Undertaker Misses Hall Of Fame Ceremony & Focus On Hogan's Family

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch

The Undertaker was not present at the Hall of Fame ceremony, and it seems like it was a last minute decision. One reader who was at the Hilton Hotel states that he heard several WWE staff pass round the mess that "it looks like Undertaker's not going now." This was reportedly one hour before the event.

At the Hall of Fame, after the live feed to Spike was cut, the crowd continued cheering on Hogan. Linda, Brooke, and Nick Bollea then took the stage as well. Linda thanked the crowd for the overwhelming response to her husband. The Bollea family, on behalf of WWE as well, then presented Hogan with a Planet Hollywood-esque display case, which was about four feet tall, and included three of his "Hulkamania" shirts, as well as his boots, and his tights. Hogan was nearly moved to tears. [Thanks to Jason Pasquale]

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