WWE RAW Report (4/5/05) - Los Angeles, California

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WWE RAW Report
Aired LIVE! From Los Angeles, CA
April 5, 2005
Reported by: The Worm, rajah.com RAW reporter

Wrestlemania 21 certainly delivered in terms of quality matches (with a couple of notable exceptions) and I'm happy to let everyone know that we have a new World Heavyweight Champion in Batista, but how long will his reign last? Tune into Spike TV tonight and find out!

RAW opens by airing the Wrestlemania highlight video that played at the end of Wrestlemania last night, starting with the Gladiator trailer featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can read the full results here at Rajah.com, provided by Jeremy Bratcher and John C.

As usual, it's The Game making his way out to the ring, but without his World title for a change. Let's hear what the pissant has to say this time:

(Batista chants start, with Triple H looking around in anger)

Triple H: I admit it, last night at Wrestlemania I lost the World Heavyweight Championship (crowd cheers and Triple H removes his shades). But for anyone who thinks this is the beginning of a new era, you are wrong. If you think this is the start of the Batista era, you're wrong. Batista was great for ONE NIGHT! ONE NIGHT! At Wrestlemania 21, the grandest stage of 'em all, for one night Batista was awesome. I admit he was on, but it was for one night. I am great every night! That championship belt Batista is wearing around his waist, it gravitates toward greatness. You know what that means? It means it'll come back to me. It'll find its way home because I own it. Batista was good once. I own the World Heavyweight Championship and the rematch clause is rock solid, there is no way out. It will take place and I'll stand in this ring as the 11 time world heavyweight champion. I can promise you this (exits the ring). I can promise you this. When I do, I will come back here and jam that championship down each and everyone of your throats (stares down a fan at ringside as he says that last part).

Up next will be a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship.

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The WWE Slam of the Week recaps Shelton Benjamin T-Boning Edge off the ladder during the ladder match last night (awesome spot, BTW)

WWE Intercontinental Championship (Triple Threat)

Shelton Benjamin (C) vs. Christian vs. Chris Jericho:

Chris Jericho nails a cheap shot on Christian and then Y2J and Benjamin double team Christian. Shelton Benjamin hits a clothesline and then Jericho hits a back suplex. The two exchange chops and then Jericho decides to go after Shelton. Y2J hits a low drop kick on Benjamin and then begins the straight right hands.

Y2J picks Benjamin up and chokes him on the middle rope. He whips him across the ring, but Benjamin hits a cross body into a pin cover, but Y2J kicks out. Y2J quickly regains the offensive as he nails a bulldog on Shelton. Y2J goes for a Lionsault, but Christian nails him and tosses him out of the ring. Christian gets hit with an inverted backbreaker and Shelton follows it up with a back boy rop. Christian gets the control with a thumb to the eye and then drops Shelton's back into the ropes (a reverse whiplash). Christian connects with a neckbreaker and then goes for the cover, but Shelton kicks out.

Christian goes to knock Y2J off the apron, and then goes back to work on Shelton with a backbreaker. Christian goes for the cover, but Shelton kicks out. Christian puts Shelton into a rear chinlock as CLB chants start.

Christian is able to get some control but as he climbs up to the top, Shelton recovers to try for a superplex, but Y2J comes into the ring and delivers a superplex to both Christian AND Shelton Benjamin (we've seen this before, but I forgot when it happened).

Y2J goes for a pin on Shelton, but Shelton kicks out. Y2J goes after Christian as he nails an enziguiri on him and then takes out Shelton. Shelton gets covered, but he is able to kick out and Y2J tosses the CLB out of the ring.

Y2J whips Shelton, and Shelton goes for a sunset flip, Y2J counters, and Shelton reverses it into another pin to no avail.

It's getting hard to keep up, but Y2J goes for a double pin on Shelton and Christian, but they both kick out. Flash forward, Y2J whips Shelton, Shelton reverses, Y2J jumps on the middle rope, but gets T-Boned for his efforts.

