WWE RAW Report (05/16/05) - Omaha, Nebraska

WWE RAW Report
May 16th, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
Report By: Prime Time & Rajah.com

Muhammed Hassan & Khosrow Daivari vs. Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin
-Match starts off with all four men in the ring. Jericho and Benjamin clothesline both Hassan and Daivari to the outside and perform stereo crossbodies to the outside. Hassan takes control of the match with some assistance from Daivari. Both men continue to work over Benjamin until Benjamin makes the hot tag to Jericho. Jericho gains control of Hassan and attempts the Walls of Jericho. Daivari distracts Jericho and Hassan hits his modified STO for the win.
Winners: Muhammed Hassan & Khosrow Daivari

-Benoit and Tajiri are shown backstage talking about how they both received calls from Paul Heyman to participate in the One Night Stand PPV. Benoit then asks Tajiri for a match later tonight with ECW Rules. Regal comes in and tries to convince Tajiri not to participate, which does not work.

-Footage is shown of Triple H walking out of RAW last week.

-Bischoff is shown talking to someone when Coach tries to interrupt and tell him about the ECW Rules match. Bischoff tells Coach that he's in a meeting. The camera pans out and Flair is shown. Flair tells Bischoff that he needs to call Triple H to come back to RAW. Bischoff tells Flair that he's the GM and if Triple H wants to come back, he'll have to call him. Bischoff then tells Flair to handle that and Flair storms off. Upon exiting Bischoff's office, Flair comes across Batista. Flair tells Batista that this is all his fault and that he owes Triple H. Batista then tells Flair it's not his or even Flair's fault, it's Triple H's fault. He then tells Flair that he doesn't owe Triple H, he owes Flair because he started off with him. Batista gives Flair a tribute and attempts a "Wooo." Flair responds with a "Wooo" of his own and walks off with a grin.

Christian vs. Ric Flair
-Christian takes down Flair earlier with a shoulder block and mocks Flair with a strut of his own. Flair gets clotheslined to the outside and Tomko makes his presence felt by ramming Flair into the ring. Flair gains control with a few chops and attempts a figure four leg lock. Tomko intervenes and breaks the hold with a straight right hand to the head of Flair. Christian rolls up Flair and tries to get the three using the ropes but the ref catches him. Flair counters and uses the ropes as well as the tights to get the win. After the match, Tomko and Christian attack Flair, until Batista makes the save. Batista powerbombs both Christian and Tomko and leaves as Flair makes his way back to his to feet and looks on.
Winner: Ric Flair

-Lita and Christy Hemme are shown talking backstage when Edge interrupts them. Edge tells Lita to tell her husband Kane that what he did HBK will be nothing compared to what he will do to Kane, bank on that.

-Christian and Tomko are shown backstage questioning why Batista inteferred. Maria interrupts the two and asks Christian if he's hurt. Christian tells her he is hurt and tells her to get lost. Christian then tells Tomko that it's not over with Batista.

-Chris Masters comes out for the Masterlock Challenge. He's offering $6000 and plain ticket to anywhere in the US if a person can break out of the Masterlock. A random kid is selected and Masters makes quick work of the kid. Afterwards, Stevie Richards attacks Chris Masters from behind. Richards grabs a chair and Masters retreats.

-Edge is shown backstage getting ready for his match when a hand comes out of nowhere and begins to choke Edge. The hand is revealed to be Kane's and he tells Edge that whatever happens in the ring, happens in the ring, but Edge says anything to his wife again, he'll end him. Bank on that!

ECW Rules Match
Tajiri vs. Chris Benoit
-Numerous objects are located around the ring as Benoit makes his way out first, followed by Tajiri. Tajiri starts off the offense with a Tarantula. Benoit counters an attempt baseball slide by slamming Tajiri's head into the steel steps. Benoit then pulls out a ladder and tosses it into the ring. Benoit places Tajiri on a table that was setup on the outside and sets up the later close to the ropes. Benoit signals for a flying headbutt, but Coach interrupts and tells the ref to stop the match. He proceeds to tell Benoit that Bischoff has been informed and they should listen up. Bischoff then makes his way out and tells them that he is officially ending this match. He then continues that he never sanctioned any ECW match and he never will because ECW is garbage. Bischoff then bans ECW from RAW, not allowing it to be chanted by the fans, not allowing it to be discussed backstage, not allowing any ECW signs either. He then states that he is banning an RAW superstar from participating at the ECW PPV. He says that the only way RAW superstars will take part in the PPV, is when he personally shows up at the PPV with a hand picked group of wrestlers and they will end ECW once and for all.
Winner: No Contest

