WWE Management Assess Talent, MNM Tag-Team & Mysterio-Edge

Credit: PWInsider.com

As well as Stephanie McMahon, John Laurinatis, Ted DiBiase, Bryan Gerwitz, and Dave Lagana all attended the Ohio Valley Wrestling tapings in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday to scout and evaluate the WWE developmental talent.

The guests on WWE Byte This! today are scheduled to be Rey Mysterio and Edge.

Johnny Nitro and Joey Matthews have formed the tag-team MNM, but at one point it appeared as if Matt Cappoteli would have been replacing Joey Matthews as the second member in the team. It didn't work out that way as names such as Tommy Dreamer, Dave Lagana and Paul Heyman pushed for the Matthews/Nitro due to stay together. Rey Mysterio also put them over by stating that he was looking forward to working with the team. In the end, it was Vince McMahon that made the decision to put them on SmackDown! with Melina as their manager.

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