The Shaun Selector-Results-Week 1

The Shaun Selector-Results-Week 1
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome everyone. Well here they are, the first batch of results from the Shaun Selector. Due to a tie in the first poll I have only recapped the top three matches. Normally it will be the top four but doing the next two aswell would have taken up too much time especially as one of the matches was another Rumble match. I'm sure you won't be disappointed though as the Royal Rumble 1991 has been done in detail and from now on it will be the top four matches I promise. So without further ado here's what you voted for:-

SummerSlam 1990 Mr Perfect w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan vs The Texas Tornado (Intercontinental Title)
This was Tornado's first big WWF match aside from a few squash match appearances. Both men get interview time before the bout. Perfect and Heenan both dismiss the Tornado. Perfect is asked why he has accepted a challenge less than 10 days ago for his title and has he ever prepared for a match on such short notice. Perfect being perfectly honest says he hasn't and being perfect has its problems because when you're a perfect champion challengers are few and far between. Everyone knows he's perfect in every way in regards to body, mind and record. Sean Mooney asks why Perfect's accepted the challenge when he knows so little about Tornado. Heenan stops Perfect and answers himself. If you've seen one you've seen 'em all. He has his head in the clouds and his feet aren't on the ground. A Texas Tornado never does any damage. You can spot one coming a mile away. Sure they may look ferocious but all they're really good for is kicking up some dust and turning over a few mobile homes in some hick trailer park on the panhandle. Perfect cuts in saying remember this nobody beats Mr Perfect with him and Heenan repeating nobody. Perfect enters the arena and now Tornado is with Mene Gene. Mene Gene opens saying Tornado is taking WWF by storm. Tornado says there are Tornado warnings in the SummerSlam but the only one Perfect needs to worry about is the one coming out of that black cloud hanging over his head right now. When it touches down in the ring it's going to destroy everything in its path. Perfect doesn't know much about the Texas Tornados. They're powerful, unpredictable, devastating and when the match is over and the Texas Tornado heads back up into the clouds he'll be taking with him the Intercontinental championship belt whewph. Mene Gene wraps it up. Howard Finkel introduces Perfect in the ring then the Tornado. Faceoff to start and Tornado removes his robe. Cue weasel chant by the crowd aimed at Heenan. Tornado watches out for Heenan and he and Perfect both talk a little trash. Tornado tries to sweep Perfect. Psyche out doesn't faze Perfect. Lockup, Tornado shoves Perfect to the corner. Perfect rolls out to Heenan. Perfect gets in. Lockup, armdrag by Perfect. Tornado back up still keeping an eye on Heenan. Lockup, hiptoss by Perfect. Perfect got some good advice off Heenan and both confer again as Heenan wipes Perfect's brow with his towel. Lockup Perfect backs Tornado to the corner. Chop, Irish whip reversal followed by a hiptoss and slam by Tornado. Clothesline takes Perfect to the outside. Heenan and Perfect decide Tornado got lucky. Perfect in Tornado still looks over at Heenan. Lockup, Tornado with an armwringer and punches, Tornado cranks the arm, wristlock, crank, punch. Tornado winds up Perfect who gets in a shot to the face to drop Tornado. Perfect stomps and punches. Tornado is up chop in the ropes punch, snapmare neckbreaker by Perfect. Tornado in the corner punch, Irish whip and into a sleeper by Perfect. Tornado tries to fight it, Perfect backs to the corner delivers 5 punches to the jaw then a punk out and slap to the face. Perfect continues to slap and punk Tornado out and talk trash. Perfect punches and turns as Tornado follows behind dazed but wait Tornado scores a double leg takedown and slingshots Perfect to the corner. Tornado cinches in a claw then delivers a spinning Tornado punch as Perfect leaps into the air and does a 360 to the mat. What a way to sell it. 1-2-3. New Champion. The place erupts as Tornado salutes the crowd and Perfect falls through the ropes staggering and in shock. Heenan argues outside with the referee as we see a replay of the finish and Perfect staggers to the back limping then kicking at his towel in frustration as Tornado rejoices in the ring. WWF play it up as a shock. Bobby Heenan storms in backstage and moans at the worst officiating in the world while bemoaning Texas Tornado breaking every rule. Mene Gene says don't cry. Heenan yells he isn't and warns not to get on his case as he'll knock him out the miserable.. Perfect cuts in saying nobody beats Mr Perfect. Tornado you come on the scene, you make the scene happen, you wipe it out for Mr Perfect. You come underneath everybody and take the Intercontinental title from Mr Perfect. Well the lump on my head is from the post and you Texas Tornado I will be back for you to reclaim what rightfully belongs to the family. Never before have I been humiliated. The worst officiating I ever saw chimes in Heenan. The moron can't count 1-2- don't blame it on says Gene.. Heenan cuts him off. The shoulder is up but no he counts everything we... Settle down says Gene. I'll be back Texas Tornado, what's rightfully mine will be returning to the family concludes Perfect. Both take their leave as Mene Gene wraps it up. Note: Perfect stayed true to his word and reclaimed his title within a few months. But for now Here is Your Winner & New Intercontinental Champion:TEXAS TORNADO.

