WWE RAW Report (5/2/05) - Boston, Massachusetts

WWE RAW Report
May 2, 2005
Report by: rajah.com

- Backstage, Batista and Christy Hemme are chatting when Eric Bischoff pops in and congratulates Batista on his successful title defense last night. Bischoff says that he figured that tonight would be a perfect man to announce an 8-man tournament to determine the new #1 contender...entitled "The Gold Rush Tournament" starting tonight. In fact, in this tournament, each wrestler won't know his opponent until the announcer calls the names. Bischoff suggests that Batista get the night off but Batista says that since he's on a roll, he'd like a match...how about someone brave and powerful like Bischoff himself. Eric starts screaming "No! No! No!" but Bischoff laughs and tells him to relax.

- The RAW opening airs and we're live from Boston, Massachusetts.

Gold Rush Tournament Match 1
Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko) vs. Kane (w/ Lita)
-Kane dominates the beginning of the match, sending Christian to the outside on at least two occasions. Kane follows him out, but is slowed by Tomko's presence, which allows Christian to drop toe-hold him onto the steps. With the ref distracted, Tomko interferes and Christian hits a springboard cross-body before sending Kane back in. Kane fights back and goes for the chokeslam but Christian counters it and puts Kane into a brief sleeper that is countered further into a sidewalk slam. Kane heads to the top but Tomko pushes him off and seconds later, Christian and Tomko accidentally collide. This allows Kane to hit the chokeslam and win the match. WINNER: Kane.

- After the match, Tomko tries to assault Kane, but Kane hits a big boot and nails him with the chokeslam too.

- Backstage, Christian is gasping for breath and walking away when he runs into Ric Flair who asks him about his rapping last night at Backlash. Flair then fires off his own rap, proclaiming Triple H as the eventual winner of the pending tournament. Flair leaves and Christian says "I hate that guy."

- Commercial -

- A video package on Hulk Hogan is shown.

- Muhammad Hassan along with Khosrow Daivari come down to the ring for an apparent interview. Daivari utters some stuff before handing the mic to Hassan who says that he's out here tonight because he won't allow the injustice done to him go without any confrontation. He talks about being undefeated on RAW yet he's excluded from the Gold Rush tournament...just like he was excluded from Wrestlemania by WWE's prejudiced staff. Hassan says that what happened to him at Backlash was a travesty and he blames Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and each and everyone of the fans. But one more person needs to be held accountable for his actions and with that, he points at Daivari. Hassan says that Daivari blew it last night and slaps him twice. Hassan starts to walk away but decides to kick Daivari in the head. As he moves towards the back, Daivari crawls and stumbles behind him.

- Commercial -

Viscera vs. Simon Dean
-Viscera gets on the mic before comes out and says that last night he proved how physical he can be and his hunger for love. He turns to Lilian Garcia and says that he's a big man and likes to eat spicy and seeing as how Lilian is a spicy Latina, how about she let him go south of the border tonight? That's when Simon Dean comes out and says that women want a man who is in shape...Greek Gods like him. Dean starts insulting Viscera, which prompts the big man to attack him and start the match. Viscera dominates the match and splashes Dean for the victory. WINNER: Viscera.

- After the match, Viscera turns his attention to Lilian once again and says that he'd like her and every other women to know that Big Vis is back on the market - the black market.

- Commercial -

- Backstage, Stacy Keibler is flipping through next week's Stuff Magazine where she's featured when Eric Bischoff walks by. The cameras follow Bischoff who walks into his office only to see Triple H already there. Triple H wants answers...like to why he booked a tournament. Triple H complains about being screwed out of the title and demands a rematch. Bischoff says according to him, he doesn't owe him anything. In fact, Bischoff says Triple H is lucky he's even in the tournament but all he has to do is just win and he'll get another crack at Batista. Triple H tells Bischoff to pass the message to Batista that he's on borrowed time. Triple H vows to go through anyone to get another title shot and become the next champion.

- Backstage, Shelton Benjamin, who is also in the tournament, is interviewed and says that he's ready to face anyone - day or night. Chris Jericho enters the picture and says that he respects him for retaining the title fair and square. Jericho informs Benjamin that he too is in the Gold Rush Tournament...and he must win it at all costs. This could be his last chance at a title...and he'd give up everything to be the champion once more. Benjamin says he respects that and shakes Jericho's hand and wishes him the best of luck.

- They flash a "In Memory of Chris Candido" picture.

- Commercial -

- We're shown clips from earlier in the night when Kane defeated Christian in the first match of the Gold Rush Tournament. Three more matches in the tourny are scheduled for tonight.

Gold Rush Tournament Match 2
Shelton Benjamin vs. Shawn Michaels
-They start off by wrestling around on the mat but Michaels reaches the ropes and they start over. This happens a couple times until Benjamin gets the upper hand courtesy of a hip toss but Michaels bails and they stall some more. The match progresses until Benjamin clotheslines Michaels to the outside and that's when we cut to a commercial break.

