WWE Smackdown! Report (4/7/05) - Taped in San Diego, California

Report by: pwinsider.com

Smackdown for April 7th opened with John Bradshaw Layfield walking out to the ring, rather than his usual limo entrance. JBL looked saddened when he was introduced as the former WWE Champion. JBL got on the mic and proclaimed himself the greatest WWE Champion of all time and a wrestling god. He said that the fans now have a "common lowlife thug" as champion. JBL proclaimed that he wants the championship back, and that he wants his rematch because the people "needed him" as champion.

JBL's interview was interrupted by Eddie Guerrero, who drove out in his lowrider. JBL was annoyed at Guerrero's appearance, saying that "green cards" weren't being given out. Guerrero said that all the fans "needed" was for him to shut out. Guerrero said that JBL needed to go through him for a title shot, as he had his own WWE Title aspirations. Booker T then made an entrance, and an "Eddie" chant broke out as he started to talk. Booker said he wanted the first shot at John Cena, but as he talked about being a "five time" champion, The Big Show came out. An "Eddie" chant broke out again. JBL started to mouth off to Big Show, who shut him up. Big Show began to make his case for a title shot, when Rey Mysterio came out to a big pop in his hometown of San Diego. JBL told Rey to "Try it in English". Rey said that if his partner was going to throw his hat in to challenge Cena, so was he. Mysterio was then interrupted by Kurt Angle.

Angle came to the ring and pointed out that JBL, Big Show and Guerrero all lost at Wrestlemania XXI. Angle then reminded Booker T that he wasn't even on Wrestlemania. Angle told Rey that "you at least have to be an adult" to challenge for the WWE Title. Angle said that following Wrestlemania, he was "arrested for stealing the show". Angle said he made Shawn Michaels tap, and he could make anyone tap, so he deserved the title shot. JBL got back on the mic, and said he was on a level above all of them, and demanded they leave the ring.

Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long strutted out to the ring to defuse the situation. Long reminded JBL that this was "his ring". Long said that JBL was so confident going into Wrestlemania, he never noticed that there was no rematch clause in his contract with Cena. JBL threatened to sue, and Long said if JBL wanted a title shot, he had to earn it. Long said the same held true for everyone in the ring. Long said there would be a series of matches to determine who gets a title shot first, and announced JBL vs. Mysterio for later tonight. JBL and Mysterio stared each other down as they went to break.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London vs. Billy Kidman. Chavo Guerrero joined the announcers at ringside, complaining about how he lost the Cruiserweight title in a Battle Royal last week, claiming it was a conspiracy. Kidman hit some forearms at the bell, saying he should be champion. London hit some armdrags, but Kidman tossed him face first into the buckles and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Kidman pounded London on the mat, then choked him against the middle rope. Kidman stomped London, snapmared him and kicked him in the back for a two count. Kidman whipped London hard into the corner, then stood on his head. London battled back with chops, but Kidman hit a series of knees, then stood on his throat. London fought back with punches, but Kidman pulled him headfirst into the buckles and sent him to the floor. Kidman rolled London back into the ring for a two count, and London was bleeding from his head. London leapfrogged Kidman and dropkicked him in the back. London hit a clothesline, then a rana for a two count. He hit a back elbow for another two count. London whipped Kidman into a corner, but Kidman caught him with a back elbow and then hit a dropkick for a two count. The referee stopped the action, and said he wanted to check the bloody London. Referee Charles Robinson asked London if he wanted to continue, but London brushed by him to get at Kidman. Kidman hit a BK Bomb, then headed for the ropes, but London grabbed his leg. Kidman pulled London up and tried to bulldog off the ropes, but London threw Kidman off and hit a backdrop. London went for 450, but Kidman moved and London sort of landed on his feet to keep from crashing. London charged Kidman, who lifted him for a slam, but London rolled into small package for pin at the seven minute mark. Winner: Paul London.

Chavo and London exchanged words after the match, allowing Kidman to ambush him from behind. Chavo and Kidman worked over London, leaving him laying in the ring, with both attackers posturing that they should have the belt.

A Wrestlemania XXI highlight package was shown.

