Backlash Notes: Y2J Heel Turn, Woman Involved In Masters' Challenge, Hardy Chants, More

Credit: Wrestling Observer

The wheels may have been in motion tonight for the rumored Chris Jericho heel turn. Y2J was visibly upset after yet another defeat to Benjamin and ignored the request for a post-match interview. The general consensus right now is that Jericho needs a character change and quick.

The last man standing match between Benoit and Edge recieved a lot of plaudits and the live crowd were said to be so into the match that the Matt Hardy chants died down several minutes into the bout.

The woman that Chris Masters' picked out for his challenge tonight was former bodybuilder Melissa Coates, who is now working in OVW.

Finally, the ECW PPV in June was promoted tonight with a little video package featuring Paul Heyman.

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