TNA Stars Comment Hours Before Lockdown PPV


On Saturday afternoon, TNA superstars and staff began arriving in Orlando, Florida for Sunday's Lockdown Pay-Per-View. Over the next 24-hours, everyone from wrestlers to television production staff will prepare for the most barbaric night in TNA history. caught up with several superstars and staff at the airport and hotel and got their comments on various subjects concerning tomorrow night's epic event live on Pay-Per-View

Speaking on his match with former Triple X partner Primetime Elix Skipper for the X Division Title:
"Everyone knows what Elix and I accomplished in that ring as Triple X, but it will be an entirely different chapter on Sunday inside the cage. Least everyone forget it was Elix that wanted this fight. I gave him every opportunity to reconsider the mistake he was making. Now, he has to live with those consequences on Sunday night. Does Elix Skipper really want to be known as the superstar that lost two cage matches in a row? Now I truly believe he does."

Later reacting to The Fallen Angel's previous comments:
"You know - nothing he says anymore surprises me. He likes to play psychological warfare and get inside your head before the match. He loves to get under your skin. But you know what? Not this time and not with me. Daniels can try and convince himself he's got me psyched out, but he's wrong. I know his tactics and it's not happening. All those fans in the arena know what I can do in that ring and they damn sure known what I can do inside the cage. It's my house - I built that house...and Daniels knows it. Tomorrow, it's one last cage match for Daniels and Primetime - and it's the end of my former partner's title reign.

On the six-man cage match and Kevin Nash's injury:
"It looks to me like it's over for Page and Waltman before it's even started. I warned Kevin Nash of the consequences for opening his big mouth and now he's paying the price. One down, two left for Sunday night. No matter how hard Dusty tries to scheme against me, it always backfires in his face and this time is no different. It isn't going to be pretty for DDP and Waltman and it's not going to be fair. I'm bringing two guitars to the Pay-Per-View, and by the end of the night DDP and Waltman will have them around their necks."

On tomorrow's number-one contender match against Abyss:
"I can promise the fans a match they won't soon forget. I always hurt for days after every match with Abyss, so you can imagine what I'm going to feel like after a match with him inside the Six Sides of Steel. Me and the big monster both know a World Title shot is on the line for May, so there's no way I'm leaving that cage without it. This is the time when you take it to that next level - this is where you lay it all on the line. By the time it's over, hopefully I'll have a World Title shot and hopefully the fans will know what TNA is all about."

On competing in the first-ever "Xscape" match inside the Six Sides of Steel:
What more can you say - the X Division and TNA is about innovation and we're going to prove it again on Sunday night. I think fans are going to be very impressed with the Xscape match. It's definitely different than anything I've ever been in before. Personally, I want to go out there and establish the tempo for the night. I want the other wrestlers to try and top what I did. I can promise one thing - I plan on winning it and getting a shot at the X Division Title.

On Sunday's challenge of shooting every match inside a steel cage from a television perspective:
"When the idea of putting every match in a cage was announced, we all knew it was going to be a challenge - not only the wrestlers, but especially from a television production end. It's certainly a first for me. In the past two weeks we've had conference calls with TNA management to discuss ideas on how to capture all the action with a cage surrounding the ring. I'm confident we have some great solutions in place and I think the fans will enjoy it at home from a visual standpoint. We're going to make a lot of use of our overhead camera, and we've also discussed cutting camera holes in the cage. We'll be arriving at the arena early tomorrow to address a lot of that and maybe see what other ideas we can pull off."

On which title match - X Division or Tag Team Title - he most looks forward to introducing:
"Probably the X Division Title match. So much history has happened between Daniels and Elix inside the cage, and the fact that it's their first bout and it's for the X Title makes it even more exciting. After all that Triple X did in TNA I never thought I'd be announcing them as opponents, no less inside a cage and for the X Title."

On facing AMW for the first time inside a cage and Team Canada's first cage match on TNA:
"Of course, the only thing I'm thinking about is the NWA World Tag Team Titles. The blood and the pain doesn't bother me - if it bothers you then you shouldn't be in this business. To me, this match is also a chance to show just how ruthless and barbaric Team Canada can be. Fans know the wars AMW have been through in the cage, but they've never had the opportunity to see what Team Canada can do in a cage. Have AMW ever been in a cage match in Canada? No."

On his creation of the special Pay-Per-View opening package that fans who tune in will see at the start of the broadcast:
"The opening package for Lockdown is a little different than the openings we've previously done. Usually we focus on the top matches or top athletes that night on the Pay-Per-View, but since the night is about the Six Sides of Steel, the whole opening is about the cage itself. It's about the horrors involved and the dangers of being inside that cage. There is not one specific superstar
that is highlighted in the opening - so it's very different. If anything, I think the opening gives life to the cage itself. We used a voice to 'speak for the cage', as if the cage was talking to us. I tried to make the cage into a monster in the opening. Once you watch it, I hope it comes across what a cold and unforgiving place the cage is and how much it changes the wrestlers that compete in it."

On the reaction from the roster to every match inside the Six Sides of Steel:
"I think a lot of the roster didn't know how to react at first. It had certainly never been done before and everyone knew it wasn't going to be easy - but at the same time I think everyone has come to realize the opportunity we have before us on Sunday. This event can really be something special, possibly an annual event for years to come. TNA has had its share of challenges and we've never backed down. As I talk to the superstars in recent days, they've all got that same mindset - they're all determined to pull off something big on Sunday night, and to me that's a great thing to say about our locker room."

On what match he is most looking forward to refereeing on Sunday:
"I think the AJ Styles vs. Abyss match is going to be one of the most intense bouts in TNA history, and I think TNA needs a tough official in the ring - like me, of course - to keep some kind of order. In all seriousness, if I do get that match I'm going to stay out of the way because in past matches between Styles and Abyss it's anything goes and always crazy."

On when he finds out what matches he will referee at the Pay-Per-View:
"I usually find out about four hours before we go live on Pay-Per-View. It's entirely up to senior referee Rudy Charles, and for all I know he may want to referee AJ and Abyss. We'll see if I can pull any strings tomorrow so I can referee it."