Matt Hardy-Lita Sex Tape Update, Jericho/Fozzy, William Regal; more

The William Regal autobiography "Walking a Golden Mile" will be out this May in hardcover in Great Britain and on paperback 7/5. There is no word on an American release yet for the book. Regal will be doing several signings at Forbidden Planet stores in England later this week.

Luther Reigns was sent home early from the Smackdown end of the British tour, believed to be suffering from either the flu or food poisoning.

In reaction to rumors circulating the 'net about a possible Matt Hardy-Lita sex videotape, Hardy posted the following on the message board at "Just so this doesn't get out of control, Opie and Anthony jokingly asked about having sex tapes and I jokingly replied, "you never know what's floating around". Nothing to get all worked up about guys. Take care... Matt"

Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy will be signing copies of their new CD on 5/7 at Forbidden Planet in London as well.

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[ Source: PWInsider.Com ]