WWE Smackdown ! *Spoilers* (6/14/05) - Hershey, Pennsylvania

Report by: pwinsider.com

JBL did a promo ripping on ECW. He tore them up on the mic, kind of like last week.

Chris Benoit pinned Doug Basham. After the match, JBL, Orlando Jordan and Danny Basham attacked Benoit. The lights went out Undertaker came out and made the save. JBL ran down Taker for getting involved. Teddy Long came out and said that JBL would take on the Undertaker tonight in a No DQ match. There was a huge reaction for Undertaker.

Eddie Guerrero beat Paul London with a Sharpshooter. After the match, Rey Mysterio came out with a chair and went after Eddie. They brawled to the back. London got some offense in, but not a lot.

After a long delay, where nothing happened, Guerrero was chased back to the ring by Rey. Rey laid out Eddie with a chair to the head. He then got pulled off Eddie by the refs. Sounds like they were doing some kind of re-shoot of the angle from the previous match.

Eddie and Rey were shown on the Titantron fighting in the back. They were separated by an electric gate or fence so they couldn't get at each other.

They did a backstage skit where the Cabinet teased dissention. The Bashams then quit the cabinet.

In Carlito's Cabana, Carlito interviewed Booker T and Sharmell. Carlito said that Sharmell could get drafted to Raw, which would hurt their marriage. Booker then attacked Carlito. Sharmell and Booker threw apples at Carlito.

Big Show beat Matt Morgan by DQ when Carlito hit Show with a chair. Morgan tried to put Show through the announcer's table, but couldn't do it. Show then put Morgan through the table.

Orlando Jordan, by himself, pinned Bob Holly using the ropes for leverage, to retain the US Title.

Heidenreich came out to the ring. He did a poetry reading. The Divas came out and interrupted him. Then MNM came out. Melina shot on the Divas. Melina got into it with one of the Divas. Heidenreich tried to pull them apart and was laid out by MNM.

JBL came to the ring with Orlando for his match with Taker. Before the match, Chris Benoit came down to the ring and brawled to the back with Orlando, leaving JBL alone. Taker and JBL brawled all around the building. JBL was on the offensive for a while, choking Taker with electrical tape. Taker came back and was about to win with a tombstone when Randy Orton ran down and hit the RKO on Taker. JBL then got the pin.

Randy Orton then took the mic and ran down The Undertaker on the mic, and then announced he was the draft pick and was coming to Smackdown.

After the taping ended, JBL and Orlando came out and beat on Undertaker. Benoit came down and the four began fighting. The faces got the upper hand and laid out the faces.

If there was any follow up of the ECW PPV, it will have to be in vignettes. All we got tonight was JBL's lame promo.

Report by: Erik Beaston, rajah.com reader

-JBL and the Cabinet make their way out before the Smackdown opening and pyro. JBL runs down ECW, saying he took plenty of showers and went to many different spas to get the ECW stech off of him. He then turned his attention to Chris Benoit and told the Rabid Wolverine that there was only one Mr. Smackdown and that is JBL. Benoit answered and was set to face Doug Basham.

-Chris Benoit def. Doug Basham: A bit disappointing considering I heard about a pretty good OVW match between the two a couple years ago. Still solid.

-After the match, JBL and the rest of the Cabinet beat on Benoit until the lights go out and, when they come back on, Undertaker is standing behind everyone. he takes the entire Cabinet out before turning his attention towards JBL. Theodore Long makes his way out and signs a huge main event featuring Taker and JBL in a No Disqualification match.

-Footage from last week's show featuring Eddie Guerrero and Paul London is shown.

-Eddie Guerrero def. Paul London with a Texas Cloverleaf in a match that needed ten more minutes and more London offense. After the match, Rey Mysterio attempts an attack of Guerrero with a chair but Eddie takes off to the back after a brawl between the two is broken up by the referees and Fit Finley.

-After a LONG period of wait, Mysterio chases Guerrero back to the ring and floors him with a bunch of chair shots.Referees and Finley separate again. Soon after, the two are backstage fighting, with Eddie sneaking away after locking Mysterio in the garage.

