TNA Impact Report (4/29/05) - Orlando, Florida

TNA Impact Report
Taped in Orlando, Florida
Reported By: The Worm, Impact reporter
May 1st, 2005

Well, loyal TNA viewers, I have some sad news to report. As you probably have already read, Chris Candido passed away Thursday night. For those who are unaware, Chris Candido suffered a broken ankle at the beginning of the match he had at the Lockdown PPV. His death was caused by a blood clot brought on from complications he had during his surgery. I was shocked when I first heard about his death in a posting in a forum I frequent at the Game Trading Zone, but I would like to take this time to pass along my sincerest condolences to Chris's friends and family. While I don't know much about Chris and his abilities in the ring, I'm sure he had a lot of fans from all over the world and they'll be feeling this loss as well.

Please keep in mind that the Impact report that you're reading now will have been Chris Candido's final appearance on TNA television (as the show is taped every Tuesday), so with that said, I'll go on with the report.

Oh, before I forget, I started taping the show a little late, so I'll be reporting on the first match which was already in progress.

Match #1

Shocker vs. Petey Williams

Shocker gets Petey into a hurricanrana pin from the mat, but Petey quickly kicks out. Petey trips Shocker and goes for an elbow drop, but Shocker gets out of the way. Shocker punches Petey, and then Petey fights back. He puts Shocker in a headlock, and Shocker slams Petey on the mat. Shocker hits a shoulder block. Shocker goes to bounce off the ropes, but Petey gets up and tries to send him out of the ring, but Shocker blocks that attempt by doing a 619 back into the ring.

Petey goes to bounce off the ropes after that, but Shocker is able to catch him in a powerslam. Shocker goes for a Lionsault, but he lands on his feet, only to get nailed with a dropkick. Petey goes to run the ropes, but Shocker lifts him up and out. However, Petey lands on his feet and gets nailed with a punch. Shocker tries for a sunset flip powerbomb onto the mat, but Petey blocks the attempt by punching him in the head and following it up with a leg drop.

Petey picks up Shocker and tosses him back into the ring. Shocker gets snapmared and Petey puts him in a criss cross chin lock. Shocker gets up to a vertical base, and he tries to hit a back suplex, but Petey gets out of it, only to be hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Shocker ducks a clothesline and connects with two big boots. Shocker quickly rolls up Petey Williams, but Petey kicks out. Shocker whips Petey, Petey ducks a clothesline, and connects with a hurricanrana into a Russian leg sweep.

Petey Williams begins to signal for the Canadian Destroyer, but as he goes for it, he turns it into a sunset flip. Petey turns the pin attempt into a Sharpshooter, but Shocker is able to get to the ropes.

Shocker gets up and Petey tries for a German suplex, but Shocker has a hold of the ropes. Petey clubs on Shocker's back to make him release the hold and then delivers the German. Petey goes for another sharpshooter, but Shocker fights back and rolls Petey up for the win.

Winner: Shocker

Shocker will be facing Christopher Daniels at Hard Justice for the X Division Championship. Post-match, Mike Tenay gets into the ring to interview Shocker. Shocker says he's proved himself to the Mexican fans for the past 12 years, but now he's gonna prove to the American fans who'll be the next X Division Champion.

Commercial Break

At the announce table, they discuss how Lockdown was a PPV that was able to deliver. They then show a clip of Chris Candido breaking his ankle, after Sonny Siaki connected with a flying calf kick.

Match #2

Buck Quartermain vs. Sonjay Dutt

Sonjay Dutt rolls around the ring to avoid Quartermain, but Quartermain catches him and sends Dutt into a corner. Quartermain kicks Dutt in the gut, but then Dutt is able to kick out. He ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard cross body. He follows it up with an arm drag and a drop kick and Quartermain gets out of the ring. Dutt hits a slingshot plancha onto Quartermain and Quartermain has to fight his way into the ring. Dutt suplexes Quartermain back into the ring and goes for a pin, but Quartermain kicks out. Quartermain goes on the offense, but Dutt then sends Quartermain into the ropes to roll him up, but Quartermain kicks out. Quartermain gets in some offense as he delivers a one armed flapjack and he then picks up Dutt to whip him. Dutt blocks a hip toss and turns it into an acrobatic hurricanrana. Quartermain fires back with a tilt a whirl powerbomb and then follows it up with an elbow drop. Dutt gets pinned, but he kicks out. Quartermain hits a knee drop and then chokes Sonjay Dutt in front of the ref.

Quartermain hits a back suplex and he then goes for the cover. Dutt kicks out at 2 and then he gets snapmared. Quartermain aggressively latches on a face lock and then releases it to hit some elbows. Dutt rolls away from the third and he quickly hits a dropkick. Dutt is starting to get on a roll as he hits a back drop on Quartermain. He hits an elbow to send Quartermain into the corner. Dutt tries to send Quartermain out of the ring, but Quartermain sends Dutt out. Dutt quickly recovers and he is able to win by flipping over the rope and hitting a hurricanrana roll up for the win.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Commercial Break

Match #3

Mikey Batts vs. The Outlaw (formerly Billy Gunn)

They lock up and Outlaw shoves Batts down. They try again and Outlaw backs Batts into a corner. Batts ducks a punch and then a clothesline, but is unable to miss the boot. Outlaw stomps on him and then whips him. Batts is able to hit a nice bulldog, but Outlaw catches him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Outlaw stomps on him and follows it up with a forearm drop.

Outlaw punches him in the head and then follows it up with a falling fist drop. Batts tries to fight back, but Outlaw knees him in the gut. Outlaw scores with the One and Only and that's that.

