WWE Superstar Gets Backstage Heat, Gangrel Returning To WWE, Coach Injured

-Gangrel has been signed to a WWE deal for quite sometime and has been in OVW training for his comeback to television. Gangrel has been suffering from injuries which is probably why we haven't seen him on television yet.

-There is alot of heat on Romeo Roselli of the heartthrobs right now, because he has recently jacked up his prices to work Indy Shows, because of his recent promotion to WWE television. He was scheduled to work an Indy show for Northeast Wrestling, but less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to appear, raised his asking price and cited reasons that he didn't want to be injured before working the Backlash PPV and also his recent promotion to television would cost the promotion more. The ironic thing is, that NEW was the place where Romeo first broke into the wrestling scene and now he has turned his back to them. It has given him heat from many backstage because other wrestlers don't do the same once they are scheduled for an Indy date.

This could have possibly been the reason for the stiff match that he had with William Regal and Tajiri where he recieved a black eye. Thoughts are they were sending him a message to cool off his ego.

-The Coach has also been working injured and did appear on the NEW Indy show, even though he was injured which added more heat to Romeo. Coach has been suffering from either a bad eye infection or broken blood vessels in his eye.

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Credit: Pwinsider.com