Steve Austin Discusses Return To The Ring, Next Movie Project, Rock & More

Credit: Brian Washington |

The "Texas Rattlesnake" "Stone Cold" Steve Austin called into the Loose Cannon's Radio show on KLAC AM 570 hosted by Steve Hartman and former Los Angeles Lakers center Mychal Thomson. Steve was called in to promote the upcoming release of the remake of the football/prison classic "The Longest Yard". He said that he really enjoyed the movie and he was really glad to work on it because it pretty much gave him a chance to hang out with his buddies Bill Goldberg and Bob Sapp. He also enjoyed working with football players the likes of Bill Romanowski and Brian Bosworth.

After talking about that film, he was asked about his next project, "The Condemned". He explained that the plot was about a cop who was framed for his partner's murder and how his character was trying to prove his innocence. He said that he was looking forward to making the film.

He was then asked about whether or not he would be returning to the ring. He said that after the filming was done he hoped to be coming back to make a few appearances and to raise some hell. He said, as always, that he really enjoys working in the ring and that he enjoys raising a little hell.

Next came up the topic of whether or not Austin would want to do a picture with his old friend The Rock. He said that he was proud of his buddy's success in films and he would welcome the chance to work with him. Austin also brought up the fact that the two of them always had great chemistry together in the ring, and that they probably would have good chemistry together on film.

The interview ended with Austin cutting a promo telling everyone to come and watch the film "'Cause Stone Cold said so".

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