Official WWE SmackDown Preview (05/05) - Cena's World Premiere Video


SmackDown! will be the only place to see the world premiere of John Cena’s first music video when SmackDown! comes to Trenton, New Jersey.

For more on John Cena's music and to sample some hot tracks, click here. Of course, last week John Cena learned his first WWE Championship defense would come against none other than former champion JBL, who won a wild Fatal Fourway last week in the United Kingdom.

Also, will Rey Mysterio have anything to say to Eddie Guerrero after the bizarre events of last week? Latino Heat basically gave up on their tag team match with MNM, costing Rey and Eddie a chance to regain the championship. If that wasn't enough, Guerrero then stood by and watched Mysterio get beat down afterwards.

Meanwhile, United States Champion Orlando Jordan will be in action against Booker T. Plus, with Judgment Day less than three weeks away, will there be any announcements regarding the huge pay-per-view?

Don’t miss SmackDown! on UPN (8/7 CT).

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