Complete WWE Backlash Results (5/1/05): Hulk Hogan Returns

Event: WWE Backlash (Raw)
Date: May 1, 2005
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

They start off with a promo for Hulk Hogan's return to the ring tonight. We then see another promo for the match between Triple H and Batista.

Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin

We start out the night with Chris Jericho making his way to the ring to a nice ovation. Not sure if he is playing the heel role tonight or not, but the crowd is surely behind him. Shelton Benjamin also makes his way down to the ring.

Nice moves by both men as Shelton Benjamin bounces off the ropes and hits a nice arm drag. Benjamin keeps Jericho on the mat, but Jericho works his way up and tries to fight out of it. Jericho then delivers a smack in the face as both men begin brawling with each other.

Benjamin gets Jericho hung up on the ropes and goes for a powerslam on the concrete floor outside, but Jericho counters and flips Benjamin onto the outside. Jericho takes Benjamin back into the ring and delivers a suplex and then showboats for the crowd a bit. Jericho now locks on a rear chin lock.

Jericho tries to go for a springboard off the ropes, but Benjamin moves and now gets the upperhand. Jericho fights off Benjamin and goes to the top rope, but Benjamin pops up and then leaps to the ropes and pulls Jericho over with a nice suplex off the top rope.

He goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. Benjamin goes for the Stinger Splash but misses and then Jericho gets him hung up in the ropes. Jericho goes after him, but Benjamin is able to pop out and rolls up Jericho and almost gets another 3 count.

The crowd begins to get behind Jericho by chanting Y2J. Jericho now hits a running insuguri. Jericho gets a long two count.

Benjamin hits a bulldog off the top rope. Somehow Jericho is able to kick out. Jericho then hooks on the Walls of Jericho, but that is reversed and then out of nowhere, Benjamin hits the T-Bone.

Jericho so close to the ropes, puts his bottom foot on the ropes. Benjamin pops up, but Jericho counters once again and locks on the Walls of Jericho. The fans are really cheering for Jericho to put away Benjamin.

Benjamin reaches for the ropes..and finally makes it. Benjamin then plants a right foot into Jericho. He then rolls over for a cover, but Jericho kicks out.

The men then roll each other over and over with sunset flips until finally Benjamin rolls up Jericho and gets the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Tag Team Turmoil

This match works as though you have two teams in the first match, the winner of the match faces another team and so on and so forth, until there is only one team left. The first two teams out are William Regal and Tajiri and The Heartthrobs.

Regal is in the ring first with Antonio as both men fight on the mat and Regal gets a tag into Tajiri. Tajiri starts landing kicks left and right. Regal rolls up Romeo rather quickly and gets the 1,2,3. Next out are Simon Dean and Maven. They quickly get in the ring and take Tajiri down with a little tag team action.

Maven then gets in the ring and begins to hammer on Tajiri. Regal finally gets a hot tag and gets in the ring to fend off Maven and Simon Dean. He then gets a lethal shot to the head of Dean and covers him for a quick 1.2.3.

La Resistance is out rather quickly after this. The first two matches have probably lasted a total of five minutes. Tajiri gets back in the ring and hits a spinning heal kick and then tags in Regal as they take the early advantage in this match.

Regal in the ring as Conway gets the tag. Conway works over Regal but he is able to get the tag to Tajiri. As Tajiri goes to fight on the outside of the ring and before anything could really happen, Regal is grabbed from the back of his trunks and rolled up and La Resistance has eliminated the Tag Team Champions.

Next out is Hurricane and Rosey. Hurricane takes a nasty spill on the outside of the ring and looks like he could have injured his leg. Rosey finally gets a tag and takes out both members of La Resistance and almost gets a three count.

Rosey is basically taking this match on by himself as Hurricane tries to help out but is quickly knocked out the ring. Rosey is double teamed, but he is able to right off both men. Hurricane uses his partner Rosey and flies off the top rope onto Conway and gets the WIN!!

Winners: Rosey & Hurricane - New Tag Champs

JR and King are stunned by that last win. They replay William Regal getting his tights pulled, so that figures to play out this week as well as some sort of controversy.

Edge vs. Chris Benoit

This match is a last man standing match. This match will continue until one man can stand no more. We see a highlight package for this match and then Edge makes his way to the ring followed by Chris Benoit.

Benoit rushes into the ring. JR comments that Edge's life is surrounded by controversy...which is very telling. Benoit hits a few knife edge chops and knocks Edge around the ring.

"We Want Matt" chants break out throughout the arena. Chris Benoit continues to hammer on Edge as he has him down on the mat. Edge fights back this time and finally takes Benoit down. Edge goes to the outside of the ring and gets a trashcan under the ring, but Benoit hits a baseball slide into Edge.

Benoit is now totally in control of the match, back inside the ring. Benoit hooks on the crossface as Edge starts tapping, but it doesn't matter because there are no submissions.

Benoit then hooks on a few belly to back suplexs. Benoit comes off the ropes as both men collide and are down as the ref starts his count. Benoit and Edge are both down and finally get to their feet. Benoit goes for a running dive, but Edge grabs the trashcan and plants it in Benoit's face.

The ref counts again as Benoit barely makes it to his feet. Edge then hits a superplex from the top rope onto the trashcan as both men are now down again as the ref counts.

Now we have a ladder in the ring. Edge is climbing up the ladder after hitting a bodyslam on Benoit. Benoit goes up to get him and hits a suplex off the ladder.

Both men are now down as they try to get up, the ref begins his count once again. Benoit goes up to the top of the ladder and goes for the headbutt, but Edge moves. That was a spectacular move by Benoit, but Edge gets out of the way. As Benoit tries to get up, Edge grabs his briefcase, but Benoit ducks and hooks on the crossface as Edge begins to fade.

Now the ref starts his count as both men remain down in the middle of the ring. Benoit goes up to the top of the ladder and goes for the headbutt, but Edge moves. That was a spectacular move by Benoit, but Edge gets out of the way. As Benoit tries to get up, Edge grabs his briefcase, but Benoit ducks and hooks on the crossface as Edge begins to fade.

Now the ref starts his count as both men remain down in the middle of the ring. Edge goes over to his briefcase as Benoit gets up and gets out a brick. He takes the brick and nails Benoit with it in the back of the head. I'm not quite sure where WWE got that one from, because that should kill a man and it takes Benoit down for the last time as the ref counts him down to 10.

Winner: Edge

Flashback to the ring where Benoit is struggling to get to his feet.

Backstage we see Lita and Kane talking about their match and Trish having sex with Viscera. Kane says that is disgusting and then Lita and him begin to makeout backstage.

We go out to the ring and King is in there with the new Diva magazine and welcomes out all the Divas. We see Stacy Kiebler and Christy Hemme as well as the other Divas. King asks each of the WWE Divas what their favorite photo is from the magazine.

First is Christy and then followed by Maria, both in bikinis. Candice Michelle the playboy girl is up next wearing a nice bikini. Victoria is up next where she is barely wearing anything. Stacy is up next and we see Stacy in a bikini looking very good. Lilian is up next and we finally see Lilian in a nice looking bikini. King says that Lilian has a Sunday school face but a smoking body.

Chris Masters music hits next. Chris Masters calls out another victim for tonight - this time he accidently calls out a girl. This girl looks like a bodybuilder with a Chyna build. Her arms are pretty cut up as she gets into the ring. Masters ask her if she is a he or a she?

The girl actually doesn't look that bad as you can see. Masters shows her the money and then hooks on his hold. He shakes her all over the ring and really doesn't get much of a reaction. He finally drops her in the middle of the ring as she lays face first.

Kane vs. Viscera

We see Viscera and Trish backstage and Viscera keeps looking at Trish's breasts which are about to pop out. Viscera talks about what he is going to do with Trish after tonight's match and then smacks her on the ass.

Out first we have Kane & Lita then Viscera & Trish. Trish looks lovely as she stands outside the ring. Kane runs into Viscera a few times before he finally takes him down. Kane then dives ontop of Viscera as both men fly outside. Kane then hits a legdrop back into the ring.

The fans begin to chant for Matt Hardy as Lita is standing ringside. Viscera finally gets control as he begins to hammer on Kane.

Viscera and Kane continue to battle as Kane goes after Trish, but is cutoff by Viscera. Viscera then shoves Lita out of the way. Kane then gets upset and takes out Viscera. Trish gets a steel chair to go after Kane, but Lita takes her out with her crutch.

Trish is laid out. Kane goes to the top rope, but is caught by Viscera who hits a sitdown powerbomb. Viscera now has Lita as he goes in for a kiss. As Lita ducks out of the way, Kane hits the big boot and then a chokeslam. Kane gets the win.

Winner: Kane

Trish gets the microphone and begins to dogout Viscera and calls him a big fat loser. She say's she would have never slept with him and will find someone else to do the job. Then Viscera can't take anymore and puts Trish is bearhug and tosses her to the mat where her top almost comes flying off. He looks at the crowd and they give him the OK to do the pancake on her as he flattens her out - all 500 pounds of him on top of her in the ring. The EMT's are now out in the ring and load Trish onto the stretcher.

Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels vs Hasaan & Davari

Hasaan and Davari make their way to the ring. HBK's music hits first as he comes to the ring and then he is followed by a huge ovation when Hulk Hogan's music hits next.

Hogan, even at his age, still towers over HBK. He's one big guy. The crowd are on their feet. Half of the crowd has on a yellow Hulk shirt. Hulkster is going to start it out. Hogan shoves Hasaan back into the corner. Hasaan charges out but Hogan locks him up in the side headlock. Hogan hits a shoulder block.

HBK gets the tag and they do the double boot on Hasaan. The crowd starts a HBK chant. Davari gets a tag and he hits a right hand and then backs HBK into the corner. HBK reverses and hits a few shots on Davari.

HBK tags in the Hulkster again as he hits a boot to the midsection. They hit a double elbow on Davari and then they toss him over the ropes. Hulk goes outside and fights Davari. Hogan really giving it his all tonight.

Hogan hits some nice elbows and then tags in HBK. HBK dominates Davari. He sets up for the Sweet Chin Music, but as he does Hogan has to make the save from Hasaan. As HBK again gets ready to do the Sweet Chin Music and as the ref is talking to Hogan, Hasaan hits HBK with a lead pipe and they start to take over the match.

HBK is getting taken apart now. Hasaan has been beating him all over the ring as the fans chant for the tag to Hogan. Hasaan and Davari have cut off the ring for HBK.

Hasaan hits a nice neck breaker and then into the camel clutch. Hogan tries to get the fans behind HBK as he is trying to fight out of the camel clutch. HBK fights out of the camel clutch. The crowd is begging for a tag as HBK crawls to the corner. Hogan gets the hot tag. Hogan hits the big boot on both Hasaan and Davari. Hogan asks the fans what they want to see. Hogan goes for the legdrop but Hasaan from the outside hits Hogan with the lead pipe. Davari rolls over to cover Hogan, but Hogan powers out.

Hogan pops up and HULKS up. Hogan hits a few right hands. Hogan then hits the big boot one more time. As he goes for the legdrop, Hasaan grabs his leg, but Hogan grabs him and then nails him.

HBK rolls in and nails the Sweet Chin Music and then Hogan drops down for the cover on Davari.

Winners: Hogan & HBK

We cut to a promo of ECW One Night Stand. It shows all sorts of old footage of ECW just like a classic ECW PPV. I guess WWE just made it as official as possible with that.

Backstage we see HHH talking about how he is going to win the title back tonight.

Christian makes his way to the ring to do a rap about all the main eventer's. He makes fun of Batista and then Triple H and Batista. He also talks about the upcoming draft and how this may be his last appearance on a Raw PPV. Christian calls out John Cena last and makes fun of him.

We run down a long history between Triple H and Batista before both men make their way down to the ring. Triple H and Batista lock up after some long introductions.

Triple H takes immediate control as Flair already rattles Batista. Triple H goes for a real quick pedigree.

Triple H goes for another pedigree quickly, but Batista escapes. Batista then hits a hard Irish Whip and then a big back body drop. He hits a right hand and then backs HHH into the corner then to the canvas. HHH goes for a 3rd Pedigree but he is tossed to the floor on that one. Batista goes outside for Flair, but HHH catches him and hits him with a spinebuster into the wall. Batista is then suplexed into the floor and then rolled back into the ring.

Batista finally turns it around and hits an elbow and then almost gets HHH into the Batista Bomb. HHH reverses however and sends HHH to the otuside where Flair begins to work him over as the ref is distracted inside.

Triple H continues to dominate this match. He whips Batista into the corner, but he is met with Batista coming out of the corner with a mean clothesline.

Batista and HHH now exchange blows in the ring back and forth. Batista hits a sidewalk slam. Batista now sends HHH out to the floor. Batista now has all the momentum in this match. He gets up and shakes the ropes and Flair is now in the ring.

Batista tosses Flair out and then goes for the Batista Bomb, but HHH has the belt. Batista raises him up and HHH hits him with the belt. HHH covers, but only gets a 2! Batista accidently takes out the ref with an elbow. HHH hits the pedigree in the middle of the ring. HHH is begging the ref to make the count, but the ref is out. Here comes another ref and as HHH goes for another 3 count, Batista hits a spinebuster. Batista goes for the cover, but HHH kicks out.

Batista now reverses out of another pedigree. HHH takes out the ref on purpose and afterwards, he goes for another pedigree, but Batista once again counters. HHH then gets up and hits a low blow that sends Batista to the mat. Batista gets up somehow as HHH comes over and hits the Batista Bomb!

Winner: Batista

After the match, HHH takes his rage out on the ref with a Pedigree as Batista walks out of the building with the belt.

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