Regal Talks On Excessive Drug Usage, Austin On Bret Hart & Lots More


Steve Austin was on WCCO radio in Minnesota on Friday. He said Bret Hart was his favorite opponent, Ric Flair was the toughest in terms of enduring wrestling's grind for so many years, and Harley Race was probably the toughest wrestler, period. He was promoting "The Longest Yard" during the interview and said he's really looking forward to his WWE Films projects where he will have starring roles rather than just supporting roles. [Thanks: Erik G]

William Regal told the UK Sun: "I was shooting stuff up and swallowing stupid amounts of anything and it all seemed quite normal. It was everybody else who was wrong. I was just lucky nobody gave me any crack or any heroin, as I would have done it. There is no doubt in my mind about that. You just can't make sense of that kind of stuff. I've paid for it health-wise but it could have been a lot worse. I should be dead. Although I've never physically abused my family - I don't believe in hitting women or children - I did put them through a lot of abuse. I was so drugged up all the time, stumbling around the house and never around for them." This is a very intersting read which you can check out here.

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