Some close calls between Y2J & Christian are going on and Christian attempts an Unprettier, but Y2J counters out, but Christian rolls out. Y2J dropkicks Tomko off the apron and now has Christian in the Walls. Christian struggles to reach the ropes, but Christian gets dragged to the middle. As Christian is ready to tap out, Shelton clotheslines Chris Jericho from the top to win this excellent opening match.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

I must apologize for the incompleteness of that match report, but I was typing as fast as I could and it was so hard to keep up.

Edge & Bischoff are talking backstage and it looks like Edge is finalizing his match. Bischoff thinks he's going to face Batista tonight, but instead Edge will tell him when he's ready to face Batista. Bischoff then says that tonight, Edge will be facing Chris Benoit. Edge isn't too pleased as we go to commercial.

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Randy Orton is on his way to the ring and he doesn't appear to be too enthusiastic.

Randy Orton: It wasn't supposed to happen this way. It wasn't supposed to happen like it did. I came this close to making history. This close to beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Hell, he picked me up with that Chokeslam and I turned into an RKO. When that wasn't enough, I thought I should beat him at his own game. I decided to use one of his patented moves, but something happened. My left shoulder, I heard a snap and the next thing I knew, I was looking at the bright lights. If my shoulder hadn't given out, I would have beaten the Undertaker. It got worse, because when I was backstage, and the doctor was tending to my injured shoulder, I looked at the monitor. It made me sick to my stomach. I saw the new World champion, Batista! Let me make one thing perfectly clear, when I was messing with the Undertaker, I respected him. When I was messing with Triple H, I respected him. I have no respect for Batista!

(Orton goes on to talk about how when Evolution was formed, he was the future and how they made jokes about Batista)

(Batista chants start)

Orton goes on to challenge Batista, but is instead interrupted by Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff says we've heard about Triple H's rematch clause, but Orton wants Batista tonight. Tonight, it'll be Randy Orton vs. Batista. Orton looks around, but it sounded kinda weird as Orton's theme came on. Backstage, we see my second favorite diva, Trish Stratus (my first one is Molly) heading towards the ring to take on Christy in a Wrestlemania rematch.

Commercial Break

WWE Women's Championship

Christy Hemme (w/ Lita) vs. Trish Stratus (C)

Trish quickly nails a Chick Kick on Christy and the ref checks on her while Trish mocks Lita. They stare each other down as Trish slaps Lita and Lita slaps back. The two fight until Trish decides to go to work on Lita's left knee. The ref tries to keep them separated as "Hardy" chants fire up. More refs come out to separate the two as Trish then leaves the ring and heads up the ramp.

This match never officially got underway

Christy and the refs help Lita out as Trish looks on in triumph from the top of the ramp. Up next, we will get to see a very special Wrestlemania moment.

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The Wrestlemania moment recaps Eugene making a surprise appearance, only to be interrupted by Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. They assault Eugene until we get another surprise appearance in the form of "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan comes out and wipes the ring clean with Hassan & Daivari. Afterwards, Hogan plays up to the crowd, much to their delight.

Commercial Break

Back to the show, we get to see the full Gladiator trailer featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. I just wanna point out that the guy who is supposed to play Joaquin Phoenix's part looks awfully dorky and Stone Cold looked kinda funny too.

Now it's time to hear from HBK, who is making his way out in a suit. He's limping down to the ring, as a result of Kurt Angle's ankle lock. HBK & Angle stole the show last night, and even though HBK lost, he is still the greatest wrestler alive (just not one of my favorites).

HBK doesn't wanna take a lot of our time tonight, he just wanted to come out and say thank you. You see, he's only had two real loves in his life. His family and the opportunity to come out for the last 20 years and performing for the fans. Last night at Wrestlemania 21, the WWE fans once again did him the honor and privilege of allowing HBK to do what he loves best. That is to come out and have the chance to be the Showstopper. He'll admit that things didn't work out the way he planned, but instead he was wondering if he could ask everyone for a favor. He was wondering how many of fans would maybe like to see Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels in a rematch. (Crowd cheers and then the HBK chants start up).

He won't lie to you, he was hoping you were going to say that. You see, he doesn't know when or where or how, but he promises the fans that he'll do everything in his power to give you exactly what you want. This time, the result is going to be a little bit different.

