The Shaun Selector-1st Poll Results

The Shaun Selector- 1st Poll Results
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

It's time for the results from the first edition of the Shaun Selector. Drumroll please as here they are:-

1)Texas Tornado vs Mr Perfect 14.5%
2)Million Dollar Team vs Dream Team 14.5%
3)1991 Royal Rumble Match 11%
4)1990 Royal Rumble Match 9.1%
5)Rockers vs Legion of Doom 9.1%
6)Mr Perfect vs Blue Blazer 7.3%
7)Ultimate Warriors vs Perfect Team 7.3%
8)The Rocket Owen Hart vs Skinner 7.3%
9)Demolition vs Colossal Connection 5.5%
10)Rockers vs Haku & Barbarian 3.6%
11)Big Boss Man vs Mountie 3.6%
12)Hart Foundation vs Rhythm & Blues 3.6%
13)1989 Royal Rumble Match 1.8%
14)Rockers/Bushwhackers vs Nasty Boys/Beverly Bros 1.8%

So there you have it. Thank you to everyone who voted and for the kind words. Thank you also to Rajah for letting me do this. I'm really looking forward to getting started. Some people have already e-mailed me requests which I have taken note of and I will be catering for those in the near future if they're not included in the next few selections. A new selections list will be posted every Sunday along with the previous weeks Poll Results with the actual recaps posted each Wednesday by the latest. Shaun.