Winner: The Outlaw

Post-match, Outlaw stomps Batts out of the ring and then BG James proceeds to come out with the rest of the 3 Live Kru. BG James wants to get to the bottom of this, but Konnan takes the stick. He proceeds to diss The Outlaw, and in a week, it'll be Konnan vs. The Outlaw. The Outlaw leaves the ring and heads up the ramp while he stares down BG James and laughs.

Commercial Break

We go backstage to hear from the Director of Authority, Dusty Rhodes. He's got some things to say regarding TNA's next PPV, Hard Justice. First of all, there will be a Gauntlet for the Gold. 20 men in the ring, all vying for the #1 contender spot for the World title. Last man standing will be the #1 contender.

AJ Styles will be facing Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The special referee for this match will be Tito Ortiz, who has competed in the UFC.

Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring with his title and guitar in hand, and he goes over to the announce table to rough up the announcers. He grabs the mic and he doesn't care who's coming in because he fears nobody. Tito Ortiz doesn't scare him. Tenay knows as well as he does, Jarrett beat four men to become the champ and King of the Mountain. His victim list goes on and on and he names Jeff Hardy and Kevin Nash in particular. He says AJ Styles doesn't have a chance in hell against the King of the Mountain (Um, Jarrett? He sure does have a chance because he's beat you before, or did you forget?) Jarrett says he'll be going in the champ and leaving the champ.

Commercial Break

NWA World Tag Team Championship

The Naturals (w/ Chris Candido) vs. America's Most Wanted (C)

Before the match, Candido has the mic. He wants people to show an injured man respect. Candido broke his ankle and he has to relive that moment over and over again because TNA keeps showing the recap. He has nine titanium screws in his leg, but nothing's gonna keep him from missing this match because The Naturals will win the titles.

It's James Storm and Chase Stevens starting this match off as they go to lock up. Chase ducks the attempt and hits Storm in the back. He punches him and then turns to face the crowd, which allows Storm to recover and go to work on Chase Stevens. He hits a Thesz press and then Andy Douglas tries to get involved. Storm fights him off, but then Chris Harris comes in to make the save and now the fight is being taken to the otuside. AMW throw The Naturals all around the outside, and they even fight in the crowd at one point.

At another, Harris and Douglas fight on the stairs and Douglas tries to fight back, but it's not long before Harris regains control and suplexes him on the stairs. Meanwhile, Storm slams Stevens into the announce table and it appeared that Chase Stevens tried to do Ric Flair's trademark flop down to the mat.

AMW continue to lay waste to The Naturals on the outside and in another spot, Harris guillotines Andy Douglas, using the metal security barrier as Storm front suplexes Chase Stevens onto another barrier.

AMW is still in control as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back on Impact, The Naturals have finally gained control as we see Candido helping Andy Douglas out by choking James Storm. Storm gets whipped into a corner, but he kicks out and delivers a jawbreaker. Storm tags in Harris and he cleans house with The Naturals. He goes up top and he connects with a flying cross body on Douglas. Douglas kicks out of the pin, and eventually regains the offensive.

He slams Harris's head into the turnbuckle and then wraps his arms around the top rope to try to injure them. Douglas chokes Harris with his boot and then drags him out of the corner to put him in a seated abdominal stretch. Douglas drops an elbow and then tags in Chase Stevens. Chase punches Harris and then sends him bouncing out of the corner to nail a clothesline. Chase goes for a pin, but Harris kicks out.

Harris's back takes a beating as Chase delivers a hard elbow and he then puts Harris into a camel clutch. Harris tries to fight out, but Chase drops down on his back and puts him back into the hold. Chase hits an elbow shot to the forehead and Harris gets to the ropes, but Chase picks him up. Harris fights back, but Chase pokes him in the eye and tosses him out of the ring. Douglas grabs a crutch and nails Chris Harris with it. Storm tries to make a save, but the ref stops him.

Douglas tosses Harris into the ring as Chase goes for a pin, but Harris kicks out. Candido is getting frustrated as he rips off his shirt and we have to take a final commercial break.

Commercial Break

We're back and Douglas tries to jump down on Harris's back, but he counters by gettings his knee up. Harris struggles to get to his corner, but Chase catches him and the Naturals double team the Wildcat. Chase sends Harris's head into his knee and he tags Douglas back in. THey whip him into a corner, and then Chase sends Douglas into Harris, but Harris avoids it and then takes down both men. Harris tags in Storm and he begins to clean house with The Naturals as well.

Chase tries to send Storm out of the ring, but Storm skins the cat and delivers a hurricanrana. Storm goes for a pin, but Douglas stops the ref from making the count. AMW go for the Death Sentence, but Chase jump kicks Harris and then Storm goes to pin Chase, but he kicks out. Douglas grabs a belt and goes to use it, but the ref sees him. Storm superkicks Douglas, but Chase nails him with a chair.

Harris spears Chase and they roll out of the ring. Candido rolls Andy Douglas onto James Storm and we have new tag champions!

Winner and NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)

Chris Candido takes the belts and kisses them as he sits on the mat and he is ecstatic! Harris has a steel chair as he argues with the ref, but there's no disputing that we do have new tag team champions. Harris leads a post-match beatdown on Chase Stevens and Tenay goes over to bitch at Candido about being the difference maker for the match, but Candido defends what he did.

While it does suck that Chris Candido is gone, I will say that it was nice to see that he went out on a good note by helping The Naturals become the NWA World Tag Team Champions for the second time. Rest in peace, Chris, everyone down here is gonna miss ya.

I will see you guys next week with another edition of the Impact report. Take care!