WWE Sunday Night Heat *Spoilers* (4/25/05) - Birmingham, England

Report by: Ollie Payne, rajah.com reader

A Kid Rock video aired to kick things off. It shown past images of WWF.
People cheered for their favourites. People booed the heels. A guy near me
chanted 'Fatty!' when Yokozuna was shown.


Simon Dean came out to a pop. Wtf? People started booing him when he got on
the mic and said that the English were fat.

(1) Simon Dean defeated Robbie Brookside

Two guys came down to the ring and people chanted "Who r ya?". Their
opponents were the Heart Throbs. Everybody was into the "Who r ya" tag team.
A huge "GAYBOYS" chant started about half way throught the match aimed at
The Heart Throbs. They were like an eccentriated version of Billy and Chuck.

(2) The Heart Throbs defeated Domino & Schwartz

The Hurricane came out to a huge pop. He played with the crowd for a while.
So I think there was a commercial somewhere here. Maven came out to William
Regal's old music! It didn't suit his character at all, it was a little to
'Dark' for his character. Big "Hurricane!" chants throughout the match.
Hurricane pinned him with the Eye of the Hurricane.

(3) The Hurricane defeated Maven


Lilian intoduced Coach and Jerry 'The King' Lawler as the announcers for
Raw. People booed the Coach and there was a huge pop for Jerry Lawler. There
was a loud "Jerry" chant for ages. People realised that J.R. wasn't coming
out for Raw and we went quiet for Lilian on the mic.

Lilian Garcia said she was proud to be back in England again. She said to
show her respect that she would sing our national anthem. Everyone cheered
and sang along. Lilian warned us about the fireworks and said that they
would go off. She told us that we had to wait until the Raw music started
playing and we were to make as much noise as possible and make our presence
known that Raw was being broadcast from England.