Goldberg Speaks On Wanting A Match With Austin, & More

Thanks to Brian Washington for sending in the following radio interview recap:

Former WCW and WWE Raw world heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg called into the McDonnell/Douglas Show on ESPN Radio 710 AM to promote the remake of "The Longest Yard" as well as his upcoming show on the History Channel, Automaniac.

Goldberg said he really enjoyed working on the film and that it was a pleasure to work with his buddy "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as well as Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and former football greats Bill Romanowski, Brian Bosworth and Michael Ervin. He said that making the film was a great experience and that a lot of the hitting pretty much was real and the really big ones probably would wind up on the outtakes section of the DVD. He also talked about the fact that star Adam Sandler gave the cast barbecues and that Goldberg auctioned his off on E-Bay and gave the proceeds to charity. It was at that point that Joe informed "Da Man" that he was the one who purchased it, which he thanked him for.

The conversation then turned to Goldberg's recent marriage. He said that he met his wife on the set of the film "Santa's Sleigh". He said that they began dating and eventually they fell in love and married.

Joe then asked about what his plans were as far as wrestling. He admitted that he was pretty much soured on the business after his WWE experience, but if he received the right offer he would return. He also popped hard for Austin by saying that it was an honor to at least stand in the ring with him and that he would have loved to have worked a match with his buddy. However, he said that match is highly unlikely due to Austin's continuing neck problems and that taking the spear would probably do a lot more damage. He also said that he currently weighs 270 lbs., which is the lightest he has weighed in quite some time.

Doug Kirkorian then brought up Goldberg's participation in the Long Beach Grand Prix's Pro/Celebrity race. He pretty much talked about how he was just a few tenths of a second away from taking the pole and how during the race he crashed. He also jokingly referred to the car punching incident that resulted in his breaking his arm.

Joe and Doug also brought up the fact that it was on their show that Goldberg broke the news that his deal with AOL/Time Warner had ended and that he was pretty much in negotiations with WWE. They then jokingly asked him if he had any more news that he was willing to break. He then laughed and said that he didn't, but that he did have their number and that if anything did come up that they would be the first to know.

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