WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (4/26/05) - Birmingham, England

Report by: Steve Hermon, rajah.com reader



Was looking forward to this - Carlito is well funny! He got some well loud
chants supporting him! Birmingham loves Carlito Cool!

He tried to get heat by slagging off The Queen and said he would have her on
The Cabana, but she isn't cool!... We cheered and agreed!

He then pulled up a picture of of Charles & Camilla - again we mocked with
him - He said, He's been looking for Waldo and found him (in reference to
Charles) and mocking Camilla's head attire he said "And Why's he married a

On to his guest: Kurt Angle!

He recieved MEGA LOUD "YOU SUCK" Chants!! Kurt said he calls where we're
from Britian and leaves off Great because it isn't... Blah, Blah... Then

And some random guy in tacky union jack tights come out!!! He introduced
himself as Steve Lewington I think - he was v quiet on the mike! (Apparently
he's in OVW)... He wanted to take part in Kurt's Invitational... Angle put
on a crap British accent to mock him, but it was funny when he told him to
'Piss Off!' He then beat the shit out of him and threw him out the ring...
He added something funny bout attacking people from behind is the Amercian

Kurt then talks about the 4-Way, but before he finishes, Lewington climbs
back in and attacks from behind... He then hit a nice dropkick, but that was
it for his attack - Kurt introduces him to an Angle Slam and the Ankle Lock!
Woooo!.. Carlito who just watched the whole thing then walks off but stops
halfway down the aisle, gets an apple out... He goes back to see Steve and
gives him the apple... When I say give - I mean he SPITS IT AT HIM!

Sorry if I'm rambling.. but anyway...

Cruiserwieght Title match: Chavo vs Paul London (c)

Torrie Wilson was guest annuncer: She's got an annoying voice for that job!!

Good match for how short it was... London hit the dropsault.. went up top
facing away from the ring like he was gonna do a moonsault, but Chavo pushes
him off - it looked well nasty - London's chest went of the steel post and
he fell to the floor - we thought it might have been a mess up and he could
really be injured cos they look confused in the ring and so did Torrie - but
then she always does!!...

But No, it was a work.. London got counted out - Chavo tried to make out he
was Champ, but Torrie informed him and us otherwise.. He then beat London
up, took him to the ring and hit him with a Gory Bomb!...

There might have been a segment here... Can't remember... The breaks were
well long!!! Longer than last time in Manchester anyway!

Might have been the Eddie and Rey segment feat. Chavo... FUCKIN LONG AND
BORING!!! Chavo tried to mess with Eddie's head and was saying he was his
family... but Eddie said "No" and most likely added "Esse" to that - he said
Rey was always there and he was like family - Rey was quiet the whole time
till then end and he told Chavo to do one. i.e go away. I swear I thought
Eddie was gonna ask Rey to marry him!


Rey & Eddie v MNM

I like MNM... They are Cool! Good gimmick. Good moves too.. I liked Nitro's
Breakdance Leg Drop - might not be called that, but that's the name I give

Seeing as they were in Birmingham I thought Eddie might drive out in an MG
Rover, but it didn't happen!! Oh well.. surely they got loads to give
away!!!.. He wouldn't have to steal it! Harsh.. My apologies!

Anyway... Eddie walked off during match - crowd shouted for him to come back
- he did but didnt look happy at all. He then wouldn't tag Rey... Which to
my surprise instantly got "Eddie Sucks" chants!! Fans are fickle!!.... Rey
was getting the shit kicked out of him and eventually MNM won with their
double team move and Eddie didn't try and stop it... MNM then beat on Rey
and Eddie walked off.

Memory getting hazy now! I full of cold...

Backstage Segment... Booker and Sharmell then Heidenreich... He reads a
poem... Sharmell says she digs it sucka and the Johnny Boy is happy cos he's
made two friends.

John Cena vs Renee Dupree

Renee is on mike slagging off England and bigging up France.. Shut up!
You're from Canada!

John Cena comes out.. hits his usual spots... "You Can't See Me"... Pump it
up.. FU, Bye bye through the crowd without the belt!

Added Note: Cena didnt look comfortable going through the crowd to me!...
That Belt sucks!!! Tacky as hell! He's ruined the tradition! US Belt fine!
But not the big one!... Also, funny bit... He Threw is shirt in to crowd at
start and a rumble ensued over it with Dad's fighting to get it for their
son!! HA HA!... Also, a few Cena Sucks chants by adult fans went round but
were drowned out by the kids!

Another Segment: JBL whines... Big Show turns up, says John is on a losing
streak and says it will continue...

Matt Morgan v Mikey Whiplash AKA Scrawny Jobber!

Crap Gimmick!!! And do WWE think that dying his hair and beard black will
make us forget that he was there with Nathan Jones - incidentally, people
were shouting "Where's Nathan" at him!

He looks like the old Bradshaw like that!.. He gets on mike - "I just wanna
say I D-D-D-D-D-D-Don't st-st-st-st Stutter! Boring... Quick match.. Good
finisher... Like to see him do it on Big Show though!

Main Event!: Fatal 4-Way... Show v Angle v Booker v JBL

Good match... This little kid next to us was with his Dad and he was well
excited... He wanted Big Shiow to win - we didn;t have the heart to tell him
JBL was gonna win! Poor Boy... and even worse for the lad.. Show was
eliminated first!!

Everyone did their moves on him... Angle Slam, Scissor Kick and
Clothesline... He kicked out of all three. They then took him outside. Kurt
Angle-slammed him through the announcers table! Small Holy Shit chants...
For that to happen in UK I guess it is a Holy Shit moment! Ha.. Weak.

Booker gone next... Bashams were out distracting ref... OJ rolled a chair in
but it ended up with Angle who hit Booker with it and pinned him...

Finale - Ref Bump, Bashams arrive again - Germans for both and 3 for JBL as
he tried to hit Angle with a chair... Booker then runs out and hits Angle
with the chair!!!... JBL rolls on top and picks up the win....


That was it for TV... JBL crawled away.. Angle left and saluted the crowd,
which was nice...

JBL then comes back out... Rips on England, mentions our upcoming General
Election and says Tony Blair is George Bush's poodle - a fair few people
agreed! Ha.

Was expecting Cena to come out but it didn't happen. Oh well.....

Added Notes:

Taker not there, but I knew he wouldn't be as my mate (Hello Si) who went to
RAW stayed in Birmingham Airport overnight and when he woke up there was the
Undertaker leaving!! He shook his hand!... He also saw The Hearthrobs, Simon
Dean, Maven and Stacy Keibler leaving.

Good crowd but was killed by Matt Morgan coming out and that made the main
event atmos dead!

Biggest Pops:

1 Cena on Entrance
2 Rey/Eddie before the event started
3 Carlito
4 Tony Chimmel in Velocity breaks!
5 Steve Lewington/Funaki

Biggest Heat

1 Kurt Angle
2 When Eddie turned on Rey
3 The Cabinet combined!

As mentioned there was a tiny bit of heat for Cena but it was drowned out by
the kids... Loudest bit was "You Suck" towards Angle...

Anyway, that's enough for my first ever detailed TV report and probably my
last thanks god for you lot!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!! Bye Bye!!!!

RVSte over and out!