JBL Talks WrestleMania 21, John Cena, Undertaker, His Wife & More

Credit: Christopher M.Dean & PWInsider.com

JBL appeared on Xtra Sports 570 in California today with the Loose Cannons, Steve Hartman and Mychal Thompson, and with Vic " The Brick " Jacobs. Former Laker and current Laker color man Mychal Thompson introduced him as the former WWE Champion. They went into a few minutes of kayfabe, about him losing the title, but they quickly turned into a nice shoot interview. It took place at their studio but the Cannons were at Santa Anita park. Thompson is a huge wrestling fan and asked good questions as to why there are two titles. Bradshaw answered Smackdown's is THE TITLE, which in all honesty he is right lineage wise. They briefly touched on the WM match and how great it was to perform in front of 20,000 people. He said it had only been three days, but " It sucked " being an ex-champion. He put over Cena as a guy whose stock is rising. They briefly got into how characters need to connect with the audience. Vic asked JBL when he knows when to change his "schtick" and JBL said when the fans dictate it or when you get stale. But, he put over the Undertaker for having the same gimmick essentially for fourteen years and being a main-eventer and mentioned how Steve Austin was meant to be a bad guy and how the fans determined the course of both characters. He also talked about his time with the Raiders (seeing how this one of the strongholds of Raiderdom) and talked about playing with Lyle Alzado in his last season and Art Shell as a first year coach. He touched on his financial appearances and how his wife married him to shut him up. Also, Mychal accidentally said he was from Oklahoma and JBL said, "You might as well call my Mom or wife a name" and was aghast at the confusion, but in a funny way. He said Mack Brown is a great recruiter but "can't win the big one" and they would do anything to get the Stoops boys (I think OU and Arizona might have something to say about that). All in all, a good interview and changed my mind somewhat on JBL as he came across as charismatic and approachable.

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