IGN: HHH Has "Ruined WWE," John Cena's Upcoming CD, And More

Credit: Adam Lebow & IGN.com

IGN has an article up on their site by Jon Robinson, looking at forthcoming WWE games and the addition of legends into the game. It has some interesting screenshots of guys from Bret Hart to the LOD. It has a running list of some talent who may be included in some upcoming WWE games as legends from Killer Bees and Demolition all the way to the Ultimate Warrior. You can read it by clicking here.

IGN has a friend paragraph on John Cena and his upcoming single "Bad, Bad Man". It talks about where the video is shooting and when You Cant See Me is coming out. To see it, click here.

IGN has posted a review of the new Blade Trinity DVD that has come out. Interesting to note that the DVD as a movie rates as a 4/10 while the DVD features is a 10/10. They mention that while IGN isn't a big fan of HHH and how "he ruined the WWE" he was really good in the movie. I'm serious, this one is interesting to read, especially from IGN. To read it, click here.

MTV has a brief note on their website about John Cena and his upcoming CD. It also notes that Cena is in "The Marine". Top read it, click here.

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