WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report (04/03/05) Taped in Fort Worth, Texas

WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report-3rd April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Marc Loyd

Welcome back everybody. The weekend action continues with International Heat and out of the chute first is...................................................

Viscera vs Val Venis
Viscera waddles to the ring to a few cheers and Val chucks his towel to a boy, what is going on this week? Viscera begins by shoving Val down and gets fired up. Val ducks Viscera's advances but his punches have no effect. Val runs the ropes but a clothesline doesn't budge Viscera. Val tries again but gets the same result so he sighs and settles for a poke to the eyes. Val unleashes punches and chops, Val off the ropes gets taken down by a spinning heel kick by Viscera. Viscera hangs Val up in the corner in a tree of woe and backs that ass up. Viscera chops Val before choking him in the ropes. Viscera chops Val, Val goes to another corner, Viscera follows, Irish whip, Val dodges a Viscera charge and rolls him up for a two count. Val ducks Viscera and kicks at his leg, Val off the ropes and a chopblock drops Viscera to one knee. Val hits a bulldog off the ropes and goes up to the top rope. Money Shot perhaps, no Viscera rolls away, Val jumps down and advances towards Viscera who grabs Val by the throat and places in the corner. Val dodges Viscera's chop and hits a series of roundhouses but Viscera counters an Irish whip attempt by catching Val in the Embalmer (choke into a sit-out powerbomb) and that's that. 1-2-3. Val's career is in freefall. Here is Your Winner: VISCERA.

Still to come Rhyno vs Snitsky.

Up next HBK vs Muhammad Hassan from Raw.

Triple H/Batista Wrestlemania promo airs.

HBK lays out a challenge to Muhammad Hassan two weeks ago on Raw and wins via DQ on Raw when Kurt Angle runs in. Both brawl before Angle bails and Hassan receives Sweet Chin Music. Kurt Angle vs HBK is hyped.

Raw UK Wrestlemania Revenge tour promo airs.


Taxi Driver Wrestlemania parody airs.

Rosey vs Russell Simpson
This is Rosey's first match back since suffering the sledgehammer shot to the ribs by Triple H on Raw not so long ago so let's see if he's fully healed. Simpson applies a headlock from a brief lockup, Rosey hoists him up in the air and drops him onto the canvas in the midst of a Rosey chant. Simpson with a go-behind on Rosey lands punches to the back but Rosey muscles free and shrugs off Simpson. Rosey lands punches and chops in the corner before hiptossing Simpson. Simpson pleads for mercy and steps onto the apron, Rosey drags him back in and Simpson rakes the eyes and kicks at his leg before grabbing one of them trying to get Rosey off his feet. Rosey responds with a gutwrench suplex before whipping Simpson off the ropes and catching him in a bearhug. Simpson tries to rake the face of Rosey who eventually dumps Simpson, Simpson off the ropes kicks Rosey in the head and lands a shot to the ribs which Rosey feels (guess they're still sore) but this fires Rosey up. Rosey absorbs Simpson's punches, Simpson ducks a Rosey swing attempt comes off the ropes but Rosey catches him with a clothesline. Rosey with an Irish whip charges into Simspon squashing him like a grape. Rosey with a scoop slam goes to the second rope and scores with a massive legdrop. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: ROSEY.

Later Triple H/Batista faceoff from Raw.

Up next Six Man Tag action from Raw.

Don't Try This At Home.

Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin defeat Edge, Christian & Tyson Tomko on Raw when Tomko taps to the Walls of Jericho. Post match Christian attacks Jericho with a ladder before Kane enters and cleans house with the ladder before posing on top. Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania is hyped.


"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs Jared Steele
We get another long drawn out entrance and promo by the bland Masters as a sign sums it up. "Masterpiece of Crap". Even Grisham agrees by asking the question who has Masters beaten yet apart from Steven Richards (who he injured I might add) before gawking like the rest of us when Masters cuts a promo by resembling a Disaster to when Masters is talking. Masters reminds us how no-one can break his Masterlock (yawn) then offers Steele a way out by walking out and offers to hold the ropes open. Steele declines and Masters says he made a bad decision. Yes I agree he could have saved us from this. Masters boots Steele, drives him to the corner where he unloads with boots and knees before throwing him down to the canvas and kicking Steele in the back. Masters lands two backbreakers and a fallaway slam poses and misses a kneedrop off the second rope and Steele gets some offense in in the form of kicks to the back of Masters' leg and a shouldertackle off the ropes which drops Masters. Steele with more stomps goes to the second rope. Steele dives off and Masters clocks him with a polish hammer and locks in the Masterlock for the submission/KO victory and keeps it cinched in after the bell. Here is Your Winner: "THE MASTERPIECE" CHRIS MASTERS.

Still to come Rhyno vs Snitsky.

Up next Triple H/Batista faceoff from Raw.

A Few Good Men Wrestlemania parody airs.

Triple H & Batista faceoff from Raw turns nasty and get separated. Match hype at 'Mania. Wrestlemania card is run through.


Snitsky vs Rhyno
ECW Chant gets Rhyno going and both circle one another before locking up and immediately breaking. They lockup and break again as a guy in the crowd is seen yawning (LOL). Rhyno finally applies a side headlock and after a while he comes off the ropes, ducks Snitsky and takes him down with a shouldertackle. Rhyno steps over but Snitsky takes him down with a shouldertackle of his own and Rhyno rolls outside while Snitsky plays to the crowd. Rhyno climbs back in with food for thought and tries to work the arm of Snitsky, Snitsky forearms Rhyno, Irish whip, Snitsky charges into a Rhyno elbow. Rhyno goes to the second rope, Snitsky backelbows and shoves Rhyno off and to the outside. Snitsky goes out boots Rhyno down, throws him into the guardrail and rams his head into the steel steps. Back inside Snitsky stomps Rhyno before dragging him onto the apron and going out and delivering a running knee to the head. Snitsky thwarts Rhyno's punches with a clubbing blow to the back, scoop slam by Snitsky is followed by two elbows and a nearfall. Rhyno tries to escape a Snitsky chinlock but Snitsky clotheslines him down for a two count. Rhyno fights out of another chinlock by ducking Snitsky and unloading with roundhouses. Snitsky reverses into the ropes, Rhyno with a flying clothesline. Rhyno with a shouldertackle and belly-to-belly suplex, goes for the Gore but Snitsky steps outside and Rhyno slows down. Rhyno grabs Snitsky runs across the apron ramming his head into the top turnbuckle before delivering a head to the gut that sends Snitsky to the arena floor. Rhyno brings Snitsky back in, Rhyno off the ropes Snitsky catches him with a big boot. Snitsky picks up Rhyno delivers an inverted DDT and wins the match 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Rhyno is getting a bit like Val Venis. I'll get worried if Rhyno jobs to Viscera next week.

Grisham shills for Wrestlemania and thanks us for watching. End of Show.

Wrestlemania Predictions:

Triple H vs Batista: TRIPLE H
JBL vs John Cena: JOHN CENA
Money In The Bank: EDGE
Sumo Match: AKEBONO DQ
Battle Royal: BOOKER T
Trish vs Christy: TRISH via Lita
Piper's Pit: Beer & Stunners all round.
HBK vs Angle: HBK
Undertaker vs Orton: UNDERTAKER
Hulk Hogan will make an appearance.

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I'll be back with a Pre-Wrestlemania edition of Heat after the event so wherever you are enjoy Wrestlemania and I'll see you all later on. Shaun.