-Carlito's Cabana took place with Booker T and Sharmell. Carlito told Booker and Sharmell that Sharmell could be drafted to Raw and be alone with Kurt Angle. He said their marriage could be ruined...and he thinks that's cool! Booker takes exception and fights Carlito out of the ring before throwing apples at Carlito.

-The Big Show def. Matt Morgan by disqualification when Carlito smacked the giant over the back with a steel chair. Afterwards, Morgan tried to put Show through a table but Show countered and put Morgan through with a choke slam.

-MARK OUT ALERT: Around this time, Psychosis and Super Crazy pull up chairs and sit right next to me. Awesome.

-US Champion Orlando Jordan, alone after the Bashams quit the Cabinet earlier in the show, beat Hardcore Holly to retain by holding the ropes.

-Heidenreich came out to a huge pop (when did he get so over?). He recites a DISASTERPIECE about Hershey before being interrupted by the Smackdown divas, sans Torrie Wilson. They all make innuendo in regards to Heidenreich's five pound chocolate bar before MNM and Melina interrupt. Melina says nobody cares about Hershey because M&M is where it's at. Anyway, after Michelle takes Melina out with a sweet spear, MNM double team Heidenreich and plant him with the Snapshot.

-Before the No DQ main event, Chris Benoit came out and took out Orlando Jordan, leaving things to be JBL vs. Undertaker, fair and square. The match was actually pretty decent compared to their anti-classics last year, and ended with the second SD draft pick. As Taker set up for the tombstone, Randy Orton came from the crowd and RKOed the Dead Man, allowing JBL to pick up the win. Afterwards, Orton told the crowd he was officially Smackdown.

-After the cameras stopped rolling, JBL and Jordan beat down Taker until Benoit made the save. Benoit and Taker then gave the crowd the happy ending and Tony Chimmel thanked us all for coming.

1. Undertaker
2. Chris Benoit
3. Orton's appearance

1. JBL
2. MNM
3. TIE- Sharmell and Carlito

Report by: Mark, rajah.com reader

Tazz and Col e make their way out – LARGE EC DUB Chants


JBL and the Cabinet made their way to the ring before the opening pyro – JBL
talked trash and stated he was the ONLY superstar on Smackdown. That drew a
look from Doug Basham.

Benoit came out for a match against Doug Basham –
Benoit gets the win, the Cabinet takes out Benoit for a bit until the lights
went out and the UNDERTAKER appeared. He beats up on the cabinet, JBL fleas to
the ramp – Teddy Long comes out and states there will be a No DQ match tonight – JBL vs. The Undertaker. Mad pops for Taker.

Next is Eddie vs. Paul London – Eddie I think gets the win when Rey runs in
and tries to hit Eddie with a chair. Eddie dodges a few times until the refs
break it up.

We had a LOOOOOONG break at this put to which prompts the dude to shoot
shirts into the crowd… then followed by Rey/Eddie re-shooting their spot and this
time Rey knocking the crap out of Eddie with the chair.

Shoot to backstage the Bashams quit the Cabinet.

Another Rey/Eddie brawl in the back – Rey tires to lock Eddie in a container
buts gets locked in by Eddie.

Next weeks Main Event – Eddie vs. Rey.

Carlito’s Cabana with Booker T and Sharmel – Very Funny stuff. Stuff about
Hershey and how the draft could split T and Sharm up which could possibly put
her on Raw with Kurt. That’s Cool. Booker and Sharmel then beat up on
Carlito and kick him from the ring tossing apples at him.

Next Matt Morgan faces Big Show – Carlito Interferes for the DQ Big Show
chokeslams Morgan on the Announce table.

Jordan vs. Holly for U.S. Title – OJ with the cheat to win – no help.
Heidenriech segment, he is joined by some divas until MNM make their way out
– one diva pounces on Melina and Mercury and Nitro then beat up Heidenriech.

JBL beats Taker in a no DQ match when new Smackdown DRAFT PICK ----- RANDY
ORTON rko’s Taker.

The special match was announced as JBL and OJ to face Cena, but they just
had another match with Taker.

Great show, big surprises.
Biggest Pops
MNM – destroying the divas and the german