WWE News: Batista Goes Over Cena, JBL To Go Unpunished & More News

Credit: PWInsider.com

In an interesting note, it seems WWE has given Batista billing over John Cena on the RAW Superstars page on WWE.com. Batista is listed at the top of the page as World Champion, while John Cena is beneath him as WWE Champion.

In addition to ECW.com going to WWE's One Night Stand page, www.ecfnw.com does as well. [Thanks: John G]

The JBL/Meanie situation has not gone unnoticed by WWE. They actually have a picture of Meanie, post JBL, along with the other One Night Stand pictures. You can clearly see where he was opened back up. [Thanks: Nitin G]

To follow up on the JBL incident, he is likely to go unpunished by Vince McMahon for his actions at One Night Stand. McMahon is known to be fond of JBL, with the former Champion known to get people on his side.

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