Backstage, Luther Reigns was telling Nunzio, Chavo Guerrero, Akio, Spike Dudley, Ricky Reyes, and assorted females about how Big Show embarrassed Smackdown by losing to Akebono at Wrestlemania. Reigns then made fun of how Big Show looked in the ring, pulling his trunks up his rear end. Big Show entered, and told Luther to meet him in the ring. Luther accepted the challenge, then Big Show told him to get his trunks out of his mouth, prompting laughter from the assembled wrestlers.

Torrie Wilson was shown getting ready for tonight's bikini contest.

The Big Show vs. Luther Reigns. At the bell, Show knocked Luther into a corner and hit kicks and a massive chop. Luther rolled to the floor, and Show followed. Luther kicked Show in the gut, then ran him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Luther hit some shoulderblocks in the corner. Show slapped Luther away sumo style. Show went for a chokeslam, but Luther punched free. Luther went for a whip, but Show flung Luther from the ring. Reigns got back in and hit two shoulderblocks, knocking Show down. Big Show came back with a headbutt, and hit two kicks to the head. Show hit a reverse avalanche in the corner, then hit a shoulderblock. Big Show chokeslammed Luther for the win at the two minute mark. Winner: The Big Show.

WWE Champion John Cena came to the ring, and proclaimed that "The champ is here". Cena ran down a list of JBL's accomplishments, then said "... but the champ is here". Cena revealed that he was going to be modifying the WWE Title belt in the same fashion that he did the U.S. Title. Cena went into the crowd, and was surrounded by fans. Cena listed some of his challengers, including Booker T, JBL, Big Show, the Brooklyn Brawler, Iron Mike Sharpe, S.D. Jones and Steve Gatorwolf (but wisely not naming Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio) and saying it didn't matter. Cena said "this is what we do, and the champ is here" and celebrated with his fans.

Kurt Angle came out for the Hometown Invitational. Angle said that when Cena is celebrating with the fans, they'll tell him that the real highlight of Wrestlemania was him defeating Shawn Michaels. Angle said he would make Cena tap faster than you can say "fluke champion". Angle announced that he would be facing Eddie Guerrero next week in the series of matches to determine a number one contender to the WWE Title. Angle then had them bring out his opponent. His opponent, Jose Casada, came out and introduced himself in Spanish. Angle told him they were in America, he should speak English. Angle asked Jose if any of his family members were in attendance. As he pointed them out, Angle hit him to start the challenge.

Jose Casada vs. Kurt Angle. German suplex. Angle Slam. Ankle lock. Tap out in thirty seconds. Winner: Kurt Angle.

Angle got back on the mic and said that this is what the future holds for Eddie Guerrero. Angle said he wanted Jose to give the Spanish translation for "unbearable pain" and put the mic next to his mouth and reapplied the ankle lock. Jose screamed in pain, as an "Eddie" chant rung out. Angle dumped Jose to the floor, and Angle proclaimed that he would defeat Eddie Guerrero next week, then go on to beat John Cena for the WWE Title.

Miss Jackie was shown getting ready for the bikini contest.

Steve Romero interviewed Carlito Caribbean Cool about showing up at Piper's Pit at Wrestlemania. Carlito said "everyone was falling asleep" so he had to show up and "spice things up". Carlito said Piper wears a skirt, and Steve Austin wears "Daisy Dukes". Carlito said he would have his own show next week, "Carlito's Cabana". He said he would let anyone who thought they were "cool" come on his show and prove it. Carlito asked Romero if he was cool, and Romero reconsidered his answer when he saw Carlito chewing a bite of apple.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero told Rey Mysterio he would have his back tonight against JBL. Mysterio said it didn't work too good for them last week. Guerrero said that he has lost the WWE Title, and he knows how angry JBL is right now. Guerrero said he had doubts if Rey could beat him alone tonight. Rey said he felt he could beat anyone, and reminded Guerrero that he beat him at Wrestlemania. Rey walked off, and Guerrero did not look happy about being reminded of the loss.