Survivor Series 1990
The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes, Koko B Ware & Hart Foundation) vs-
The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase w/Virgil, Rhythm & Blues w/Jimmy Hart & The Undertaker w/Brother Love)
Backstage with the Million Dollar Team, Jimmy Hart says his team will survive before Million Dollar Man cuts a promo with his team minus the 'Taker before the match. DiBiase assures us his partner is there and boasts about doing things in grand fashion and promising a big surprise. DiBiase says he'll pluck and stuff the Birdman on thanksgiving, send the Foundation to the Heartbreak Hotel via Rhythm & Blues and make Dusty beg for mercy with him humbled on his knees, but he won't get any as only the strong survive hahahahaha. Dream Team enter first and it's announced Bret Hart was doing battle only a day after his brother Dean had died. (It was from a flesh eating disease but this wasn't announced on TV). Go get 'em Hitman. Commentators make reference to Bret dedicating the match to Dean. Rhythm & Blues then enter followed by DiBiase. DiBiase has offered bonuses to those who get to the finale later on. DiBiase grabs a mic reminds us that everyone has a price for the Million Dollar Man and without further ado he introduces with his manager Brother Love weighing 320 Ib from Death Valley The Undertaker cue generic graveyard music. Commentators hype the deadman in awe. No tattoos yet for Undertaker. Piper says Undertaker makes 4 and a half maybe 5 men on his team. Undertaker starts off with Bret, boot and club to Hart, Hart off the ropes, Hart ducks and comes back but Undertaker with a choke takedown. Undertaker's warned by the ref, Hart tags in Anvil. Anvil tries a shouldertackle nothing and again scoop slam by Undertaker puts Anvil down. Koko tags in, Koko runs the ropes and charges, Undertaker simply pushes him and his throat bounces off the top rope. Undertaker delivers a tombstone piledriver to Koko for the 1-2-3. Monsoon calls it a tombstone right off the bat. Undertaker pushes Koko under the ropes then turns to face Bret again. Lockup leads to Undertaker throwing Bret to the ropes, Bret comes back with punches and comes off the ropes but nothing is fazing Undertaker. Undertaker tags in Greg Valentine and Bret tags in Dusty. Lockup, Valentine backs Rhodes to the corner, both exchange chops before Dusty drops Valentine with a bionic elbow. Valentine picked up, Anvil tags in and drops an axe onto the arm held by Dusty. Anvil beats on the arm, tag to Bret who does the same. Valentine's head meets the top turnbuckle. Bret with punches to the gut, Irish whip, Bret charges into a knee that drops him. Valentine limps, drags Hart to his corner, tag to Honky. Honky with boots picks up Hart, boot to the ribs, Bret elbows the gut, Bret off the ropes shoulder tackle, Bret steps over Honky who comes back with a knee to the gut. Honky poses as Bret blindtags Anvil. Bret reverses Honky off the ropes, Honky steps over Bret but walks into Anvil who scoops him up and powerslams down for the 1-2-3. DiBiase drops axehandles to Anvil then chops and punches in the corner. Irish whip reversal by Anvil. DiBiase rebounds into a clothesline. Anvil scoop slams then tags in Dusty. DiBiase backs to the corner in fright. Dusty mounts and wiggles his flab, 10 bionic elbow assault. DiBiase whipped off the ropes into dropkick by Rhodes. Rhodes picks up DiBiase, tag to Anvil. Double elbow off the ropes connects. Anvil covers for two. Anvil then suplexes DiBiase for another two. Anvil picks up DiBiase, DiBiase punches the gut, Anvil side headlock, DiBiase sends off the ropes, Anvil shoulder tackles DiBiase. Anvil off the ropes, steps over DiBiase, Virgil hooks the leg, Anvil turns to grab Virgil turns back round and DiBiase levels him with a clothesline 1-2-3. Bret comes in and punches DiBiase then headbutts him down. DiBiase wants mercy, Bret advances with boots and punches into the corner then drives DiBiase into Dusty's elbow and tags out. Dusty with spinning punches jucking and jiving ala Bubba Ray Dudley today. DiBiase is pulled up but punches Rhodes then rakes the face and elbows the back of his head. Dusty off the ropes is clotheslined down by DiBiase. Tag to Underaker. Undertaker runs