More Cuts Expected, Talent Unhappy With Diva Search & More


In the light of Molly Holly's WWE release, it's expected more cuts will be made this week.

Many workers within WWE are unhappy that another $250,000 Diva Search is being done. Christy Hemme, the winner of the latest competition, is well-liked backstage, however, many feel she hasn't earn her high pay packet. Obviously it doesn't sit well with talent that no-names are being brought into the company and making more than them. has had a chance to preview the forthcoming WWE WrestleMania 21 game for the XBOX. It appears as if this game will be a total overhaul of the source code and will be nothing like the last two RAW brand games. Career mode looks to be the focal point but there are still some kinks before the game goes public that need to be worked out, such as guys doing run-ins and attacking the wrong guy! [Thanks to Adam Lebow]

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