WWE Smackdown! Report (3/31/05) - Taped in Houston, Texas

Report by: pwinsider.com

Smackdown for March 31st opened with Eddie Guerrero driving to the ring in his lowride for a match with Danny Basham, while Michael Cole explained that Tazz was not present due to a death in his family. Jerry Lawler filled in for Tazz on commentary.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Danny Basham, with Doug Basham. Michael Cole speculated on a rumor that Guerrero didn't want Rey Mysterio at ringside for his match. Guerrero put Danny in an armwringer, but Danny tripped him to the mat for a two count. Danny shoved Guerrero, who poked him in the eyes. Danny reversed a whip into a corner and hit a powerslam for two, then dropped a trio of elbows to the back for another near fall. Danny whipped Eddie hard into a corner, then hit him with right hands. Danny decked Guerrero for a two count, then went to work with body blows. Danny missed a splash in the corner, and Eddie hit a pair of clotheslines. Eddie dropkicked out of a flapjack attempt, then worked over Danny with right hands in the corner. Doug got on the apron, but Eddie knocked him off. Eddie hit the Three Amigos Suplexes on Danny, but Doug pulled Eddie from the ring and hit some right hands, then rolled Eddie back into the ring. Rey Mysterio ran down, and Doug tried to backdrop him on the floor near the apron, but Rey bounced off the ropes and landed back on the floor. When Rey bounced off the ropes, he hit Guerrero accidentally, and Danny rolled up Eddie for the pin at the four minute mark. Winner: Danny Basham.

Post-match, Rey apologized to an annoyed Eddie, who reluctantly accepted it and walked back to the locker room with Rey.

A recap of last week's debate between JBL and John Cena was shown.

Backstage, Theodore R. Long was telling JBL that he almost lost control during the debate. JBL said if he had lost control, there would be no Wrestlemania match, as he would have destroyed John Cena. JBL said that Long had been trying to get the title off of him, but he guaranteed that he would beat John Cena at Wrestlemania and remain the WWE Champion.

Cruiserweight Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Title: Champion Chavo Guerrero, Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sho Funaki, Paul London, Nunzio and Akio. It was made clear by the announcers that the Cruiserweight Title would not be defended at Wrestlemania, so Long had ordered this battle royal. As soon as the bell rang, all the wrestlers ganged up on Chavo and dumped him over the top rope, eliminating him and guaranteeing a new champion. Funaki gave Spike an Enzugiri. Kidman and Akio tried to dump Paul London. Funaki grabbed a waistlock on Nunzio, but Nunzio lunged forward, sending Funaki over the top rope and eliminating him. Kidman almost got Scotty over the top, but he landed on the apron. Kidman muscled Nunzio over the top rope to eliminate him. Spike hit a headbutt to London's midsection. Akio kicked at Scotty 2 Hotty, who came back with a superkick. Scotty backdropped Kidman. Scotty gave Spike a bulldog and did the Worm to him. Scotty then eliminated Spike with a superkick.

Kidman clotheslines Scotty while London and Akio battled in a corner. London elbowed a charging Akio and gave him a double stomp to the back while Akio was hunched over. Kidman backdropped Scotty to the apron. Scotty clotheslined Kidman while on the apron, but Akio hit a kick off the second rope to eliminate Scotty. London gave Kidman a running forearm and a standing Akio a moonsault, but Kidman and Akio were soon double teaming him. London was dumped over the top, but he landed on the apron and held on. Kidman & Akio hit a double elbow, then tried to toss him, but London held onto the ropes. London ducked a clothesline and hit a double dropsault. London went back and forth, kicking both opponents, but Akio stopped his assault. London reversed a whip and sent Akio into Kidman, and Kidman backdropped him to the apron. Akio shoved Kidman from the apron, and London dropkicked Kidman from behind, sending Kidman into Akio and knocking him off the apron, eliminating him. Kidman then threw London over the top rope, but London skinned the cat, grabbed Kidman with a headscissors and pulled him over the top rope and to the floor, eliminating him and winning the match at the six minute mark. Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London.

Kidman tried to grab London from the floor, but London kicked him away, skinned the cat back into the ring, and celebrated his title victory.

Akebono was shown arriving.

The Undertaker "Dirty Harry" Wrestlemania commercial was shown.