the ropes jumps up and boots the back of Dusty. Undertaker punches Dusty down to his corner and he reaches to tag in Bret. Undertaker intercepts Bret coming in, uppercut, drives his head into Valentine's boot. Valentine tags in as Undertaker chokes Bret in the corner. Valentine kicks at Bret, tags in DiBiase who chops Bret. Bret punches back, inverted atomic drop, Bret tags Dusty and holds DiBiase for a Dusty chop. Dusty with elbows to DiBiase's head takes him to his corner (mistake) and he tags in Undertaker who comes in and clubs Dusty's back. Undertaker punches then whips Dusty off the ropes and hits a knee to the gut. Undertaker to the top turnbuckle and a double axehandle puts Dusty down. 1-2-3. Undertaker puts Dusty over the top rope. Bret rains punches on Undertaker to send him to his corner. Headbutt by Undertaker. Brother Love stomps on the fallen Dusty outside. Undertaker tags in Valentine who punches Bret's back as Undertaker holds him. Love continues to kick Rhodes who gets up as Valentine backelbows Hitman down off the ropes. Valentine runs the ropes and misses an elbowdrop as we see Dusty grab Brother Love as the commentators shill for Undertaker feeling no pain. Dusty backs up the entrance with Brother Love but Undertaker clubs Dusty from behind as we vaguely see Bret piledrive Valentine in the ring. Undertaker continues to beat on Dusty as the referee counts him out even though he isn't the legal man. Undertaker continues to choke Rhodes and kick him as both disappear to the back. We cut back to in-ring action and see Valentine club down Hitman after running off the ropes. Valentine winds up his arm readying for the figure four. Valentine pulls Bret's leg and goes to apply it but Hitman yanks down Valentine by the hair into a cradle for the 1-2-3. Bret and DiBiase remain. Valentine looks pissed. DiBiase comes in and Bret meets with punches, Bret ducks a swing, atomic drop sends DiBiase over the top to the outside. Bret with a plancha onto DiBiase. Mounted punches on the outside to DiBiase's head. DiBiase rakes Bret's face, Bret puts the brakes on and sends DiBiase into the ringpost. DiBiase's head meets the ringsteps, Bret puts him back in, rolls in and DiBiase wants mercy again as he crawls to the corner. Bret not buying it grabs a leg and drags DiBiase to the centre of the ring grabs the other, Sharpshooter perhaps, the crowd want it, Bret opts to drive a boot into DiBiase instead. Bret punches DiBiase into the corner, DiBiase knees Bret's gut, Bret recovers to hold back then punch back at DiBiase, uppercuts by Bret connect but DiBiase reverses an Irish whip and Bret crashes hard face first in the corner. DiBiase hooks the leg and covers for two. DiBiase drops an elbow to the back of Bret's head as Monsoon wonders why DiBiase didn't go for the Milion Dollar Dream. Piper says he's tired and not thinking and Monsoon agrees. DiBiase chops Hart, Irish whips Hart but DiBiase looks spent and can't follow up and crouches allowing Hart to charge forwards and backslide DiBiase for two. Hart applies a side headlock, DiBiase gets up sends Bret to the ropes by the hair, Bret off the ropes, steps over DiBiase but goes down holding his knee. DiBiase gets up laughing and turns to the crowd but Hart is playing possom and he gets up and pushes DiBiase into the ropes and rolls up 1-2-no. Virgil's on the apron, Bret misses a swing as Virgil grabs, DiBiase off the ropes, Bret moves and DiBiase knees Virgil off the apron. Crowd are really into this. Bret schoolboys DiBiase for two. Bret with a backbreaker, goes to the second rope, elbow finds its mark and a lateral press gets two. Hook the leg Bret. DiBiase reverses Bret off the ropes, Bret ducks and comes back with a cross body but DiBiase rolls over on top as the momentum carries him over and he hooks Hart's leg and gets the 1-2-3. Great matchup. Bret sits up and lets out a fuck as DiBiase rolls out to celebrate and a crestfallen Bret reflects on what might have been in the ring. DiBiase and Virgil raise their arms and walk to the back as Bret rolls on his chest and says something face first to the canvas probably for Dean. Bret gets up and gets a nice ovation as we check the replay. Survivor: MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASE.

