutt by hanging Akio in the ropes before getting in and scoring a one count off a rollup. Akio reverses into the ropes and lands a dropkick to the knee of Nunzio. Akio stomps and throws the leg onto the canvas before locking in a leg grapevine. Nunzio gets to the ropes, Akio drapes the leg across the bottom rope and crashes down onto it. Akio twists the leg of Nunzio from a standing position, Nunzio breaks free by kicking Akio off of him. Akio walks into a monkey flip. Nunzio rallies with punches, hits a jawbreaker and a back suplex into a cover 1-2-kickout. Nunzio favouring the leg climbs to the second rope, Sicilian Slice no Nunzio with a cross body for another two count. Akio lands a martial arts kick but Nunzio counters a powerbomb with the Sicilian Slice. Nunzio gets another nearfall, Nunzio goes for Arrivederci but Akio counters into a schoolboy and gets the three count. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: AKIO.

Still to come Billy Kidman vs Mark Jindrak.

Up next Bob Orton confronts Undertaker on SmackDown!

Taxi Driver Wrestlemania parody airs.


Hulk Still Rules. 1987 Hulk defeats Paul Orndorff in a steel cage. Bobby Heenan eats cage afterwards.

Bob Orton begs for Mercy on behalf of Randy from Undertaker. Undertaker says no and RKO will RIP. Randy comes out and hits an RKO on Undertaker. It was a setup all along. Randy Orton vs Undertaker is hyped.

Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs Jared Steele & Russell Simpson
Haas starts with Simpson. Haas with a series of takedowns into a front facelock and then a fireman carry takedown. Haas with two armdrags riles up Simpson who slaps Haas. Haas pauses and looks round in disbelief before slapping Simpson back, driving his head into the corner, Irish whipping him and delivering a battering ram in the corner. Haas executes a suplex into a cover for one before grabbing an arm and tagging in Holly. Simpson breaks free of Haas' grip straightaway and tags in Steele. Holly slaps on a side headlock as a Hardcore chant breaks out, Holly takes it in before coming off the ropes and taking Steele down with a shouldertackle. Steele lands a kick to the gut and a series of punches that send Holly into the corner. Steele with a few chops, Irish whip, Holly goes up and over a charging Steele and unleashes a series of stinging chops. Holly clubs down Steele and gets a few kicks in. Holly drags Steele over, tags in Haas and holds him for an open shot to which Haas obliges before working the arm, driving his shoulder into Steele then locking hands and hoisting Steele in the air and pancaking him back down. Haas has Steele in another front facelock but gets driven into Steele's corner as we go to.........................

Don't Try This At Home.

We return to see Simpson tag in and stomp on a fallen Haas. Simpson with an armwringer and an Irish whip. Simpson advances, Haas executes a belly-to-belly suplex and both men make the tag. Holly charges in hitting Steele with two clotheslines, a backbodydrop off the ropes and a full nelson slam. Simpson breaks up the cover at two. Haas comes in with forearms and hits a T-Bone on Simpson before clotheslining him to the outside. Holly reverses a Steele Irish whip, Steele attempts to go up and over Holly but Holly gets him on his shoulders twists and spins him round and nails the Alabama Slam. Forget about it. 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: HARDCORE HOLLY & CHARLIE HAAS.

Still to come Carlito has his first match back from injury against John Cena on SmackDown!

Braveheart Wrestlemania parody airs.


The Wrestlemania card is run through. The matinee times in the UK for 'Mania are then run through. (Monday 4th April 10am-Wednesday 6th April at 6pm on Box Office).

Triple H/Batista Wrestlemania promo airs.

Luther Reigns vs John Blitzken (Biohazard)
Luther backfists Blitzken down before stomping on his back. Luther with a hard Irish whip. Luther lands two backbreakers before tossing Blitzken away. Luther plays to the booing crowd before dropping two elbows onto Blitzken. Luther stomps on Blitzken's back as he crawls to the ropes. Luther applies a quick cobra clutch under the bottom rope before raking away at Blitzken's face. Luther picks up Blitzken only to club him back down before going behind him and landing slugging blows around the back of the head. Luther with a boot to the gut followed by a butterfly suplex. Luther covers but pulls up Blitzken at two. Luther misses a kneedrop off the ropes, Blitzken manages to land a couple of kicks to Luther's leg and a few punches. Blitzken runs the ropes into a Luther clothesline. Luther picks up Blitzken and finishes him off with a twisting inverted DDT. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: LUTHER REIGNS.

Up next Carlito vs John Cena from SmackDown!

Raw UK Wrestlemania Revenge tour promo airs.


Wrestlemania 21 is tonight.

John Cena vs Carlito gets ruled no contest when JBL gets Cena arrested for vandalising his Limo last week. JBL lowblows Cena and mocks him. More 'Mania match hype.

A Few Good Men Wrestlemania parody airs.

Billy Kidman vs Mark Jindrak
Both lockup, Jindrak backs Kidman to the corner, Jindrak offers a clean break but Kidman responds with boots to the gut and slaps on a side headlock. Jindrak muscles out and forces Kidman down. They go to lockup again but Kidman lands another boot, club and headlock. Jindrak tries to fling Kidman off, Kidman holds on, Jindrak sends him into the ropes, leapfrogs him then shouldertackles Kidman down. Jindrak now with a side headlock, Kidman sends him into the ropes, Jindrak quickly reverses and pancakes Kidman down. Jindrak misses a cross body in the corner and goes sailing outside. Kidman goes out and kicks at Jindrak before rolling him back in where Kidman gets a nearfall. Kidman lands more stomps then drops a knee to the sternum and gets another two count. Kidman chokes Jindrak with his boot in the ropes before kicking Jindrak down. Kidman stretches Jindrak on the canvas, Jindrak gets out with a knee to the head, Kidman kicks at Jindrak. Kidman runs the ropes into a big back bodydrop by Jindrak. Jindrak hits an inverted atomic drop and two high leaping dropkicks. (Nice height on those). Kidman off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl slam, Jindrak gets a two count. Kidman drops Jindrak onto the second turnbuckle. Kidman stomps a mudhole in Jindrak before driving his head into Jindrak's midsection twice. Kidman with an Irish whip, Jindrak leaps over a charging Kidman and whacks him with his patented left hook. Kidman's lights are out and Jindrak covers for the win. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: MARK JINDRAK.

Steve & Josh shill for Wrestlemania and quickly rundown the card again before Steve signs off. End of show. Keep it here for International Heat. Shaun.