Update On New WWE Draft Lottery Format & Raw/TSN

-WWE will try to work out any scheduling conflicts with TSN so that the network will still be able to carry RAW, however, if a deal is worked out, it will probably mean Raw airing at a different timeslot than it normally does.

-The format for this year's WWE Draft Lottery will possibly be changing, making the event a two day Raw & Smackdown event. This would be an easy way for WWE to land two big rated shows for that week.

As of right now, HHH and Batista are scheduled to work the Judgment Day Main Event with a Hell In The Cell match in June. Also, JBL and John Cena are scheduled to face off on the European Tour in June as well. If that is true, then it looks as though WWE will not be switching any of those four men from their respective brands. WWE may also decide to change things up and move one or more of those men, but that remains to be seen. Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio are also being advertised for the June Smackdown tour in Europe.

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Credit: PWtorch.com