1991 Royal Rumble Matchup
Pre match comments are picked up from the following Superstars (Tugboat, Demolition Smash, Dino Bravo, Crush, Mr Perfect) emphasising the Rumble's rules, implications, it's motto of every man for himself and/or with each man vowing to win. Mene Gene is with Hulk Hogan who gets special airtime though. Hogan isn't worried about the 29 others. He dedicates the Rumble to the troops in the Gulf. With the armed forces behind him he has more momentum. Sgt Slaughter has just defaced the USA flag. Hogan rants and says Slaughters' reign is like.... he stutters whoops he's forgotten his lines... like Saddam's reign only temporary er raincheck on that Hogan. Miami Arena in Florida is the host for this Royal Rumble.

First two men out are Bret Hart who dishes out his glasses as Roddy Piper and Gorilla Monsoon run over the rules quickly and Dino Bravo w/Colonel Jimmy Hart wearing a Earthquake jackert hurriedly giving advice and info and instructions to him. Apparently every two minutes someone new comes in but that depends though as we all know. Bret and Dino lockup with Dino sending Bret to the corner with his strength. Dino plays to the crowd to boos. Lockup Bret is shoved off the ropes but a flying forearm puts Dino down. Bret with a dropkick, Dino misses a swing, atomic drop by the Hitman. Bravo with his back to Bret tries not to go over the top rope. Bret runs the ropes and clotheslines the back of Bravo who hangs out. Bret pushes Bravo who grabs onto the apron with Jimmy Hart frantically willing Bravo on. Bravo stays in and punches Bret away. Bravo clubs the back and chops Hart. Hart off the ropes, Bravo boots the gut, picks up Hart and delivers an inverted atomic drop. Bravo stomps on Hart then scoop slams him. Bravo misses an elbow off the ropes as Hart recovers and punches at Bravo as the clock runs down and out comes....Greg Valentine as Bravo reverses Bret off the ropes and catches him in a sidewalk slam. Valentine axehandles Bravo's back, Bravo in shock slugs back at Valentine and both exchange chops and slaps. Valentine knees Bravo as Jimmy Hart gets on the apron screaming at Valentine. Valentine advances as we see Bret sitting down in the corner taking a breather. Bravo clotheslines Valentine from behind who drops onto the top rope and falls to his knees. Bravo clubs and boots Valentine, Valentine tries to fight back and ends up ramming Bravo's head into the top turnbuckle a few times. Valentine then dumps Bravo over the top rope for our first elimination. Jimmy Hart gets on the apron again and Valentine grabs him and shoves him off before turning into a possom playing Hitman who delivers an inverted atomic drop and clothesline off the ropes. Bravo and the Colonel take their leave as Bret tries to get the Hammer out by getting him on the top rope as the clock counts down again and here comes...Paul Roma w/Slick. Roma saves Valentine by clubbing Hart's back and they then both club down the Hitman and again and again before Roma turns on Valentine and clubs and stomps at his back. Hitman cuts off Roma with an inverted atomic drop and delivers a headbutt to Valentine. Bret with a double noggin knocker then attempts to push out Roma but Valentine attacks Bret from behind and he and Roma both try to eliminate Bret. Bret stays alive by hooking the bottom rope then dropping to the canvas. Valentine stomps Bret then chops Roma who boots and punches back. Valentine chops back then drives his head into Roma in the corner and tries to get him over. Bret butts Valentine's back, punches and elbows Roma and tries to get him out. Valentine lends a hand as the clock counts down and out comes....Texas Tornado. Tornado beats on Roma as Bret delivers a backbreaker to Valentine. Tornado connects with the spinning Tornado punch on Roma who falls to the canvas. Tornado picks up Valentine who gets the same treatment as Roma and Valentine does a slow Flair flop. Bret teases a Sharpshooter on Roma but instead drives