WWE Velocity Report (05/14/05) Taped in Reading, Pennsylvania

WWE Velocity Report-14th May 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators 'Sicknote' Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Welcome aboard everyone, it's the weekend and it's time for Velocity so let's get to the action which begins this week with.........................

Rene Dupree vs Shannon Moore
It looks like Fifi is no more as Rene is greeted with chants of USA. Rene backs Moore to the corner amidst more USA chants and mockingly pats his face before backing off and posing to boos. Lockup, Moore with a quick schoolboy gets two and now it's Moore's turn to pat the face of Dupree. A pissed Dupree boots Moore, clubs him down and unloads with stomps before throwing him through the ropes. Dupree goes out boots Moore again lands a punch and a chop and throws him back in. Dupree jawjacks with the crowd, gets back in, Moore retaliates with punches, Moore runs the ropes and into a spinebuster by Dupree. Dupree places Moore's head back down and breaks into the French Tickler before coming off the ropes with a fistdrop for a two count. Dupree goes for a powerbomb but Shannon lands punches and counters into a seated senton for two. Dupree kicks Moore, Dupree bounces Moore off the ropes, Moore ducks and comes back with a flying forearm. Moore fires up, clothesline, boot to the gut, Moore mocks the French Tickler before coming off the ropes and hitting a throwback which gets him a two count and Moore can't believe it. Dupree charges Moore into the corner and places him on the second rope. Moore counters a punch and swats Dupree away with his boot. Moore climbs to the top and connects with a headscissors and gets another two count. Moore leaps onto the second rope and jumps off but he lands across Dupree's draped knee. Dupree picks up Moore and delivers the Dupree Driver. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RENE DUPREE.

Still to come Orlando Jordan vs Scotty 2 Hotty.

Up next Eddie Guerrero's speech from SmackDown!

SmackDown! UK Summer Bash promo airs. WWE.Com for details.

Eddie Guerrero addresses Rey Mysterio on SmackDown! No-one will steal his Latino Heat anymore. Eddie advises Rey against returning as he doesn't want to take his kids Papa away from them. Eddie has Rey's blood on his hands now but at Judgment day Eddie will have Rey's life. Powerful speech. Match graphic is shown and hyped.

Judgment Day 'I Quit' promo airs.


