Full Roster List For THQ's WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 Video Game

Credit: Ian Hamilton

IGN.com has posted the list of characters that will be included in THQ's upcoming WWE Day of Reckoning 2 game for the Nintendo GameCube (scheduled to be released this fall). While the roster is improved on the last WWE effort for the GameCube, there are still some notable omissions, including Carlito, Chris Masters, Heidenreich, Paul London and Muhammad Hassan, although Gene Snitsky makes his WWE video game debut.

The roster:

01. Batista
02. Chris Benoit
03. Chris Jericho
04. Christian
05. Edge
06. Eugene
07. Gene Snitsky
08. The Hurricane
09. Kane
10. Randy Orton
11. Ric Flair
12. Shawn Michaels
13. Shelton Benjamin
14. Tajiri
15. Triple H
16. William Regal

01. Big Show
02. Booker T
03. Bubba Ray Dudley
04. Charlie Haas
05. Chavo Guerrero
06. Danny Basham
07. Doug Basham
08. D-Von Dudley
09. Eddie Guerrero
10. JBL
11. John Cena
12. Kurt Angle
13. Rene Dupree
14. Rey Mysterio
15. Rob Van Dam
16. Spike Dudley
17. Undertaker

01. Christy Hemme
02. Lita
03. Stacy Keibler
04. Torrie Wilson
05. Trish Stratus
06. Victoria

01. Bret Hart
02. Hulk Hogan
03. Mankind
04. The Rock
05. Steve Austin

As you'll notice, the Legends are a bit lightweight this year - compared to previous games which have included Andre The Giant, Sgt Slaughter and LOD.

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