a boot into his nether region. Tornado tries to lift Valentine out as Bret slams down Roma and slips when trying to connect with an elbow from the second rope. Valentine gets down and slaps and chops Tornado in the corner. Tornado fights back and both go tooth and nail with punches. Roma goes to pick up Bret but Tornado cuts him off then Valentine drives an elbow into the back of his head and goes to get Roma out. Tornado checks on Bret then lends Valentine a hand. Bret now recovered attacks Valentine as Roma gets out of trouble and attacks Tornado in the corner as Bret tries to Valentine over. Roma with a standing dropkick to Tornado then saves Valentine from Bret and pulls Bret's hair as Valentine elbows the back of Bret's head. Tornado stays on Roma and Valentine as the clock counts down and entering now is...The Model Rick Martel. Roma holds Tornado for a Valentine chop as Martel runs in and immediately attacks Bret in the corner and tries to get him out. Roma boots then punches Martel as Valentine has ahold of Tornado's hair. Martel comes back and attacks Roma as Valentine and Tornado continue to tussle. Martel has Roma in a firemans carry position. Bret hooks Valentine allowing Tornado a free shot which he takes advantage of. Bret punches Roma resulting in Martel dropping him to the canvas. Bret aims punches at Martel's gut in the corner as Tornado tries to eliminate Valentine. Bret nearly has Martel out as Roma and Valentine doubleteam Tornado. Valentine drops onto Tornado from the second rope as Martel hangs by a thread until Roma charges in and beats on Bret. Roma holds Bret in a facelock as Martel drops an axehandle to Hart's back from the second rope. Martel poses and Roma snaps and clotheslines him down. Valentine traps Tornado in a headlock as Roma scoops up Martel and tries to put him out as the clock counts us down to....Saba Simba. Simba goes for Martel then Bret then Roma but Roma, Bret and Valentine slow him down in the corner while Tornado focuses on Martel. Tornado with an atomic drop to Martel as Roma brawls with Simba and Hart with Valentine. Martel hangs on as Tornado desperately tries to get him out. Roma saves Martel as Valentine and Simba exchange a few shots. Bret stops a Martel and Roma double team on Tornado and attempts to get Martel out again. Roma ducks a spinning Tornado punch and gets out of dodge. Tornado teases and signals for the Claw and slaps it on Roma in the corner. Simba tries to eliminate Valentine as Martel free of Bret comes off the second rope only to get winded by Bret. Inverted atomic drop again by Bret, mounted Claw to Roma by Tornado as here comes...Bushwhacker Butch. Roma drops Tornado to the canvas, Simba is in trouble with Valentine and Bret stays on Martel as Butch comes in and Bushwhacks around a little until Valentine chops him and gets ahold. Simba turns to Martel and scoops him up and goes to the ropes but Martel puts on the brakes holds onto the top rope and Saba Simba goes over and out as Martel rolls under the apron and back in into Tornado's path. Butch is trying to get Valentine out but Valentine and Roma stop Butch as Bret and Tornado pool together and try to lift Martel out. Valentine tries to get out Roma and Butch is trying to get Valentine out and Gorilla Monsoon hasn't even realized that Saba Simba has been eliminated but now Roddy Piper informs him what's gone down. Butch with a meeting of the minds to Valentine and Roma then plays to the crowd. Martel stays alive and keeps Bret and Tornado at bay. Martel tries to get Tornado out, Bret does the same with Roma and Butch is with Valentine as we get another entrant. Butch tries to help Bret but Roma boots him down as Jake The Snake Roberts makes his way down and Martel leaves the Tornado to brawl with Jake. Roma and Valentine have turned the tables on Bret but Jake is owning Martel and delivers a gutbuster then throws him face first to the canvas. Jake reels in Martel with a short arm clothesline and