Hassan's music hits and he comes out with Daivari. Daivari starts by speaking in Farsi while HBK climbs onto the turnbuckle to relax. HBK doesn't know what he's saying, but now it's Hassan's turn.

Last night, the world witnessed the return of a legend. Last night, the world witnessed the return of Hulk Hogan. Last night, the world also witnessed a broken down has-been. What did you people do? You cheered! Just like you cheered when HBK lost to Kurt Angle. (HBK climbs down)

Hassan continues to point out how he doesn't understand the people and how people cheered for HBK even though he lost. Is it because each and everyone of us embrace mediocrity and failure? You fear Hassan's success and his Arab-American heritage. You fear me (Hassan).

HBK walks up to Hassan and HBK, you may be a legend, but last night, he proved to Hassan that HBK is a loser. Don't worry, because these people will still cheer because losers love losers. That was the last straw as HBK slaps Hassan and then takes out Daivari.

Everyone fights with one another until Hassan & Daivari manage to gain the upper hand. Hassan is able to connect with the Complete Shot and puts him into the Camel Clutch position as Daivari kicks HBK in the head. They exit the ring and head up the ramp as the crowd boos them.

Commercial Break

The WWE Boot of the Night recaps several cool spots in the Money in the Bank ladder match and Edge's victory.

Edge vs. Chris Benoit:

Edge comes out carrying the suitcase and then it's Chris Benoit's turn to make an entrance.

I dunno what they're doing, but they kept acting like they're going to shake hands, but then don't. Anyway, Benoit gets control by chopping Edge down and then tossing him into the corner to stomp a mudhole into him. Benoit snap suplexes Edge and then picks him up, but Edge recovers to get some control, but it isn't long before Benoit regains the offense. Benoit has to leave the ring because his arm is bothering him.

Benoit rams Edge's back into the barrier and then re-enters the ring. Edge gets back in and Benoit chops him to knock him down. Benoit whips Edge and gets hit with the kitchen sink. Benoit leaves the ring due to arm problems, and then Edge follows him out. Benoit meets him halfway with chops and punches and then gets back into the ring. Benoit baseball slides Edge in the back and Edge was not safe at home.

Benoit's arm continues to bother him as he goes to pull Edge back in, but Edge drops off the apron snapping Benoit's arm off the rope. Edge drops some elbows to the arm and then dropkicks it. Edge picks up Benoit and then jerks down on Benoit's arm. The two exchange blows, but Edge continues to exploit the arm. Benoit tries to rake Edge's face, but it doesn't do much good.

Edge tries to pull Benoit off the ropes, but to no avail. Edge wrenches Benoit's arm into a key lock. Benoit begins to fight back and slams Edge, but Edge continues to keep the key lock cinched in, but then turns it into a hammer lock.

Benoit begins to fight back as he starts the rolling Germans on Edge, but he is able to hit one until his arm gives out. He delivers another and another, with his arm hurting in between each one. Benoit stands up and signals for the flying headbutt.

As Benoit flies off the top, Edge moves out of the way and Benoit continues to further injure his left arm. Edge goes for the cover, but Benoit kicks out. Benoit begins to roll out of the ring, but Edge capitalizes by hitting a baseball slide to send Benoit out and crashing to the mat as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

Back live, Edge continues to work on Benoit's arm with a key lock. During the commercial, Edge ripped Benoit's bandage off the arm. Benoit attempted a Crossface, but Edge was able to counter it to get to where he is now.

Benoit counters out with a desperate arm drag. Both men are up and Edge kicks Benoit's arm to knock him down and writhing in pain. Edge goes up top, but Benoit is able to recover enough to crotch him. The two exchange blows and Edge is teetering. Benoit climbs up, but Edge meets him with headbutts. Edge gets hit with some headbutts as well and Benoit connects with a superplex.

Both men are down, but they get up as the ref counts seven. Edge tries to get back on the offensive, but Benoit gets Edge into the Sharpshooter. Edge crawls to the ropes, but Benoit drags him to the middle of the ring. Edge tries to get to the ropes again and this time is able to reach them.