Theodore R. Long was reading Smackdown magazine, when Carlito Caribbean Cool walked in, kissing up to the Smackdown General Manager. Carlito said he wanted Long to put him back in the ring tonight. Carlito swore he was medically cleared to return. Long said he had an assignment for Carlito, but Carlito insisted that he wanted to get back in the ring, and not have to do another menial task for Long. Long agreed, and told Carlito he could have a match tonight, against John Cena. Carlito was at a loss for words, and walked off.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio was still apologizing to Eddie Guerrero for what happened in the opening match. Eddie talked about his frustration over losing to Danny Basham. Eddie said he wished they could get another shot at the Bashams in singles or tag action, mentioning the possibility of Rey vs. Doug. Rey said he would wrestle Doug, but Eddie said he wasn't even scheduled for tonight. Rey said he would go to Long and get the match with Doug. Eddie told Rey he loved him, and said he would have Rey's back, just like Rey had his in the match with Danny. Rey went off to get the match made.

Booker T was shown in the back with his wife Sharmell hyping him up for his match. Booker said he was going to have fun, since they were in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Sharmell told him not to have fun, since Luther Reigns had promised to beat him down. Booker delivered his "Tell me you just didn't say that" line, then got himself psyched up and promised to beat Reigns, giving his "Can you dig that sucka?" line before heading to the ring.

Booker T vs. Luther Reigns. Reigns backed Booker into a corner on the lockup, but broke clean. Reigns hit some kicks to the gut, but Booker reversed a whip and hit some chops and punches. Booker hit a back kick, then delivered a side slam for a two count. Booker went for a side kick, but Reigns ducked and Booker got crotched on the top rope. Reigns kicked Booker to the floor, then went outside and rammed him back first into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Reigns hit a short-arm clothesline for a two count, then applied a chinlock. Reigns threw Booker to the mat, then went for a reverse neckbreaker, but Booker blocked it and hit a vertical suplex. Booker delivered chops and punches, but Reigns hit a knee to the gut. Reigns whipped Booker into the ropes, but Booker hit a flying forearm, a clothesline, and a thrust kick. Booker planted Reigns with a spinebuster, then did a spinarooni. Booker went for a sidekick, but Reigns ducked. Booker ducked a clothesline, kicked Reigns in the gut, and hit the ax kick for the pin at the five minute mark. Winner: Booker T.

Theodore R. Long was talking with a WWE.com worker, and was pleased with the way the show was going. Long returned to his office, where Cowboy Bob Orton was sitting. Orton said that his son Randy was way too over his head with the Undertaker. Bob said was worried about Randy getting hurt, and asked Long if he could talk to the Undertaker. Long advised against it, but Bob said that Randy wouldn't listen to him, so he had to try and talk to the Undertaker. Long considered it, and told Cowboy Bob that he could go to the ring and talk to the Undertaker.

Cowboy Bob Orton (who actually has an entrance video) came to the ring, and a "Randy Sucks" chant broke out. Orton talked about the pride he had in his career, and the fact that he helped mold Randy Orton into a great wrestler. Orton said he would like to talk to the Undertaker, and asked him to come to the ring and hear him out. Undertaker made his entrance, and took off his coat and hat. Orton said he didn't want any trouble with him. Orton said he told Randy to pick out the "toughest guy in the back" and he picked the Undertaker, which showed great respect for him. However, Orton said that Randy had gone overboard hitting Stacy Keibler, and that he disrespected Undertaker by slapping him. Orton referenced Undertaker's piledriver of Rene Dupree on the ring steps last week, and asked Undertaker to "put the Beast away" and just wrestle Randy Orton at Wrestlemania, not put him out of action. Undertaker took the mic, and said that Randy Orton had sealed his fate with the slap, and that he would "rest in peace" at Wrestlemania. Orton got down on one knee and begged Undertaker for mercy on his son. Undertaker shook his head no, and went to leave. Orton grabbed Taker by the arm and begged him. Undertaker looked back at Orton, and Randy Orton ran into the ring and hit Taker with an RKO. Father and son celebrated in the aisle as Undertaker tried to get up and glared at both men.

After the break, they recapped how the Ortons had set up the Undertaker.

Rey Mysterio, with Eddie Guerrero, vs. Doug Basham, with Danny Basham. Doug ambushed Rey as Danny distracted him to start the match. Danny hit a knee to the gut and tossed him stomach first across the top rope. Doug stayed on the offense, but Rey came back with a springboard moonsault off the second rope onto Doug for a two count. Rey elbowed and kicked a charging Doug, then hit a springboard senton for a two count. Rey knocked Danny off the apron, and set up Doug for the 619. Rey hit the 619, then went to the top rope. Danny got on the apron, and as Eddie ran across the ring to knock Danny off, he hit the ropes, and Rey was crotched on the top rope. Rey fell into the ring as Danny pulled Eddie out of it. Doug cradled Rey for the pin at the two minute mark. Winner: Doug Basham.

