Oratory Writer Search - Round Two

It's time for the moment that I'm sure a LOT of people have been waiting for! It's time to announce who made it on to the next round of the Oratory Writer Search. We got nearly a very good number of submissions, and we were extremely pleased with the turnout. There were a lot of good writers, and it was tough to narrow it down to the best 16.

There isn't some consolation prize we're going to give you here. For those of you who did not make it to the next round, please do not give up. There is still the old-fashioned way to make it to the main page of the Oratory (and Rajah.com now too, don't forget). Just sign up for our Forums at http://www.oratoryweb.net/oforums and post columns in the Reader's Columnist Corner. You will be able to get feedback directly from mainpagers like Matt Seagull, Scott Newman and The Maverick and you will only get better. Any mainpage columnist will tell you that they weren't as good as they are now when they first started out. If you're talented enough and work hard enough to improve, you WILL be on the main page. It's as simple as that. The proof is in the numbers. Of the 16 current writers that we have at the Oratory, eight of them got their through our Reader's Columnist Corner in the forums. Trust me, if you post in the RCC you'll get good feedback from people who know what they're doing and know how to help you become a better writer. So please, please do not give up, and sign up for the forums if you haven't done so already.

That being said, congratulations to the final 16! Here are their names in alphabetical order.

1. The Amerykan
2. Christian Balnius
3. James Deaux
4. The Devil's Advocate
5. Sharon Glencross
6. CMG
7. Nick Hall
8. Moose Matson
9. Enrique Molinero
10. George Nikolakakos
11. Sarah K
12. Mike Sawaryn
13. Kellen Scrivens
14. Slaying Mantis
15. Paul Stone
16. D.W.

These 16 have been notified by e-mail to submit a column for the second round. They have until July 12th at midnight to send us their submissions. That's two weeks. Same rules as before. From these sixteen, we will then knock the field down to 8, then 4 for the finals. From that, we will determine our NEW Oratory Writer.

Also in the coming weeks, after we receive the second round columns from these 16 individuals we will be posting their columns on a site (could be the Oratory main page or a sister site we create) that will be available for all of you to read. These will be their second columns, not their first ones.

Thank you to everybody who submitted, and congratulations to the 16 who moved on!

- The Oratory Writer Search Staff