Edge attempts an Edgeucution, but Benoit counters it into a Crossface. Edge is able to get his arm free and counter it into a single arm DDT. Edge attempts a Spear, but Benoit sends him into the ringpost and quickly rolls him up with a schoolboy for the win. This was a good match between these two competitors.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Post-match, Edge assaults Chris Benoit by sending him into the steel steps and rolling him back into the ring. Edge grabs the timekeeper's chair and then gets into the ring. Edge nails Benoit's injured arm with the chair and he then drops it. The ref kicks it out of the ring and then Edge leaves. Edge grabs his briefcase and then we get a recap of what just happened.

At the top of the ramp, Edge kisses his briefcase and still to come, Batista vs. Randy Orton.

Commercial Break

Back in the ring, it's time for Simon Dean to once again shill for his Simon System (anyone annoyed by his gimmick yet?) I'm not even going to repeat what he says because it's basically the same ol' stuff. However, he does have Maven with him and he talks about how good Maven looks, blah blah blah.

This goes on and on until what in the hell? It's the Texas Rattlesnake!!! Stone Cold is back on RAW!!!!!

He gives the LA crowd the double fingers as he takes to each of the turnbuckles. The LA crowd chants Austin's name and Austin is glad to be back in LA.

If there's one thing he can't stand, it's a piece of trash like Simon Dean selling his fitness stuff. We get the usual Stone Cold antics as he mocks Simon Dean and Maven. (Note: I loved the look on Simon Dean's face when SCSA addressed him as a little purple bastard) SCSA says he'll try a protein drink if Simon will try a beer. Simon doesn't have a problem, provided it's a low carb beer. Simon Dean reluctantly opens the can, tastes the beer (while holding his nose) and then spits it out. He then does some "Worm"-like pushups to burn off the excess calories he just took in. SCSA urges him to do some more pushups and continues to push him to do more after every 5 pushups Simon does.

SCSA grabs a protein drink and then warns him that if it clashes with his system, someone better call 911. SCSA takes a swig and then spits it back out. Maven praises the drink and pats Simon on the back, causing Simon to spill the drink on SCSA. SCSA snaps and punches Maven, and then beats the living hell out of Simon Dean, in and out of the ring. The end comes when SCSA delivers a Stunner to Simon Dean, clears the ring, tosses Maven into the ring, and delivers a Stunner to him. He then ends the segment as he usually does, by drinking beer.

Commercial Break

Orton is walking backstage and he comes across Kane. Kane told him so and laughs. Orton can't beat what he doesn't understand. Kane is wrong, Orton does understand and he'll realize that when he's done with Batista.


Randy Orton vs. Batista

Orton makes his way down to the ring and then we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

Batista makes his way out with his newly won World title around his waist and it never looked better around someone other than Triple H.

They lock up and Orton gets Batista in a side headlock. Batista knocks Orton down with a shoulder block and Orton quickly gets up and holds his shoulder. It was a ploy to catch Batista as Orton tries to gain some offense. Batista continues to dominate Orton, but as he tries to slam him, Orton smacks Batista in the chest to get him to let go and then sends him out of the ring. Batista gets whipped into the steel stairs.

Orton rolls Batista back into the ring and then goes for a cover, but Batista powers out. Batista gets snapmared and Orton nails a high knee drop. Orton goes for a pin, but Batista kicks out. Batista gets caught in a neck vise and Orton clubs down on his chest. Orton gets Batista into an aggressive headlock.

Batista snapmares Orton to break the hold and he then begins to fight back. Orton kicks him in the head, but it doesn't do a lot of good because Batista fires off punches and then picks up Orton to ram his back into the ringpost. Batista slams his shoulders into Orton's gut and then sends him flying into the ringpost.

Batista picks up Orton on the outside and tosses him into the ringpost shoulder first. Batista throws Orton back into the ring and he connects with a spinebuster. He signals for the Batista Bomb and it connects. He covers Orton for the 1 - 2 - 3.

Winner: Batista

Post-match, Batista kisses his title and I saw a couple of notable signs ("Batista is so January" and "Orton Kills Ratings")

Before Batista can celebrate too much longer, Triple H interrupts and comes out to the stage. Triple H signals that the belt will be his again and the show ends with Batista holding his belt up and pointing at it.