Bikini Contest: Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie. Michael Cole hosted, and plugged the new Divas magazine and DVD. Each woman was introduced, came out, and revealed their bikini. Order of entrance was Miss Jackie, Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson. The girls lined up for the judging, but Michelle McCool, Lauren Jones and Joy Giovanni came out, interrupting the proceedings. Joy spoke Spanish to the crowd, and said the "new blood" wanted to be included. Joy, Lauren and Michelle then introduced themselves and revealed their bikinis one at a time. Dawn seemed to be annoyed at the intrusion. They all lined up for judging, and Torrie Wilson was declared the winner in a contest that wasn't even close. Joy was easily second place, based on the cheers. Winner: Torrie Wilson.

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Rey Mysterio. JBL made his limo entrance, and was accompanied by Orlando Jordan. Mysterio came to the ring alone. Mysterio's family was shown at ringside. A "619" chant broke out, which is the area code in the part of San Diego where Rey lives. Mysterio crawled under JBL's legs and goaded JBL into chasing him around the ring. Mysterio gave him a baseball slide kick as he game into the ring. JBL finally cornered Rey and started hitting clubbering forearms and a chop. JBL forearmed Mysterio to the mat and kicked Rey to the apron. Rey shoulderblocked JBL from the outside and pulled him throat first across the top rope. Rey hit a springboard legdrop for a two count, but JBL came back with a kick to the gut. JBL went for a powerbomb, but Rey punched out of it and gave JBL a rana, sending him over the top rope and to the floor. Rey gave Orlando a dropkick as he got on the apron, then downed JBL with a pescado as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Mysterio was on JBL's back with a sleeper. JBL snapmared out of it, and kicked Mysterio in the head. JBL went for a whip, but Rey held onto the top rope to stop it. JBL chopped Rey to the mat, then whipped him into the ropes and hit a shoulderblock for a two count. JBL headbutted Mysterio, then choked him against the ropes. JBL delivered a vertical suplex for a two count, and Rey started fighting back with punches to the gut, until JBL poked him in the eyes. JBL punched Rey down in a corner and stomped him. JBL sat Rey on the top rope and punched him, then gave Rey a fallaway slam off the middle rope. Rey got his foot on the bottom rope to stop the three count. JBL went for a boot to the face, but Rey ducked it, however JBL hit the boot on the rebound. JBL dropped an elbow for two, and Rey rolled to the floor. JBL rammed Mysterio into the security wall, then chopped him down. JBL tossed Rey back into the ring, and Orlando took a cheap shot as Rey was on the apron. JBL put Mysterio in a bear hug, but Mysterio bit his way out of it. JBL hit a back elbow for a two count, then planted Rey with a spinebuster. JBL smirked and slowly went for the cover, and Rey kicked out at two again. JBL kicked Rey, as Mysterio fought back with punches and kicks to the leg. JBL outpunched Rey, sending him down in a corner. JBL whipped Rey into a corner, then set Rey up for a back superplex. Rey punched and elbowed out of it, sending JBL to the mat. Rey moonsaulted a standing JBL off the top for a two count. Rey dropkicked JBL in the knees, the gut and then the head and scored a two count. Rey grabbed a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, then ducked a clothesline and went for a cross bodyblock. JBL caught it and went for a slam, but Rey floated around into a DDT. Rey dropkicked JBL into 619 position, but Orlando Jordan tripped Mysterio. Eddie Guerrero ran down and chased Orlando around the ring, then took him down with a forearm. Guerrero pounded Jordan down, and JBL, from the ring, kicked Guerrero down. Rey dropkicked JBL into 619 position, then hit the 619. Mysterio hit the West Coast Pop and covered JBL, but Guerrero, angered from the kick, pulled Rey off and jumped JBL. Guerrero pounded JBL on the mat, and the referee called for the bell at the eighteen minute mark. Winner via disqualification: John Bradshaw Layfield.

Mysterio pulled Guerrero off of JBL and asked what he was doing. Guerrero explained that JBL had hit him, and when JBL was announced as the winner, started apologizing to Rey. The Bashams ran out and joined Jordan and JBL in a beatdown of Guerrero and Mysterio. John Cena ran in, and JBL ran out. Cena cleaned house, hitting the FU on Doug and Danny Basham. Cena stared at JBL, who was backing down the aisle, as the show ended.

Next Week:
- Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero.