WWE Smackdown! Report (4/28/05) - Taped in Birmingham, England

Report by: pwinsider.com

We are live on tape from Birmingham, England and your announcers are Tazz and Michael Cole.

We begin tonight’s show with Carlito’s Cabana and out comes Carlito Caribbean Cool. Carlito starts off by talking about England and the United Kingdom. Carlito says that if he had his way, he would invite the Queen on the Cabana to sip some tea, eat some biscuits, and then he would take an apple and spit it right in her face. Carlito says that he would spit in her face because she reigns over a country that is not cool. Carlito asks the crowd if they know what ‘cool’ is. Carlito says that Columbus discovered America, but England has yet to discover cool. Carlito shows everyone who they think is cool. We see a photo of Prince Charles and Princess Camilla. Carlito says ‘God save the Queen. God save Carlito the first seat out of here.’ He says that his guest tonight is very cool. Not only is he an American, but he is an Olympic gold medalist. Carlito’s guest is Kurt Angle. Angle thanks Carlito and he agrees with Carlito on his comments about Britain. Angle says that he refuses to call it Great Britain because there is nothing ‘great’ about it. There is also nothing cool about Britain. Angle says that cool is facing Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania and making him tap. Cool is facing Eddie Guerrero two weeks ago and pinning him. It is really cool to win the four way tonight and defeat John Cena to become a five time WWE champion. From out of nowhere, someone walks to the ring. Angle asks Carlito if he was not told about another guest. Angle wants to know who the man is. He takes the mic and he apologizes for interrupting Kurt Angle. His name is Steve Lewington and he is from Great Britain. He would like to challenge Kurt in the Kurt Angle Invitational. Angle asks Steve if he is kidding. Angle says that he will not risk an injury. He asks Steve if he is ‘freaking crazy’. Angle then tells Steve ‘sorry old chap, but you and your country are a joke. Perhaps you can come back in ten years or so once you’ve hit puberty. Now piss off’. Steve leaves the ring, but Angle attacks him from behind with a forearm. Angle with a European uppercut, punches, forearms, and kicks. Angle throws Lewington out of the ring and then he gets on the mic. He says that you insult their intelligence and attack them from behind and that is the American way. Angle tells Bradshaw, Show, and Booker that he is going to win the match tonight. Lewington attacks Angle and punches him. Lewington with a European uppercut and a drop kick. Angle with a low blow and then he hits the Angle slam and then puts Lewington in the ankle lock. Angle walks to the back while Carlito stands over Lewington with an apple. Carlito spits the apple in Steve’s face as he walks to the back. We go to commercial.

We are back and we find out that John Cena’s album will be released on May 10th.

It is time for our first match, but first it is time for the guest ring announcer Torrie Wilson-Kidman to come to the ring. Out first is the Cruiserweight champion Paul London. His opponent in this title match is Chavo Guerrero Junior. Chavo with a knee and forearm to London and then he sends London into the turnbuckle. London ducks under a clothesline and London with a hip toss and kick. Chavo with an Irish whip, but London floats over. Chavo with a hot shot to London followed by a double sledge to the back. Chavo kicks London in the back and the ribs. London with a forearm to Chavo, but Chavo responds with one of his own. Chavo works on the back more and hits a Latino uppercut. London with two clotheslines followed by a spinning heel kick. Chavo punches London, but London with a dropsault. London kicks Chavo. Chavo with an Irish whip, but he charges into a London elbow. Chavo charges again and he runs into a boot from London. London goes up top for a moonsault, but Chavo gets up and pushes London out of the ring, but London hits his chest on the top of the ringpost. London is counted out. After the match, Chavo grabs the belt and celebrates in the ring. However, the ref gets back in the ring and Chavo leaves the ring with the belt. The ref catches up to Chavo and he takes the belt from Chavo because the title does not change hands on a count out. While the ref checks on London, Chavo brings him back into the ring and he hits the GoryBomb on London.

Michael Cole and Tazz talk about the problems between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Junior. It is time to look back at last week’s Smackdown when Eddie was in Carlito’s Cabana. We see footage from MNM’s attack on Rey two weeks ago. Then we see Eddie apologize to Rey. Then we see MNM vandalize Eddie’s low rider. It is time for footage of MNM defeating Eddie and Rey for the tag titles. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to look at four Daily Star girls from Page 3.

We see Sharmel in the back with Booker as they talk about Booker’s match tonight. From out of nowhere, Heidenreich comes over. Heidenreich says that they have erased their wounds. Heidenreich has a poem for Booker.

Booker T, JBL, Big Show, Kurt Angle

All wrapped up in a Fatal Four Way tangle

What a match, who could ask for more

Four Smackdown superstars waging a vicious war

Now this battle would be rough and the casualties could be high

But only one man will be left standing for that title try

Booker T, the whole world will soon see

That you will be the one facing John Cena

For the championship of the WWE.

Heidenreich asks Booker if he likes the poem, but Sharmel decides to give her review of the poem. She says that she can dig that . . . sucka. Booker and Sharmel walk away and Heidenreich is happy that he has made two friends tonight.

We go to the locker room where Rey Mysterio Junior is getting ready. There is a knock on the door and Eddie Guerrero enters. He asks Rey if he is ready for tonight. Eddie comments on how the steering wheel is on the wrong side. Then he says that maybe Rey should drive so he can steer Eddie in the right direction. Eddie asks Rey if he wants to win the titles again and then says that he needs Rey. Rey does not respond to Eddie. Eddie sits down and he says that he knows that he has not been reliable. He talks about the bumps in the road. From out of nowhere, Chavo Guerrero Junior comes in. Chavo mentions that he beat Paul London and the next time that he faces Paul London, he will become the Cruiserweight champion again. Chavo says that if Rey and Eddie win tonight, they will be the tag champs again. Chavo says that it is good that they are both so close, but Eddie cuts Chavo off. Eddie says that he knows that everyone is trying to come between him and Rey. Eddie says it is because everybody is just like Chavo. Eddie says that they are all as jealous as Chavo of their relationship as a tag team. Not only are they a great tag team, they are familia. Chavo tells Eddie that Rey is not Eddie’s familia. Chavo tells Eddie that they are familia, but Rey is not. Eddie says that Rey is more of a brother than his own blood. Every time someone has been jumped, Rey has been there. Every time that he has reached out his hand to make a tag, Rey has been there. Every time that Eddie needs someone to listen to him, it has been Rey, not his blood. Eddie tells Rey that he can believe whatever he wants, and Eddie reminds Rey that he knows Eddie and what he is about. Eddie says that he will give his body and his soul to the business, but there is one thing more important than this business. That is his family. Eddie tells Rey that he is Eddie’s family. Rey gets up and Chavo tells Rey that he cannot believe that Eddie is listening to Eddie. Rey tells Eddie to shut up. This is between Eddie and Rey and there is no third person. Chavo leaves. Rey tells Eddie that he grew up watching Eddie and they grew up together. Rey says that he knows that some times Eddie is not 100 percent ‘up there’. Rey knows that Eddie is 100 percent in his heart. That will be the case forever. Rey says that it is time to take care of MNM. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to look at screen shots of the Wrestlemania 21 game.

It is time for our next match and it is time for the Tag titles to be defended. Out first are the challengers, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio (with Jaguar). Out next are the tag team champions MNM (with paparazzi and red carpet and Melina’s split entrance). Eddie and Nitro start things off. Eddie with an eye poke and then he punches Nitro. Rey tags in and he hits a double sledge from the apron. Rey with a snap mare followed by a standing moonsault. Rey tags Eddie back in and snap mares Nitro before Eddie hits a hilo from the apron. Nitro with a back elbow to Eddie. Eddie with an Irish whip and Nitro sends Eddie to the apron. Eddie punches Nitro and Mercury comes across the apron, but Eddie punches him. Eddie punches Nitro again, but he distracts the ref and Mercury pulls Eddie off the apron and Eddie’s head hits the apron. Rey comes over, but Nitro spits on Rey. This draws Rey into the ring and while Nitro and Rey occupy the ref’s attention, Mercury sends Eddie into the ring post. Mercury rolls Eddie back in and Nitro with a cover. Nitro punches Eddie and then Eddie tries to make it to his corner, but Nitro pulls him back and he tags in Mercury who gives Eddie and elbow to the neck. Mercury kicks and punches Eddie in the corner. While the ref is distracted by Mercury, Nitro chokes Eddie. Nitro with a running knee in the corner on Eddie. Nitro with a forearm and punches to Eddie. Mercury tags back in and they give Eddie a double gut breaker. Mercury with a bear hug to Eddie. Eddie is able to make the tag to Rey. Rey with a springboard attempt, but Mercury moves out of the way and Rey almost hits Eddie. Rey punches and kicks Mercury. Rey tries for a cross body on Mercury, but he ducks and Rey hits Eddie with the cross body instead. Eddie is down on the floor. Mercury with an Irish whip into Nitro, but Rey with a forearm to Nitro that knocks him off the apron and onto the ringside barrier. Rey kicks Mercury and hits a springboard moonsault on Mercury. Rey with a wheelbarrow into a bulldog, but Nitro breaks up the cover. Rey with a drop toe hold to Nitro that sends him into the turnbuckle. Mercury with a forearm to Rey in the back. Rey with a forearm followed by a Hurricanrana to Mercury that puts him in the ropes. Rey prepares for the 619, but he sees Eddie walking to the back. Nitro kicks Rey in the chest and hits a power bomb. Mercury covers Rey, but only gets a two count. Eddie is standing in the aisle to the back, but he turns around and walks back to the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Nitro is kicking Rey in the corner. We see Melina choke Rey on the apron. Nitro with a hard Irish whip to Rey. Nitro slams Rey’s head on the top turnbuckle and he tags in Mercury. Mercury with a sunset flip, but Rey rolls through and hits a drop kick. Nitro makes the tag and slams Rey followed by a pommel horse flare leg drop and a bow and arrow on Rey. Rey kicks Nitro in the head, but Nitro with an Irish whip followed by a military press into a back breaker. Nitro with a rear chin lock and he applies pressure to Rey’s back. Nitro with a forearm to Rey’s back. Rey holds onto the ropes and then kicks a charging Nitro before hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and both men are down. Mercury tags in and Eddie refuses to extend his arm from the ropes when Rey tries to make the tag. Mercury with an elbow to Rey’s back. Mercury sees that Eddie is not reacting to anything so he brings in Nitro and they hit the Spike DDT for the three count. After the match, Melina tells Nitro and Mercury to attack Rey and they throw Rey under the bottom rope to the floor. Then Nitro and Mercury send Rey into the ring post while Eddie stands on the apron. Eddie stares at Rey on the mat and he leaves while Rey wonders why Eddie did that. Eddie walks to the back while Rey is on the mat writhing in pain calling for Eddie. We go to commercial.

We are back and Tazz and Cole talk about how the crowd is shocked at the way Eddie Guerrero acted during the tag title match. Cole says that Eddie just kept walking out of the arena. He mentions that Rey has been attended to by the medical staff at the arena. Tazz says that Eddie can just keep walking. Tazz talks about how when Tazz broke his neck ten years ago, Eddie was his tag team partner, and Eddie called him constantly to check on him. He knows that Eddie is a good person, but he does not know what the deal is with Eddie. We have a moments ago moment of Eddie refusing to make the tag before Rey is pinned and then Eddie walking to the back with Rey on the floor.

MNM celebrated their win, and Melina ordered Mercury & Nitro to beat up Mysterio some more. The tag champs attacked Rey, and Guerrero just watched from the apron. An "Eddie Sucks" chant briefly started up. MNM tossed Mysterio from the ring, then rammed him into the steel ringpost, right next to where Guerrero was standing. Eddie just stared at Rey from the apron, as fans booed. Eddie walked off, as Rey crawled towards him. The "Eddie Sucks" chant picked up again. Rey called out for Guerrero, who slowly backed away and went down the aisle.

After a commercial, the announcers talked about how Eddie Guerrero had walked out of the building. Tazz discussed how Eddie Guerrero was his tag team partner when he broke his neck, and called him every day, but now he was a different man. Tazz said there had to be more to Eddie's actions than just Rey accidentally hitting him. They reviewed the events of the tag match and the post-match walkout by Guerrero.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Rene Dupree. Dupree took the mic, and talked about how he was the first European on the show. He said France was the greatest country in Europe, drawing boos from the crowd in Birmingham, England. Cena's music interrupted Dupree. Dupree attacked Cena at the bell, stomping him down to the mat. Dupree hit a spinebuster, then pounded the champion on the mat. Cena battled back with punches, but Dupree tossed him face first into the turnbuckles and hit a clothesline to the back of the head. Dupree applied a camel clutch, but Cena battled up into a chinlock, then elbowed out of that. Dupree delivered a knee to the gut, then snapmared Cena and kicked him in the back. Cena applied a sloppy sleeper, and Cena punched out of it. Cena kicked away a backdrop attempt and hit a pair of clotheslines. Cena delivered a hiptoss, then a back suplex into a side powerbomb. Cena did the "You Can't See Me" bit, and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop. Cena pumped up his sneakers and hit the FU for the pin at the four minute mark. Winner: John Cena.

