Recap Of John Cena On The Opie & Anthony Show

Credit: Mike Aldren

John Cena was a guest on the Opie & Anthony XM satellite radio show
yesterday as part of his promotional album tour across New York. He put
over the McMahon family for the opportunities he's been given and called
Vince a cool dude. He said he doesn't really speak to Triple H but they
get along. One caller asked about his thoughts on JBL and Bob Holly as
enforcers in the locker room and brought up the incident where Holly
roughed up Rene Dupree at a show in Syracuse not too long ago. Cena said
he didn't know much about the situation but thought that Dupree screwed
up by returning Holly's rental car late with a bunch of tickets. The
caller then made the very good point that it wasn't really a reason to
go stiff on Dupree and said that a wrestler's number one goal should be
to protect his opponent. Cena responded by saying that the number one
goal is protect the business, which really is a poor argument, but go
figure. The conversation then turned to the Hardy-Edge-Lita love
triangle. Cena said he thought it was odd that the company would release
Hardy as he sold a lot of tickets. He eluded to something he knows about
the situation but said he couldn't talk about it. The conversation then
got smutty as Cena admitted that he'd watched the Chyna-Waltman sex tape
and said it was powerful in a bad way. "I burnt my clothes and cried in
the shower after that," he joked. You can listen to the interview online

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