Lingerie Pillow Fight
Christy Hemme vs. Candice Michelle
-Pretty much your standard pillow fight. Christy climbs on the top of the bed but Candice attacks her by tipping the bed over. Christy tumbles to the outside and Candice persues her. A few pillow shots later, Christy gets the win with a roll up. The two hug and bounce around the ring until Viscera interrupts. Big Vis tells them that this pillow fight turned him on. The two ladies run off scared to the back. Vis then states that there is one thing that really turns him on and that's Lilian Garcia. He then tells her he sees three things, himself, Lilian and a plush bed. Big Vis says there's one thing missing, he goes over to an attractive female fan, makes out with her and then jacks her cotton candy. He gets Lilian to accompany him in the ring and gets her to spruce up the bed a bit with some more pillows and proceeds to make himself more comfortable on the bed. Vis asks Lilian to join him on the bed and offers her some cotton candy that he licked. He then gets the lights dimmed and some music turned on. Vis starts to sing some Barry White which is quite good. Big Vis presents Lilian with a key to his hotel room.

-Backstage, Lita asks Kane whether he thinks it's a good idea for her to come to ringside. Kane tells Lita that Edge won't be bothering her anymore. Lita responds by telling Kane that that is where she wants to be, to watch Kane beat Edge and then Batista next week. They proceed to make out as we cut to a commercial.

-A recap of the Gold Rush tournament is shown.

-Benjamin comes up to Jericho and asks him if he's ok. Jericho then tells Benjamin that losing a wrestling match is no big deal with all the other stuff he does. Jericho then offers Benjamin tickets to the next Fozzy concert and tells him he's not worried about losing a match.

World Tag Team Title Match
Simon Dean & Maven vs. The Hurricane & Rosey
-The Hurricane and Rosey are accompanied to the ring by Stacy Keibler who is now a super hero too. Rosey and Maven start the match off for their respective teams. Rosey and Hurricane hit a good double team move for the early advantage. Maven gains control with a helpful distraction from Dean. Maven and Dean both take turns dominating the Hurricane. Hurricane recovers and makes the tag to Rosey after delivering a clothesline to Dean. Rosey and Hurricane execute an Eye of the Hurricane/Side Slam double team move for the win.
Winners: The Hurricane & Rosey

-Pictures of some of the RAW diva hopefuls.

-Randy Orton makes a surprise appearance to a suprisingly strong ovation. Orton starts off stating that he's sick and tired of the questions regarding the draft. Orton then states that he is not eligible to be drafted because he is hurt. He is on the injured list because of two men, Batista and the Undertaker. Orton says that Taker will pull some strings to stay on Smackdown! because he does not want to face Orton again. Orton then tells Batista to keep the title because when he comes back, Orton will take the title and be champ on RAW. Vince McMahon's music hits and out comes Vinnie Mac strutting like only Vinnie Mac can. McMahon asks Orton what happened to him because Orton looks like he's on an aneroxic diet. Orton defends himself saying that he had shoulder surgery and can't work out. McMahon proceeds to tell Orton that anyone under contract is eligible for the draft, including superstars on the injured list and current champions. Orton tells Vince to be careful who he's talking to because he is the future of the business. Orton then demands to know when the draft is. McMahon tells Orton to take the bass out of his voice because either way, he will be wrestling in one of his rings. Mr. McMahon announces that the draft starts in three weeks in St. Louis, but it won't be just one night, rather an entire month of draft picks. McMahon tells Orton that he could be making history right now because it could be the last time he's in a RAW ring.

Gold Rush Finals
Edge vs. Kane
-Kane gains the early advantage after delivering a big boot to Edge. Batista is shown backstage watching the match. Edge tries to whip Kane into the ropes, but Kane overpowers Edge and tosses him over the top rope. Kane drops Edge neck first onto the barricade on the outside. With the ref bumped to the ground, Edge gains control with a low blow. Kane is sent to the outside of the ring as we cut to commercial. As we return, Edge has Kane in a leg lock type submission hold. Edge continues to work on the knee area of Kane. Edge attempts a double axe handle from the top rope, but Kane catches him with an uppercut. Edge regains control after hitting the Edge-O-Matic. Kane counters a spear attempt and goes for a chokeslam, which Edge escapes with a rake of the eyes. Edge hits the Edge-cution, but Kane kicks out. The ref inadvertently gets knocked out and Edge hits the spear, but there is no ref to count the three. Edge grabs the briefcase, but Kane counters with a big boot. The briefcase ends up with Lita and she signals to Kane to finish of Edge. As Kane is climbing the top rope, Lita tosses the briefcase back to Edge. Edge hits Kane with the briefcase as he attempted a top rope clothesline for the win. After the match, Edge and Lita kiss as Kane watches from the ring.
Winner: Edge