Hulk Hogan & HBK Segment, WWE Workers Happy Returning From Overseas

-WWE workers have returned home from overseas and the morale of the entire orginization seems to be very high. Both brands have a relaxed schedule for the coming week with Smackdown's only show this week being the Tuesday taping. Raw has the Backlash PPV and Raw on Monday night.

The workers are said to be happier because of the nice bonuses they will recieve from recent house show's which have drawn very good numbers. Also, each wrestler featured on Smackdown vs. Raw video game recently recieved a nice bonus. The WWE Continues to draw well overseas which leads to a much happier group when they return.

-William Regal stayed in England to promote a book.

-The segment between Hulk Hogan and HBK was taped last week at Madison Square Garden and then re-aired on the Raw from England.

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