Lance Storm, Hardcore Holly, JBL & OVW Talent in Major Backstage Squabble

Lance Storm was the subject of a verbal onslaught during WrestleMania weekend. A couple weeks ago, Lance Storm, who currently works at WWE’s developmental training center at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY, told his students about what to expect when they are called up to the main roster. He talked about how the SmackDown locker room is a bit more old-school in that they might experience more hazing there, which is something Storm openly opposes, sighting that it’s completely unprofessional.

However, he singled out John Bradshaw Layfield and Hardcore Holly as two of the main jokesters backstage and they should be aware of that. One of the OVW wrestlers told some of the SmackDown talent, including Holly, about what Storm said. Storm also informed OVW wrestler Johnny Jeter not to pay attention to any ruling made by “Wrestlers Court.” Jeter is now in hot water with the SmackDown locker room after making a comment about being demoted to tag team wrestling.

JBL and Holly are two WWE veterans familiar with the tag team division in the company. They took offense by Jeter’s recent comments and summoned him to “Wrestlers Court,” which is a system that the guys use backstage to handle problems among the talent in a humorous manner before the matter reaches management. Basically, a wrestler is called into court where testimonies are given and the judge, which has usually been JBL for the past couple years, sentences the perpetrator. In Jeter’s case, he was ordered to fetch JBL’s beers and watch tag team wresting tapes.

Jeter’s hazing got back to Storm and he then ordered Jeter not to take part in this matter.

During WrestleMania weekend, Storm and Holly crossed paths and Holly reportedly uttered to Storm, “f--- off.” When JBL and Storm ran into each other, JBL basically cut a promo on Storm. JBL took issue with Storm bad mouthing the SmackDown brand, painting an image like the locker room is filled with bullies and jokers and not serious wrestlers who work to draw money into the company. The situation nearly became physical but Storm kept it from escalating.

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[ Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter ]