WWE News: More on Molly's Mutual Release, Bearer Officially Gone, Reaction to DiBiase

- Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly) officially gave her notice on 4/11 but WWE officials informed her that she didn't have to work through the notice but rather could just stop coming to work. It is believed that Greenwald requested a face turn but when that was not granted, she simply grew tired, lost some passion for the business and just wanted to move on with her life.

- Paul Bearer was also officially released this month even though he hasn't been on WWE TV since about the middle of last year. His contract was set to expire in October of 2006 but had 90-day cycles built into it where WWE could give him notice of a release. Bearer will still continue to get paid through 7/11.

- The initial reaction to Ted DiBiase's 90-day tryout on creative is that he looked "overwhelmed" and wasn't updated on many of the characters and current storylines.

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