Official WWE RAW Preview For Next Week (5/2) - Feel The Backlash


MAY 2, 2005

RAW comes to you live from Boston fewer than 24 hours after the huge Backlash pay-per-view. Will Batista still be World Heavyweight Champion, or will it be reign No. 11 for Triple H? Much will depend on whether The Game is able to hit his deadly finisher, The Pedigree. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Hulk Hogan accepted Shawn Michaels’ request for “one more match,” but will it be a success or a career highlight for brash newcomers Muhammad Hassan and Daivari? The outspoken duo proved they can hold their own by collecting wins over HBK as well as World Tag Team Champions William Regal & Tajiri. Now, they’ll have to elevate their game to another level as two of the biggest names in sports-entertainment join forces. Are Hassan and Daivari up to the challenge?

Chris Jericho has been in a self-described “funk” since losing the Intercontinental Championship to Shelton Benjamin at Taboo Tuesday. Will RAW mark the beginning of a hot-streak for a potential eight-time Intercontinental Champion, or will Benjamin’s pure athleticism and T-bone suplex carry the day? We’ll see which tune Jericho is singing on Monday.

When RAW hits the airwaves, which Superstar will still be standing: Chris Benoit or “Mr. Money in the Bank?” Whoever emerges is sure to be beaten and battered from their Last Man Standing Match at Backlash. Edge has displayed a vicious mean streak, but The Crippler can never be underestimated. It’s an unpredictable match in which anything can happen — and it’ll set the stage for a memorable RAW.

Monday be a memorable night for Trish Stratus — one way or the other. Trish needs Viscera to take out Kane before the Big Red Monster gets to her. But if the 485-pound behemoth is successful in removing Lita’s husband from the picture, what will it mean for the Women’s Champion? Viscera has made it clear that he expects some love in return for his efforts. Will Trish be worried about him come Monday, or will she again be running from Kane?

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