Billy Kidman & Akio vs Nunzio & Mark Jindrak
Jindrak starts off with Kidman. Lockup leads to Jindrak shoving Kidman down. Kidman ducks his head outside before locking back up. Jindrak backs Kidman to the corner, Jindrak offers a clean break but Kidman boots him and scores with punches. Jindrak reverses into the ropes, Kidman ducks underneath, Jindrak dropkicks him down and tags in Nunzio. Jindrak bounces Kidman off the ropes and boots him in the gut as Nunzio comes off the ropes and connects with a twisting neckbreaker. Nunzio covers for a one count and picks up Kidman who responds by driving Nunzio into his corner before tagging in Akio. Nunzio boots Akio away, clubs Kidman, backelbows Akio, clubs Kidman again, Nunzio charges Akio and hits a beautiful tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Nunzio crawls into a cover which gets two. Nunzio picks up Akio but is too close to Kidman who grabs Nunzio from the apron and holds him wide open. Akio runs the ropes but Nunzio moves and Akio sends Kidman flying. Nunzio quickly scores with a schoolboy for two then a small package for one and Akio wisely rolls to the outside. Nunzio goes out and gives chase but he runs into Kidman who picks up Nunzio and drives him into the guardrail before throwing him back in where Akio covers for a nearfall. Akio hits a suplex, scores another nearfall. Akio tags in Kidman and grips Nunzio's arm. Akio stomps on it then Kidman takes over stomping Nunzio before picking him up and slamming him back down. Kidman covers for a nearfall, Kidman applies a chinlock and wedges his knee into Nunzio's back. Jindrak and the crowd get behind Nunzio who rallies by getting to a vertical base and elbowing free. Nunzio runs the ropes and surprises Kidman with a sunset flip but it only gets two and Kidman quickly kills Nunzio's momentum by hitting him with a dropkick. Nunzio is flat out with his feet behind his head. Kidman covers but Nunzio manages to stay alive and gets out at two. Nunzio tries to crawl into a tag and Kidman teases Nunzio by letting him inch to his corner whilst talking trash. Kidman stops to knock Jindrak off the apron, Jindrak takes the bait and tries to get in causing the referee to turn his back allowing Kidman to drag Nunzio to his corner by the leg where he is double teamed by stomps from Kidman and Akio. Kidman gets another nearfall, Nunzio with a punch, Kidman boots him, gets him to his feet, Kidman delivers a forearm, Nunzio drops into the bottom rope. Kidman picks him up and places him on the second rope. Kidman goes up, Nunzio knees him in the gut, Kidman drops down and Nunzio connects with the Sicilian Slice and both men are down. The referee lays on the count, Kidman tags out at five and Nunzio follows thereafter then lies down in his corner. Akio begs for mercy, Jindrak clotheslines him down twice. Jindrak with a boot to the gut delivers a delayed double underhook shoulderbreaker onto his knee. Jindrak bounces Akio off the ropes into his customary big backbodydrop bump. Jindrak goes to pick up Akio, Kidman comes from behind turns Jindark around, Jindrak boots Kidman, drives his head into the top turnbuckle, Irish whips Akio into Kidman and backs up as the fallen Nunzio slithers out of the way. Jindrak charges and hits a cross body in the corner. Jindrak lands on the apron, gets back in and calls for the left hook. Jindrak measures Akio who gets up and unknowingly walks into Jindrak and gets smacked with the left hook. Jindrak covers but Kidman breaks it up at one with a boot to Jindrak's back. Kidman kicks and punches Jindrak into the corner. Kidman drives his head into Jindrak's gut but Nunzio is now recovered and back up and he clubs Kidman in the back before depositing him over the top rope. However Akio from behind attacks Nunzio with punches to the back but Nunzio reverses an Irish whip and Akio eats a Jindrak elbow. Nunzio delivers a baseball slide to Kidman as Jindrak blindly leaps to the top rope and springs off hitting Akio with a clothesline. Jindrak into a cover. 1-2-3. Good match. Here Are Your Winners: NUNZIO & MARK JINDRAK. Post match Nunzio leaps onto Jindrak to celebrate as Steve and Josh speculate on a new tag team combo.

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Don't Try This At Home.

JBL vows to bust John Cena open and make him say I Quit at Judgment Day. Cue John Cena and a brawl ensues. The Cabinet ambush Cena and the SmackDown! lockerroom empties to separate the two. Judgment Day match graphic and hype is shown followed by Kurt Angle vs Booker T graphic and hype.


