WWE House Show Results (4/26/05) - Nottingham, England

Show: WWE Wrestlemania Revenge.. RAW!
Date: 26/04/05
Location: Nottingham, England

The Arena was 80/90% full, it started off Lillian Garcia singing the
National Anthem to a great pop.

Match 1: World Tag Team Championship
William Regal and Tajiri (Champions) Vs La Resistance
La Resistance got a lot of heat, but Regal got a huge pop. La Res sang
Canadian Nat Ant but got interrupted by the champions. Pretty good tag team
contest, with Regal getting the pin.
Winners and Still World Tag Team Champions: William Regal and Tajiri!

Match 2: Chris ?The Masterpiece? Masters Vs The Hurricane
Not a very good match, nice to see the Hurricane and Masters? body is
actually quite impressive. Obvious Masterlock finish. Ovation for Helms at
the end.
Winner by submission: Chris Masters

Lilian introduced the Coach and he said we didn?t deserve the Superstars of
the WWE. He then made himself special guest announcer and then referee. Poor
Chad Patton.

Match 3: Victoria Vs Christy Hemme
Victoria came out to a good pop and so did Christy Hemme. I hate Christy and
I booed her though. Victoria turned heel during the match in the absence of
Trish and got the pin.
Winner: Victoria

Match 4: Val Venis Vs Viscera
Another heat match, with Viscera winning with the Sky High. Although it
wasn?t a bad match, a lot of people went to the toilet during this one.
Winner by pinfall: Viscera

Match 5: Batista & Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H & Ric Flair
Huge pops for Flair and Triple H, they came put to there own musics. Same
for ?Tist and HBK. Woos were going all night long, even before the show.
Triple H spent half the match with his ass showing. Tist pinned Flair after
the Spinebuster.
Winners: Batista and Shawn Michaels

After the match, Batista went around the edge of the crowd twice, then
sprinted back into the ring for ages for HUGE pops. I prefer Trips.

Match 6: WWE Intercontinel Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) Vs Christian w/ Tyson Tomko
Good match, Jobko got sent backstage, but came back out again. Nevermind,
because the ever impressive Benjamin won with the T-Bone. Lots of heat for
Captain Charisma, CLB, CLB.
Winner by pinfall and still IC Champion: Shelton Benjamin

Match 7: Kane Vs Muhammed Hassan W/Daviri
Lots of heat for Hassan, although I was one of a few cheering him. Kane came
out to huge pops, won via DQ when Daivari interfered and double chokeslammed
the two.
Winner by DQ: Kane

Main Event
Edge vs. Chris Benoit
All the usual moves from the two, including Spear, Germans, Sharpshooter and
Benoit won with the Crossface. Pretty short and disappointing match though.
No You Screwed Matt chants, but I tried.
Winner by submission: Chris Benoit

After the match, Christian and Tomko came out t o beat up Benoit. Then
everyone came out except Evolution, HBK and Batista. In the end Kane cleared
house and he received a birthday cake. Happy Birthday Kane

End of Show

All in all, a little disappointing for my first show, matches too short.
Nice to see Triple H though, but missed Jericho and especially Randy Orton.

Biggest Pops:
Ric Flair

Biggest Heat:
La Resistance
The Coach
Chris Masters