Matt Morgan vs. Mikey Whiplash. Morgan took the mic when he came to the ring, and said last week was the first time he ever stuttered. He tried to say he had never stuttered before, but began stuttering, and got frustrated. Morgan kicked Whiplash with a big boot to start the match. Morgan tossed Whiplash around the ring, and hit a clothesline in a corner, followed by a short-arm clothesline. Morgan hit a vertical suplex into a uranage for the pin in under a minute. Winner: Matt Morgan.

JBL was interviewed in the back, with JBL still carrying the old WWE Championship belt. JBL said he was the person who brings "dignity and respect" to the championship, and he was on a crusade to get rid of John Cena, saying Cena was hurting his legacy. Big Show entered, telling JBL that everyone was tired of hearing from him. Big Show said JBL was on a losing streak, and that it was going to continue tonight.

A video package on the making of John Cena's music video, which will debut next week on Smackdown, was shown.

Big Show vs. Booker T vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Bradshaw Layfield to determine the number one contender to the WWE Title. Orlando Jordan accompanied JBL to the ring. It was elimination rules, with all four men in the ring at once. Big Show laid everyone out with headbutts early, and JBL went after Angle, but soon Show was just going from opponent to opponent, taking turns knocking them down. Show hit JBL with a clothesline in a corner, then headbutted Angle, then hiptossed Booker T. Show whipped JBL into Angle, then knocked Booker T into both of them. With them all piled in the corner, Big Show squashed them, then shoulderblocked JBL. Show went for a chokeslam on Angle, but Angle floated over and hit the Angle Slam on Show for a two count. Booker then hit Show with an ax kick for another two. JBL hit Show with the Clothesline From Hell, but Show kicked out again. Booker, Angle and JBL all stomped Big Show, then knocked him to the floor. With Orlando distracting the referee, the wrestlers cleared off the announce table. JBL hit Show with a big boot, Booker hit a superkick, and then Angle delivered an Angle Slam, sending Show through the table. Big Show struggled to get up, but was counted out at the four minute mark. Eliminated: Big Show.

JBL and Angle started pounding Booker in a corner as they went to break.

Back from commercial, JBL and Angle were stomping down Booker in a corner. Booker battled back with punches and chops, and hit Angle with a clothesline. Booker backdropped JBL, but missed a side kick and was crotched on the top rope. JBL slugged Booker to the floor, then went after him on the outside. Booker reversed a whip and sent JBL into the ringsteps. Booker got back in the ring, and Angle started kicking him. Angle hit a vertical suplex for a two count. Booker hit Angle with a side kick, but JBL ambushed him from behind. JBL stomped Booker, then yelled for Angle to hold him. Booker elbowed Angle off of him and gave JBL a Bookend for a two count. Angle gave Booker two German suplexes for a two count. Angle missed a back elbow, but hit a vertical suplex. Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Booker floated out of it. Booker went for the ax kick, but Angle avoided it. Angle went for the Angle Slam again, but Booker reversed it and went for a Bookend. Angle tripped out of that and went for an ankle lock, but Booker kicked it off. Angle finally hit the Angle Slam, but only got a two count. Angle went over to JBL and stomped him, then went back to Booker, but Booker hit a superkick for a two count. Orlando Jordan tried to give JBL a chair, but the referee caught him and ordered Jordan to the back. While the referee was dealing with Jordan, JBL went and got a chair. Angle gave JBL a baseball slide, grabbed the chair, and hit Booker T with it. Angle pinned Booker at the fourteen minute mark. Eliminated: Booker T.

JBL attacked Angle in a corner as they went to break.

Back from commercial, JBL had Angle in a chinlock, but Angle broke free and kicked JBL in the leg. Angle tried to apply an ankle lock, and was finally able to turn into the hold, only to be kicked away by JBL. Angle and JBL exchanged blows, with Angle getting the better of it. Angle went for a cross bodyblock, but JBL caught it and hit a fallaway slam. JBL was bleeding from the eyebrow. JBL went for the Clothesline From Hell, but Angle dcuked and the referee was knocked out of the ring. Angle put JBL in the ankle lock. The Bashams ran in, but Angle gave them both German suplexes. JBL went for a clothesline, but Angle ducked it and hit three consecutive German suplexes. Angle covered, but there was still no referee. Angle pulled the straps down, and said he was going to break JBL's ankle. Angle applied the ankle lock, and JBL tapped, but there was no referee. Booker T ran in with a chair, and blasted Angle with it. Booker left, as a Basham revived the referee. JBL crawled onto Angle for the pin at the twenty two minute mark. Eliminated: Kurt Angle.

Winner and number one contender to the WWE Title: John Bradshaw Layfield.

The Bashams helped up JBL and celebrated to end the show.