- Commercial -

Gold Rush Tournament Match 2
Shelton Benjamin vs. Shawn Michaels (Continued)
-When we come back, Michaels is just about to superplex Benjamin from the top, but Shelton counters it into a high cross body. They cut to the back where we see Batista watching the action on TV. Back in the ring, Benjamin hits a Samoan drop on HBK but is too injured to immediately capitalize. They trade punches but Benjamin gets the upper hand and nails an inverted back breaker seconds later. They both get knocked out and spring up almost simultaneously and then trade a couple near falls. Michaels then hits an elbow from the top rope which sends Benjamin into a quivering state but Shawn too starts shaking before finally getting up and setting up for the Sweet Chin Music. As Shelton gets up, Michaels goes for it, but it's blocked and countered into another kick for a two count. The finish sees HBK try to send Benjamin to the outside but Benjamin stops himself and springboards off the top rope straight into a vicious superkick. WINNER: Shawn Michaels.

- After the match, Benjamin stays down as Michaels hovers around looking concerned and shaking his head.

- Backstage, Edge is interviewed and we learn that he too is in the tournament despite already being guaranteed a title match. Edge brags about beating the so called toughest man in the WWE, Chris Benoit. Edge says that the reason he wants two title matches is because not even Batista can withstand two title matches against Edge...which sounds kind of funny because basically Edge is admitting that he'll lose the first match I guess. He's quickly reminded that a damper can be put on his plans if he's drafted to Smackdown! later this month. Edge walks away only to come up to Victoria and Lita laughing and talking. They stare at him and Edge asks them what the hell they're looking at. Victoria responds "absolutely nothing".

- Commercial -

Hurricane & Rosey vs. La Resistance
-Pretty standard match. Rosey and Hurricane double-team Conway with Rosey hitting a sidewalk slam and Hurricane making matters worse by adding in the Eye of the Hurricane. Hurricane covers for the three count.

- The Smackdown! rebound is shown.

- Commercial -

- They plug the upcoming RAW Diva Search contest.

Gold Rush Tournament Match 3
Edge vs. Chris Jericho
-Edge controls much of the beginning parts of the match, working away on the back area of Jericho. Edge hits a back breaker and continues to isolate the lower back as we once again see Batista observing the happenings on a backstage TV. Jericho fights back with some reverse chops and a shoulder block and a drop toe hold onto the middle ropes. Edge grabs his briefcase but a moment of indecisiveness costs him as Jericho re-gains the advantage and takes the match to the outside. Back in the ring, Jericho misses from the top rope and Edge gets a two count but soon after misses a spear. Jericho then locks on the Walls of Jericho but Edge reaches the ropes. The finish sees Edge hit Jericho with the briefcase, then the Spear which led to a pinfal victory. WINNER: Edge.

- Commercial -

- They show a message wishing the Rock a Happy Birthday. Jim Ross says that he spoke to Rock today and he can't wait to come back to electrify WWE fans.

- Chris Masters comes out and says that there hasn't been a man or a woman yet who has come close to breaking the Masterlock. He's decided now to up the offer - $4000, a Boston Red Sox Curt Schilling jersey and a personally autographed Tom Brady football. Masters chooses some guy in the back who he refers to as "Tubby". It's a guy named James from Boston. Masters puts on the Masterlock and Joe gets knocked out as the referee calls for the bell. Masters finally lets him go and gets his money back.

- Backstage, Ric Flair accompanies Triple H on his way to the ring.

- Commercial -

Gold Rush Tournament Match 4
Triple H vs. Chris Benoit
-You just knew it was going to be Benoit. Anywho, Benoit quickly tries for two quick Cripper Crossface's but is countered both times. Triple H hits Benoit in the back of the head with a vicious clothesline and Benoit is sent to the outside with a stunned look in his eyes.

- Commercial -

Gold Rush Tournament Match 4
Triple H vs. Chris Benoit (Continued)
-As we come back, Triple H is in control and soon puts Benoit into a sleeper hold. Benoit tries to right it and breaks the hold by sending Triple H into the turnbuckle face-first. A shaky Benoit hits Triple H with a flying turnbuckle minutes later but is very slow to cover Triple H, who gets a shoulder up at two. Ref bump leads Flair into the ring, but Benoit takes care of him only to be clobbered from behind by Triple H. The two double-team Benoit until Batista's music hits and out comes the world champion. Batista sends Flair flying and then gets the better of Triple H before turning his attention back to Flair. He turns around to run into Triple H who goes for the Pedigree but Batista counters it into a spinebuster. Batista rolls out and screams at Benoit to get up as the referee slowly comes to his senses. Back in the ring, Benoit puts the Sharpshooter on Triple H as Batista mocks him to tap out. As Triple H almost reaches the ropes, Batista pulls the rope away behind the ref's back. Finally, Triple H has no choice but to tap out. WINNER: Chris Benoit.

- End of Show -