The Basham Brothers vs Joel & Jose Maximo (Los Maximos/SATs)
Second Velocity appearance in a row for Los Maximos and a rematch from about two yaers ago. Let's see if Los Maximos can avenge that loss and squash last week courtesy of The Big Show. Doug takes Jose to school to start with a series of takedowns resulting in Doug rolling Jose onto the apron and pushing him outside with his boot. Doug plays to the crowd as Jose gets up, quickly goes to the top rope and surprises Doug with a cross body. Jose applies a side headlock, Doug sends him to the corner then rolls to the mat and gets free. Jose gets up, Danny throws him down by the hair. Doug stomps Jose, tags out, Doug holds Jose for a Danny boot, Danny picks up Jose, clubs him down and pulls his hair as he wedges his boot in his chest. Jose tags in Joel but Danny punches him down before he can even get in. Danny delivers a back suplex and drops an elbow off the ropes. Danny stomps Joel with a big smile on his face. Danny poses with the Cabinet horns, Joel gets a punch in, Danny resumes his concentration and goes for a slam but Joel slips behind and unloads on Danny with punches and chops. Danny reverses into the ropes, Joel tries to counter a hiptoss attempt, Danny clotheslines him down. Doug tags in, Danny holds Joel open for Doug's knife edge chops. Doug stomps Joel, hoists Joel's leg up and delivers a backdrop. Doug taunts Jose who gets in and distracts the referee. This allows both Bashams to punish Joel with a boston crab/camel clutch at the same time. The referee turns and Danny is the Basham that stays in, hey no tag made there. Danny stalks Joel before stomping him and tagging in Doug. Danny stomps Joel again before Doug holds Joel's head and lands clubbing blows. Doug clubs him to the mat, picks him up, executes a side russian legsweep and cinches in a combination of a headscissors and abdominal stretch. Joel looks ready to tap but Jose comes in and breaks it up by stomping on Doug. Doug gets up, charges and hits Joel in the back with a high knee but that sends Joel into his corner and he is able to make the tag. Jose comes in and immediately drives his head into Doug's midsection. Jose ducks under Doug's swing attempt and charges into Danny who punches him and Doug quickly takes advantage by nailing Jose with a leg lariat and covering for the 1-2-3. That was out of the blue but nevertheless, Here Are Your Winners: THE BASHAM BROTHERS.

Up next Booker T vs Kurt Angle from SmackDown!

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Judgment Day promo airs.

Kurt Angle goes to a no-contest with Booker T on SmackDown! after he runs backstage to bully Sharmell then ambush Booker with a brutal attack.


Orlando Jordan vs Scotty 2 Hotty
Main event time but it's a non-title match. Can the cabinet go 2-0 on Velocity this week? I hope Scotty wins as Orlando is the pits and the worst US Champion in history. Orlando has a new entrance theme and titantron for anyone that cares. Both circle one another and a Scotty chant breaks out to which Scotty takes a bow and salutes. Scotty locks up with Orlando, Orlando armdrags Scotty. Scotty is down in the corner and Orlando takes a bow which gets booed. Orlando with a double leg takedown, eventually grabs Scotty in a front facelock. Orlando with a side headlock, Scotty forces him off the ropes, Orlando comes back with a shouldertackle to put Scotty down. Orlando with a Cabinet horn pose runs the ropes, steps over Scotty, Scotty recovers to hit a hiptoss and another one. Scotty mocks the Cabinet horns and prances round before throwing some shapes, ducking a charging Orlando and booting him in the gut. Scotty throws Orlando into the ropes, but Orlando hangs in the ropes and Scotty's crescent kick attempt meets air. Scotty charges Orlando, but slides underneath to the outside, trips Orlando, Scotty on the apron, drives his head into Orlando's midsection. Scotty flips back in over Orlando, Scotty runs the ropes and catches Orlando in a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Scotty fires up as Orlando cowers to the corner on his backside. Scotty mounts Orlando, Orlando places him back down, Scotty charges but Orlando moves and Scotty lands shoulderfirst into the ringpost. Orlando takes advantage by wrapping the arm round the top rope and applying pressure. Orlando takes down Scotty with an armwringer and works a wristlock into an armbar. Scotty gets to his feet, punches free no Orlando knees him in the gut. Orlando punches Scotty, Scotty punches back, Orlando reverses into the ropes, Scotty nails a flying forearm and finds his second wind. Scotty with a backbodydrop, Irish whip, Scotty charges into an elbow, Orlando charges, Scotty ducks and hits Orlando on the way back with a crescent kick. Both men are down. The referee lays on the count, Orlando uses the ropes to help him up while Scotty nips up at seven. Scotty goes for the bulldog off the ropes but Orlando nails him with a clothesline. Orlando picks up Scotty and delivers a flatliner and covers for the 1-2-3. What? No Worm. Oh well. Here is Your Winner: ORLANDO JORDAN.

Josh shills for SmackDown! before Steve plugs Judgment Day and signs off. End of Show. Keep it here for Heat. Shaun.

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