Hulk Hogan Sign's With Sports Agency, Bret Hart Draws Big Crowd, Angle & More

-Bret Hart drew a very nice crowd for his autograph signing at RVD's Five Star Comic Book Store. The line was backed up out of the door and around the corner according to people who were in attendance.

-Hulk Hogan has signed with one of the largest sports agencies, SFX, which represents some of the world's top athletes. This is a great move for Hogan, which will allow him to get more involved with endorsments and things of that nature.

-There is an interview up with Kurt Angle talking about the Austrailan Tour you can read by clicking here.

-MSNBC ran a poll on pro wrestling where 44% of the responses stated that, "Sure it's scripted, but those guys are incredible athletes."

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Credit: Pwinsider