WWE Smackdown! Report (5/12/05) - Taped in Reading, Pennsylvania

WWE Smackdown! Report
May 12, 2005
Report by: Damien, rajah.com reporter

Show opens with a recap of the street fight with Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero last week. Recap ends with Eddie Guerrero suplexing Rey Mysterio on the stairs.

Opening credits and we are taped from Reading, PA with your announcers Michael Cole and Tazz.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way out to a loud chorus of boo’s. Michael Cole plugs the Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio match for Judgment Day. Eddie goes over to the time keeper and grabs a microphone and a chair. Eddie sets up the chair in the middle of the ring as the lights dim a spotlight shines on Eddie. Eddie says he gave Rey Mysterio exactly what he wanted last week and pulls out a Rey Mysterio mask. Eddie says that what happened last week was Rey’s fault. A loud “Eddie Suck’s” chant from the crowd as Eddie says he never wanted to lay a hand on Rey. Eddie blames Mysterio and the crowd for living vicariously through Eddie and stealing his “Latino Heat”. Eddie says he got all his heat back last week and he likes it. Eddie tells Rey to think of his family, because he doesn’t want to hurt them by hurting their Rey again. Eddie says that if Rey shows up at Judgment Day he will take his life.

Michael Cole plugs Carlito’s Cabana with the Big Show later tonight. Tazz hypes Booker T vs. Kurt Angle for later tonight. We go to commercial.

Heidenreich vs. Spike Dudley. We come back for our first match of the night as Heidenreich makes his way to the ring. Spike is already in the ring. Heidenreich gets on the mike and says that Spike didn’t want to be his friend so he will find someone else to be his friend. Heidenreich goes out to the crowd and brings a young boy into the ring as Spike runs away. The boy’s name is Jordan and he is from Reading, PA. Heidenreich offer’s to recite one of his “disasterpieces” to Jordan.

Heidenreich, that’s my name.
Writing poems, that’s my game.
Finding friends is what I do.
That’s why I have found you.
Heidenreich and Jordan are friends and will be that way until the end.
Heidenreich is here tonight because Heidenreich is here to fight.

Heidenreich decides to let Jordan be in his corner tonight. Heidenreich starts the match by shoving Spike in the corner and pummeling Spike. Heidenreich misses with a shoulder in the corner and nails the ring post. Spike pounds away on the head of Heidenreich and then stomps on his chest. Spike goes outside to yell at Jordan, but Heidenreich follows him out and tosses him back in the ring. Heidenreich hits a Big Boss Slam for the pin. Heidenreich celebrates with Jordan in the ring.

Winner: Heidenreich

Sharmel is walking backstage and goes into Booker T’s dressing room. Booker says he is ready for Kurt Angle after what he did to Sharmel last week. Booker says he has some business to take care of right now and then kisses Sharmel.

Commercial for the new John Cena CD airs. We go to commercial

Back from commercial and Chavo Guerrero is in the back talking to MNM. Chavo says he has known Eddie his whole life and he has never seen Eddie as vicious as he was last week. Chavo says they have a six man tag team match coming up next and that Paul London has been looking all day and hasn’t found two partners to tag with him.

We see a recap of Angle verbally assaulting Sharmel last week. Next we see Sharmel slapping Angle at ringside followed by Angle hitting Booker T with the Angle Slam. Recap ends with Angle trying to put the Ankle Lock on Sharmel before security stopped him.

Josh Matthews is backstage for an interview with Kurt Angle. Kurt says he doesn’t care if people think what he did last week was wrong and that Sharmel struck Kurt first. Kurt says he wasn’t going to hurt Sharmel because he doesn’t hurt women. Kurt says we all have vices and his happens to be women like Sharmel. Kurt says he wants to have perverted sex with Booker T’s wife. We go to commercial.

An ad for the ECW One Night Stand PPV airs.

