WWE House Show Results (4/22/05) - London, England

City: London, England
Date: 22nd April, 2005
Arena: Excel Arena
Brand: Smackdown
Name: Syed Sohaib Ali, rajah.com reader

The show started with Smackdown GM Theodore Long making his way to the ring
welcoming the London crowd & telling us which matches will take place.

1st Match
Rene Dupree vs Mark Jindrak:-

A good opening match. the crowd was into it. Lots of U Suck chants for Rene
Dupree & Lets go Jindrak chants for Jindrak. Dupree got a lot of heat from
the crowd. Dupree win clean in the end by pinning Jindrak. After the match
the crowd cheered for Jindrak as he made his way back to the locker room.

Winner by pinfall: Rene Dupree

2nd Match
Battle Royal for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship:-

The contestants were Akio, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki, Nunzio,
Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley & the Cruiserwight champion Paul London. This
was also a good match. Very physical. Lot of heat for Spike dudley. They did
a funny segment at the start of match. Spike dudley went under the ropes to
the outside & waited for the right moment to come back. At this point all
the other 7 contestants locked each other simultaneously in a headlock.
Looked like a chain of headlocks. Pretty funny. Spike came in and clubbed
everyone in the back and posed for the crowd. When he turned back all the
cruiserweights beat the hell out of him & threw him over the top rope. (It
was similar to the situation when Muhammad Hassan got eliminated from the
WWE 2005 Royal Rumble). However Spike came back again & got eliminated
again. The crowd was hot for Paul London and gave him huge pops. Chavo
Guerrero got a lot of heat as well from the crowd. Spike Dudley came in
again & got eliminated for the third time. The referees had to escort him to
the back. Paul London won the battle Royal in the end.

Winner & still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London

3rd Match:-
Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson
Guest Referee: Miss Jackie
Ring Announcer: Joy Giovanni

Joy came to the ring to announce the match. She was wearing skimpy outfits &
looked hot. Good pops for Torrie Wilson. The crowd was not into this match.
The ladies looked good. The end came when Miss Jackie refused to count as
Torrie pinned Dawn. At this moment Joy dragged Miss Jackie out of the ring
and clotheslined her. She ripped the referee shirt off Jackie and wore it &
counted 1, 2, 3 for the pinfall victory to Torrie Wilson. After the match
Joy & Torrie hugged & posed for the crowd. Torrie & Joy looked hot.

Winner by pinfall: Torrie Wilson

4th Match:-
Tag Team Match
The Bashams vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas:-

The crowd got dead in the middle of the match. In the end they did the usual
Basham spot when one of them switched with the other behind the Referees
back (Damn I still can't make the difference between these two). Bashams won
by pinfall over Charlie Haas. After the match Holly came & helped Charlie
get back on his feet. Average match.

Winners by pinfall: Basham Brothers.

5th Match:-
Booker T vs Heidenreich:-

Good pops for Booker T. Booker did the spineroonie in the middle of the
match for a huge pop. In the end Booker went for the scissors kick but
Heidenreich ducked. Booker kicked him & went again for the scissors kick &
this time hit him as he covered Heidenreich for the victory. The match was

Winner by pinfall: Booker T

6th Match:-
Tag Team Match
JBL & Orlando Jordan vs Big Show & John Cena:-

JBL & Jordan came to the ring with JBL holding the old WWE Championship belt
& Jordan holding the US Championship belt and bragged on the mic. JBL told
the crowd how Americans were superior then the British & demanded the crowd
to get down on their knees for him. Big Show made his entrance to the ring
to a huge pop. Cena's music hit next & the crowd went nuts. Cena came with
his belt to a huge pop. the crowd kept on chanting Cena. Cena had bandage on
his forehead which in the middle of the match got ripped & Cena got busted
open. The crowd was into the match at all times & gave huge pops to John
Cena & Big Show throughout. The end came when Cena hit JBL with the FU &
Show hit Jordan with the chokeslam for the double pinfall victory.

Winners by pinfall: Big Show & John Cena

7th Match:-
WWE Tag Team Championship
Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro (MNM) with Melina vs Rey Mysterio & Eddie

MNM came to the ring to the old WCW music. The match was very good & crowd
was into it the whole time. Melina looked hot but got a lot of heat from the
crowd. The match started of well. In the middle Eddie hit the 3 amigos. Rey
came in and was about to go for the 619 when Melina climbed the ring apron &
tried to seduce him as Mysterio got stunned by her looks. At this point
Eddie came in & tried to get back Mysterio into the match. The end came when
MNM double teamed Mysterio behind the referees back & pinned him for the
victory. Eddie tried to save the count but Melina grabbed his leg from
outside the ring. After the match MNM & Melina celebrated in the ring but
MNM got drop kicked in the back onto the ropes by Eddie. Eddie grabbed
Melina and dragged her onto the ropes between Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro as
Rey went for the 619 & hit all three of them with it. After that Eddie & Rey
posed for the crowd with the tag team titles befoe leaving them in the ring
& went to the back. Great match. the crowd loved the match & was into it.
Lots of 619 & Eddie chants throughout the match.

Winner by pinfall & still WWE Tag Team Champions: Joey Mercury & Johnny

8th Match:-
Scotty 2 Hotty vs Carlito Cool

This was an average match. Scotty 2 Hotty hit the worm on Carlito but
couldn't get the pinfall. In the end Carlito rolled Scotty to win the match
with his feet on the ropes. The ref couldn't see that.

Winner by pinfall: Carlito Cool

9th Match:-
Kurt Angle vs Undertaker

This was the show stealer & match of the night. Kurt Angle came to the ring
with his usual U suck chants but whenever he posed he got a mixed reaction
from the crowd. Undertaker came to the ring to his famous entrance which has
dominated others for the last 14 years. As Undertaker came down the crowd
went crazy for him. I must admit that guy has one hell of an entrance. The
match started well. This was a great match & very physical. Theres always a
good match when u have guys like Undertaker & Kurt Angle facing each other.
Undertaker did the old school from the top rope to a huge pop. Angle went
for the Ankle lock in the middle of the match but Taker flipped & send Angle
through the ropes to the outside. Angle went again for the Ankle lock but
taker did not quit. Angle hit the Angle slam but Taker kicked out at two.
The crowd was going nuts at this moment. Lots of Taker chants throughout the
match. Angle pulled the straps down & went for the Ankle lock but Taker
still didn't quit. Taker reversed & hit Angle with his legs. Taker went for
the Tombstone piledriver but Angle reversed it & held Taker for the
Tombstone but Taker reversed it again and hit Angle with the Tombstone for
the pinfall victory. After the match Undertaker did his usual deadman
posing. A great match. I must say both of these guys are great competitors.
Angle did specially good when he reversed a lot of taker moves. He got Taker
into the ankle lock atleast 5 or 6 times but could not get the deadman to

Winner by pinfall: Undertaker

All in all it was a great show. The crowd loved the show. The arena was
sold out. They announced that WWE will be returning to the United Kingdom in
June & one match has already been signed up which will be for the WWE
Championship & will take place in Dublin, Ireland. This will be a 3 way
match between JBL, Kurt Angle & John Cena & the guest referee will be none
other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Biggest Pops:-

1. Undertaker
2. John Cena
3. Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio
4. Big Show
5. Paul London
6. Kurt Angle (Whenever he reversed Taker's move into the ankle lock..what a
great athlete!!)

Biggest Heat:-

1. JBL
2. MNM
3. Rene Dupree
4. Bashams


S. Sohaib Ali