Eddie apologized to Rey, saying "accidents do happen". Eddie and Rey made amends and hugged in the ring. Eddie seemed to be deep in thought as he hugged Rey.

The Triple H and Ric Flair "Braveheart" Wrestlemania commercial was shown.

Kurt Angle was interviewed backstage by Josh Mathews about his Wrestlemania match with Shawn Michaels. Mathews asked Angle if his strategy has changed for the match following his failure this past Monday at Raw. Angle got angry at Josh saying he had failed, and said he was going to "show" Josh "his strategy". Angle attacked Josh and dragged him to the ring. Angle threw Josh on the stage, and Josh tried to run off, but Angle caught him and tossed him down the aisle to the ring. Angle threw Josh into the ring, and pounded him. Angle hit an uppercut, then put him in a modified camel clutch. Angle hit a crossface blow, kicked him, then hit a short-arm clothesline. Mathews was bleeding from the mouth, and rolled to the floor. Angle tossed him back into the ring, and pounded him on the mat. Angle then dared Josh to hit him, begging him to take a shot. Josh threw an ineffective punch, and Angle started hitting Josh in the back of the head. Angle hit an Angle Slam, then put Josh in an ankle lock. Josh screamed in pain, and Angle finally released the hold. Angle took the mic and stood on Josh's back. Angle said he knew Shawn Michaels was watching at home, and said this is what to expect at Wrestlemania. Angle then had them roll a video package on the Angle-Michaels match, emphasizing Angle's accomplishments.

Michael Cole hosted the official weigh-in for the Sumo match at Wrestlemania between Akebono and Big Show. Michael Cole explained that at Wrestlemania, there would be a sumo circle in the ring, and the winner would be the first man to knock their opponent out of the circle or off his feet. Big Show, wearing his usual wrestling gear, weighed in at 493 pounds. Akebono, wearing a robe, weighed in at 504 pounds, which seemed to impress Show. Cole asked Big Show for a comment, and he said it would be the first time he was outweighed in a match. Big Show said he was still bigger, referring to height, then talked about his feat of strength last week in overturning a jeep. Big Show said he respected Akebono, but this was his world (WWE) and at Wrestlemania we would see who could be pushed around. Akebono also gave respect back to the Big Show, and said that since they were having a sumo match at Wrestlemania, he wanted to have a WWE-rules match tonight.

Akebono vs. Eddie Vegas. Actually, they never said who the opponent was. Big show watched from ringside. Akebono, still in his robe, easily knocked Vegas from the ring with palm thrusts. Vegas tried to jump off the ropes, but Akebono caught him and squashed him in a corner. Akebono then dragged him to the center of the ring and squatted on him for the pin in under a minute. Winner: Akebono.

Big Show applauded Akebono from ringside.

The Wrestlemania card was previewed.

John Cena vs. Carlio Caribbean Cool. A Cena chant broke out when he hit the ring. Cena broke clean in the corner on a lock up, as Carlito was obviously not happy to be in the ring with him. They locked up again, and Carlito slapped on a headlock. Cena fired him into the ropes, and Carlito ducked out of the ring. Cena chased Carlito around the ring, and when they got back in, Carlito kicked Cena. Cena came right back with punches, and rammed Carlito into the turnbuckles. Carlito raked Cena's eyes and worked him over in a corner. Cena fired back with punches, then headbutted Carlito and hit a clothesline. Cena rammed Carlito into the top turnbuckle ten times, then hit a flying shoulderblock. Cena pumped up his sneakers. JBL came out with a slew of police, saying they had a warrant for Cena's release for vandalizing his limo the previous week. Cena struggled with the police as JBL berated him on the mic, commenting that it wouldn't be the first time Cena was put in jail. Cena was carted off, as JBL said he knew Cena would post bail, but at Wrestlemania, he would be forced to "worship at the feet of a wrestling guard". JBL took a cheap shot, kicking the handcuffed Cena in the groin. The cops got between them, as JBL said it was self-defense. JBL mocked the "You can't see me" and told the downed Cena to get used to being at his feet. JBL walked off smiling, while Cena was lifted off the ground in handcuffs as the show ended.