MNM & Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London, Hardcore Holly, & Charlie Haas. Nitro and London to start. London with a headlock but Nitro tosses him into the corner. Nitro runs into an elbow from London. London leaps off the second turnbuckle and stomps Nitro on the back of the head. Arm drag by London into an arm bar. London makes the tag to Charlie Haas. Haas continues to work over the arm of Nitro and slaps on a top wrist lock. Nitro breaks the wrist lock with a knee to the back. Nitro whips Haas into the corner and tries to follow it up with a splash, but Haas moves and Nitro goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Haas hits a shoulder breaker on Nitro. Haas off the second turnbuckle with a knee to the back of Nitro’s head. Mercury tries to come in and help but Haas and Holly give him a double elbow. Chavo comes in and Haas and Holly give him a double hip toss. Haas with a scoop slam on Nitro but as he runs off the rope Melina grabs his leg and Mercury snaps Haas’ neck off the rope. Nitro tags in Mercury. Mercury pounds on the face of Haas. Mercury backs Haas into the corner and distracts the ref as Chavo and Nitro double team Haas. Mercury tags in Chavo. Chavo hits a back suplex on Haas and covers for a two count. Chavo gets Haas back into his corner as Haas starts to fight back. Chavo hits a dropkick on Haas and covers for a two count. Haas hits an exploder suplex on Chavo. Haas makes the tag to Holly. Holly levels Chavo with a couple of clotheslines. Holly hits a back body drop on Chavo. Holly with a full nelson slam to Nitro and a dropkick to Mercury. Holly with a clothesline off the top rope on Chavo and covers for a two count before MNM break it up. Holly with a clothesline on Mercury but Nitro catches Holly with a super kick. Holly with a blind tag to London. London hits a flying cross body on Nitro and Chavo. London with a clothesline and an hurricanrana on Chavo. London sends Chavo into the corner and tries to follow it up but Chavo moves and London goes chest first into the turnbuckle. London catches Chavo with a dropsault and covers for a two count before Mercury breaks it up. Chavo gets London up for the Gory Bomb but London rolls him up, but Chavo rolls through and puts his feet on the ropes for the pin.

Winner: MNM & Chavo Guerrero

We go to commercial.

JBL makes his way out in his limo. JBL announces the re-release of his book “Have More Money Now”. JBL claims that most nonbiased reviews claim his book is the best written book since the bible. JBL says that one thing you won’t find on the book is a parental advisory warning. JBL says that, unlike John Cena, he is here to build up America and not to tear it down. JBL calls Cena a bad influence, a bad role model, and a bad champion. JBL tells Cena that his fifteen minutes of fame are almost up. JBL says that over the last twelve months he has been tomb stoned, choke slammed outside the ring, choke slammed through a table, choke slammed through his limo, frog splashed off the top of a cage and bookended on the floor and the words “I Quit” never entered his mind. JBL guarantees that he will bust John Cena open at Judgment Day. JBL says that saying the words “I Quit” means that another man owns your soul. JBL says that after Judgment Day people all over the world will be chanting his name. Cena’s music hits and he runs down to the ring and starts to beat on JBL. Orlando Jordan and the Basham’s come out and hold Cena while JBL beats on him. A bunch of Smackdown wrestlers come out and pull JBL off of Cena and hold them back from each other.

Commercial for the Wrestlemania XXI DVD airs.

We go to commercials

We come back to a recap of the fight between JBL and Cena that just went down before we went to commercial.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Jimmy Jacobs. Eddie Guerrero comes out with the Rey Mysterio mask from earlier tonight. Eddie catches Jacobs with a clothesline as the ref is checking Jacobs for any foreign objects. Eddie pounds on Jacobs before sending him off the ropes and catching him with an elbow. Eddie with a back suplex on Jacobs. Eddie puts Mysterio’s mask on Jacobs and starts asking “Why Rey?” Eddie tosses Jacobs through the ropes to the floor. Eddie repeatedly rams Jacobs head first into the announce table before throwing him back in the ring. Eddie grabs a chair from ringside and brings it into the ring. Eddie gives Jacobs a brainbuster onto the chair and gets disqualified.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs via DQ

Cole and Tazz plug Carlito’s Cabana and Booker T vs. Kurt Angle again. We go to commercial.

