Dark Match, WWE Sunday Night Heat *Spoilers* (04/04/05) - Los Angeles, CA

Report by: Rem Martinez, rajah.com reader

Hey Rajah, I'd thought I'd drop by and give you the Dark Match and Sunday Night HEAT
report. Here we go!!!

Viscera defeated 2 Jobbers from Hollywood. Not much to say hear, 2 small guys get
crushed by Big Viscera 1-2-3!!

Val Venis defeated Tyson Tomko. Not much to say hear either. Val hits the usual
spots and rolls up Tomko 1-2-3!!

Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters defeated Sean Evans. Masters cut a promo saying
that since he was in his hometown, he'd give Evans a free pass and would let him
leave. Evans refused and got his ass kicked by Masters. It was a short match and
it ended with Evans losing thanks to the Masterlock!!

William Regal and Tajiri, Hurricane and Rosey, and La Resistance fought to a
no-contest in a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the World Tag Team Championship.
A lot of action went on and La Resistance was first eliminated. Then when Rosey
and Hurricane looked like they were well on there way to winning the gold, Grenier
and Conway returned to the ring and hit all 4 guys with their flags. The bell rang
and I guess it was ruled a no contest.

Biggest Pops
Stone Cold Steve Austin (BY FAR)
Hulk Hogan (when they showed on the Titantron, Hulk Hogan up next)

Biggest Heat
Muhammed Hassan and Daivari
La Resistance
Randy Orton

Rem Martinez

Dark Match

(1) Viscera defeated Lil’ Nate & Ricky Reyes in a Handicap Match. Very short squash match with Nate and Reyes taking some corner splashes before being pinned simultaneously by Viscera. Nate and Reyes – frequent wrestlers in Southern California – probably received the opportunity because of Ultimate Pro Wrestling owner Rick Bassman’s pull in WWE stemming from his influence on the current WWE roster.


- Todd Grisham and the Coach came out to boos, most of which was directed at Coach, but a pretty sizable portion was directed at Grisham.

Sunday Night Heat Tapings to air April 10, 2005

(1) Val Venis defeated Tyson Tomko. Prior to the match beginning, Tomko shoved Venis off the apron to the floor, resulting in Venis coming up hobbling. It appeared as though Venis sprained an ankle, similar to referee Mike Kiotta at WrestleMania last night. The match was a standard back and forth affair with Tomko focusing on Venis’s ankle. The finish – which was pretty unique – came when Venis went up top for the Money Shot, only to be caught up top by Tomko. Tomko tried a press slam from the top, but Venis caught Tomko’s arm on the way down and rolled through into a quick roll up for the three count.

- In an apparent change of plans, this week’s jobber to Chris Masters, Sean Evans, came to the ring for the third match, only to be sent to the back with the assigned referee. I guess they wanted to save him for the main event squash.

(2) Tajiri & William Regal wrestled Rosey & The Hurricane and La Resistance (Robert Conway & Sylvain Grenier) to a No Contest in a tag team title match. The match was elimination style with La Resistance being eliminated first when the Hurricane rolled up Robert Conway for a quick pin. La Resistance was no pleased and left the ringside area very stubbornly to chants of "USA." With the match down to two babyface teams, the action went back and forth until Hurricane and Rosey appeared to be setting up for the victory, only to be attacked by La Resistance, who returned to the match. La Resistance beat up on both teams with no one making the save for Regal, Tajiri, Hurricane, or Rosey.

(3) Chris Masters defeated Sean Evans. Prior to the match, Masters took the mic and stumbled through a promo citing the fact that his hometown is Los Angeles, and he wanted to give Evans the night off because he was in a good mood. Evans decided against taking the night off, to which Masters replied with a right hand to the face. The rest of the match was pretty straight forward: knee smash to the nose (oh no!), polish double axe hammer to the face, then the Masterlock full nelson submission hold for the easy victory.

Raw Notes

- Before the show began, a video promo from Mohammad Hassan and Daivari aired, highlighting their feelings of discrimination.

- Trish Stratus received a major babyface pop before, during, and after her segment with Christy Hemme and Lita. There's just no way the fans are accepting Christy.

- Following Shawn Michaels' beating from Hassan and Daivari, HBK came up limping, selling the ankle work from Kurt Angle the previous night. HBK left the ring to a round of applause and thanked everyone for their support.

- After Chris Benoit took a post-match beat down from Edge, Benoit was assisted up the ramp by three referees. Benoit stopped at the top of the ramp as the fans gave him a standing ovation.

- During the commercial break following the Steve Austin, Simon Dean, Maven segment, there was a loud "She's not happy" chant directed at a fan on the floor seats who was wearing a shirt with "JBL" inside a heart.

- Prior to the main event cluster match, Randy Orton stood atop the top turnbuckle and did his "extended arms" pose for nearly the entire commercial break.

After Raw Went off the Air

- Following Triple H's bigfoot entrance, Batista stood over Randy Orton as officials checked on Orton's shoulder. Batista posed on all four corners, doing the fist to the heart motion towards the fans. Batista went up the entrance ramp and posed for both sides to close the show.

- Many fans were left disappointed because there was a) no post-Raw match, b) no Ric Flair, c) no promo from Batista (can you say the Triple H effect?) and d) a crummy main event match.

Credit: PW Torch