WWE Byte This! Recap (5/25/05) - Guest: Steve Austin

Byte This Recap
May 25, 2005
By Kris Hayes (StoneColdWrestling.cjb.net), rajah.com reader

The show opened with a clip from the Shawn Michaels vs Triple H - Hell in a
Cell match from Bad Blood 2004.

Mark Lloyd & Steve Romero welcomed everyone and said Steve Austin and Droz
will be on the show. They briefly discussed Triple H challenging Batista to
a HIAC match. Lloyd said Batista seems to have won the recent battles in his
feud with Triple H but The Game may win the war. Romero said the
sledgehammer shots Batista took this past week on RAW were horrible. They
both agreed Flair is undoubtedly the dirtest player in the game and can't be

The hosts mentioned there was an Adam Sandler autographed Longest Yard
football to be given away on the show plus a prize pack including another
football (not autographed) and Wrestlemania 21 DVD.

They briefly discussed current WWE storylines. On RAW it looked like Edge
was gonna pick up the win over Batista but thanks to Flair it didn't happen.
They mention Batista retained his title and Edge is obviously devastated
about his loss. Talk turned to Smackdown and Romero said Judgment Day was
the best Smackdown pay per view he's seen since joining the WWE. He said JBL
gave Cena everything he had and Cena deserves credit for taking it all and
still being the champ. Romero said JBL probably didn't really quit even
though he said it. They talked a bit about Carlito vs Big Show and Guerrero
vs Mysterio and how the cruiserweight match was hot.

An ECW One Night Stand advertisement was played as well as a promo for
Cena's "You Can't See Me" album. The first of several Longest Yard trailers
was also played.

Droz called in and they discussed his pay per view picks. Droz said he
always knew Eddie had a screw loose. He commented on the Judgment Day main
event and said he would've needed a transfusion if he lost as much blood as
JBL & Cena did. Droz said he's shocked that JBL said "I Quit" but after Cena
went through that match he's a true champion and was quick to add "not that
he wasn't before". Droz went on to say he was happy to see Booker T beat
Kurt Angle because Angle's "out of control" right now. They discussed RAW
also and Droz said there isn't two better guys [than Triple H & Batista] to
do HIAC. Droz said he's looking forward to seeing a bunch of [wrestling]
guys in the Longest Yard which he's gonna see next week.

Trivia Question: Stone Cold had a recurring role as a Detective on what CBS
drama? Raphael from Texas phoned in and gave the correct answer which was
Nash Bridges. He won the WWE prize pack. While he was on the line he
mentioned he's a big Austin fan and is from a part of Texas not too far from
Victoria, where Austin was born.

They played Steve Austin's Gladiator trailer from Wrestlemania 21.

Steve phoned in and talk turns immediately to the Longest Yard. He said he
had a good time making the film and it was a lot of fun. He said he spent a
lot of time sitting around with the football guys drinking beer and swapping
stories. Austin mentioned he was travelling partners with Kevin Nash in the
past so it was good to work on this with him. When asked if hed seen the
original movie he said "only about 10 times". Austin mentioned a lot of
younger people wouldn't remember the original but he's a huge Burt Reynolds
fan and loved it. Austin said he's a big Adam Sandler fan also and he's put
a good spin on the remake. He also mentioned Chris Rock was a good help with
lines and was very easy to get along with.

Stone Cold briefly mentioned NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski who was also in
the movie. He said he hung out with him a fair bit and while he's kinda
quiet and reserved generally, on the field he's a head-hunter. He said
Romanowski is a monster and compared what he does on the field with what
Austin himself used to do in the ring.

Lloyd asked Austin whether his experiences with real life football in his
younger days were far removed from the experience of "television football".
Austin said choreographed football is a whole different ball game.

Steve was asked if spent much time with his former WWE ally, Bill Goldberg
during filming. Austin replied that Goldberg had his girlfriend out with him
so not really but he's got some pretty funny parts in the movie and he hopes
it puts a new spin on a man who's often been considered one-dimensional in
the wrestling world. He also mentioned Goldberg has played pro-football in
the past and is very physical.

Austin was asked what was hardest about making the flim. Austin said his
part in the movie was small and easy and he was basically hanging out
getting a good sun tan.

Talk turned to Steve's WWE movies. He says The Condemned is due to start
filming this fall. He said the small part in the Longest Yard was fine and
he hopes it does very well at the box office but his focus is on being the
main man in his own film. He says he likes being the lead dog and having the
spotlight on him so that's why he's doing these films. Austin talked about
making the jump from wrestling to movies and he said he's got a long way to
go before he gets to where he wants to be in the movie industry. He said
he's full of confidence but he'll take his time and take it as it comes.

They took a call from Benny in New Jersey and he wanted to know if Austin
intends to do a movie with The Rock and if so what type of movie? Steve said
he doesn't know but he's sure The Rock's pretty busy and got his plate full.
He said if the right time and opportunity came he'd do it. He said he's not
sure about an action film because he wants to do what is comfortable for him
and the fans.

Romero said everyone in Hollywood was impressed with the Wrestlemania 21
trailers and the superstars who took part in making them. Steve said the
acting is pretty similar to what they do in the ring anyway and their timing
is important and has to be good. Austin said he saw them all and if he
thought one of them sucked he'd say so, but they didn't.

Austin discussed touring with Smackdown in the UK soon and said he's excited
because he's been injured and out of the game a lot of the previous times
they've worked there. He said there's a show in Dublin which will take place
in a 40,000 seat arena and he's gonna have a blast doing it. He's looking
forward to getting back on the road with the guys.

Austin talked about Wrestlemania being the biggest show of the year and
everyone busts their asses to work it. He said he's followed Piper for a
long time and it was fun to watch him be so funny at the hall of fame
ceremony the night before Wrestlemania. He mentioned the angle at
Wrestlemania was thrown together at the last minute and in the end it could
have been better, however it was positive and fun to do the segment with a
legend like Piper.

Austin being Punk'd comes up and he said he was suspicious because he was a
frequent visitor to the restaurant and didn't recognise some of the people
who were involved that night. Austin said if anyone got punked it was the
punk trying to punk him.

Austin wrapped up his call by saying the Longest Yard is a hell of a remake
and has an all-star cast and people should see it just because he's in it.
He mentioned Nelly being in the film and Burt Reynolds in a new role. He
said the film stays close to the original script but its jazzed up and has a
lot of very good football action.

Second trivia question: Which cast member of the Longest Yard also appeared
as a guest ring announcer at Wrestlemania 10? Rodney from Texas answers Burt
Reynolds and wins the autographed football.

Lloyd says the Longest Yard is out Friday and mentioned tickets are on sale
now for the UK shows featuring Steve Austin.

Also right now fans can send your photo into WWE.com and become
Heidenreich's friend.

Next week on Byte This: Tommy Dreamer, Christian and Rob Van Dam.