We come back to Michael Cole and Tazz running down the current matches for Judgment Day.

Next we see the John Cena music video “Bad, Bad Man”. We go to commercial.

Matt Morgan vs. Funaki. Morgan gets on the mike before the match and goes through his whole stuttering gimmick, telling Funaki that people are laughing at him because of the way Funaki talks. Funaki catches Morgan a thumb to the eye to start the match. Funaki runs off the ropes and right into a boot from Morgan. Morgan gives Funaki a kick right in the family jewels. Morgan sets Funaki up between the first and second rope and sling shots Funaki into the second rope. Morgan hits Funaki with a delayed suplex into a rockbottom for the pin.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Next we see this week’s Raw Rebound. They go through the semifinals of the Gold Rush Tournament and show Kane and Edge advancing to the finals.

We see Booker T and Sharmel in the back. Booker tells Sharmel that he is going to take Kurt Angle out tonight and that he wants Sharmel to stay in the back while he has his match tonight. We go to commercial

We come back as Carlito makes his way out for Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito starts off by bringing out the Big Show. Carlito says he invited Big Show to the Cabana because he has an offer that the Big Show can’t refuse. Carlito says he wants Big Show to be Carlito’s muscle. Carlito says that the Big Show needs him and then shows several embarrassing photos of the Big Show including photos of him losing to Akibono at Wrestlemania. Carlito says that if Big Show joined him that he would always be cool in any situation. Carlito says that as a team he and Big Show would be unstoppable. Big Show says that he has won every major title in the industry and he plays second banana to no one. Big Show says that Carlito’s offer is “not cool”. Carlito says that Big Show leaves him no other choice and takes an apple out of his pocket. Before Carlito can take a bite of the apple Big Show grabs him by the throat and takes the apple. Big Show takes several large bites of the apple and falls down to the ground in pain. Carlito says that it’s true what they say, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch, and that Big Show just ate that one bad apple. Carlito leaves as the Big Show is left in the middle of the ring.

We see a commercial for the JBL vs. John Cena match at Judgment Day. We go to commercial.

We come back to see the footage of Big Show eating the poisoned apple that he took from Carlito before the break.

Kurt Angle vs. Booker T. Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring for our main event. No pyro for Booker T as he heads straight to the ring. Booker T starts off with several chops and right hands to Angle. Booker T hits Angle with a clothesline and continues pummeling Angle. Angle throws Booker to the ground by his hair and takes over with some right hands of his own. Booker hangs Angle stomach first across the top rope and Angle flips out the floor. Booker grabs a chair from the time keeper and the ref stops him from using it. Angle catches Booker with an elbow as Booker was arguing with the ref. Angle slams Booker head first into the ring steps. Angle rolls Booker back in the ring and hits a suplex on Booker T. Angle locks in a sleeper hold on Booker. Booker with a jaw breaker on Angle to break the sleeper. Booker hits Angle with a side kick to the face of Angle. Angle rolls to the outside as Booker follows. Angle hits Booker with a chop and a right hand and rolls Booker back in the ring. Booker hits a back kick to the face of Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle begs Booker T off and then throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Booker. Instead of pinning Booker T, Angle runs to the back to find Sharmel. Angle finds Sharmel in Booker’s dressing room and closes the door as Sharmel screams. Booker T runs to the back to find Angle. Booker T goes into his dressing room and finds Sharmel on the floor screaming. As Booker is checking on Sharmel, Angle attacks Booker from behind. Angle leaves Booker T lying on the ground as Sharmel calls for help.

End of Show.