the crowd are going nuts for a DDT as am I. Jake's willing to oblige but Martel ducks out under the bottom rope. Jake gives chase, both roll in and Martel escapes as Valentine gets Jake and drives elbows to the back of his head. Valentine works on Jake as Martel is now out on the apron catching his breath. The referees are counting Martel when Jake attacks and Martel hangs on by one arm. Martel manages to knock Jake down and get back in. Martel boots Jake's gut as Hercules is the next entrant. Power & Glory are both in at the same time folks if you're keeping score. Martel chokes Jake and Hercules saves his partner Roma from Butch and they double team him. Bret is on Martel and Tornado is tussling with Valentine. Backbreaker by Bret to Martel, Bret tries to get him out again and Valentine is trying to get Bret out too. Jake comes to Bret's aid and no-on goes out and they all break away/escape. Tornado nails Hercules with his Tornado punch and Martel ties Jake up in the ropes before playing to the crowd. Power and Glory work on Valentine as Tornado goes to Martel and Butch tries to work on the Hitman. Tornado helps Jake get free and holds Martel open but as Jake recovers Roma kicks and punches him from behind. Martel fights free of Tornado and punches him into the corner as here comes Tito "Chico" Santana. Martel is in trouble now. Arriba. Roma charges at Jake who moves and Roma goes sailing over and out onto the floor. Tito works on Martel, Martel off the ropes, Tito goes downstairs to the bread basket and works on trying to get his former Strike Force partner out. Tornado is struggling to get Butch out and Jake tries to get Tornado out. Tornado stays in and gets the upperhand on Jake, Hercules works on Bret and Valentine tangles with Butch. Tito still has the upperhand in the Strike Force war but Valentine nearly pushes Tito out whilst he's trying to get Martel out but Bret saves by hitting Valentine from behind. Bret and Butch try to get Valentine out but Hercules puts a stop on that and next out is The Undertaker with Brother Love. Uh-Oh. Bret is with Valentine, Tornado is with Jake and Martel and Butch and Tito are working on Hercules. Undertaker steps in attacks Bret Hart hoists him up by the throat and deposits over the top rope wow. Tornado attacks Undertaker who turns the tables pretty quickly, Valentine hits Undertaker but he pays no attention as he brawls with Tornado but Valentine and Tornado try to work together until Undertaker wraps his arm around Tornado's throat and proceeds to choke close to the ropes. Undertaker headbutts Tornado. Jake hits Undertaker, Tornado recovers and hits the spinning Tornado punch which hardly flinches Undertaker. Undertaker absorbs Tornado offense and knocks him down. Undertaker and Valentine both choke Tornado with hand and boot on the canvas until Tito attacks Valentine. Martel nearly has Jake out in the corner. Undertaker is now choking Tornado on his feet, Butch is still with Hercules as here comes... Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Undertaker attacks Hercules then grabs Butch and throws him over the top rope and out. Hercules then Tornado attack Undertaker. Undertaker lifts Tornado and drops him in the corner. Mounted choke by the Deadman. Snuka has Martel perched in the corner, Valentine has Santana tied up in the ropes and Hercules and Jake are going at it. Undertaker wrenches Valentine's nose, Santana gets free, Hercules nearly has Jake over and Tornado leaps onto Undertaker attempting a sleeper. Valentine comes off the second rope driving an elbow to the Undertaker still on his feet and Tornado releases his hold as a result. Tito, Tornado and Hammer take shots on Undertaker before Snuka attacks Tito but Hercules holds Snuka for Tito shots. Jake nearly has Martel over again and Undertaker is keeping Valentine and Tornado at bay. The British Bulldog is on his way down now. Bulldog is slowed down by Valentine but the fresher Bulldog quickly takes advantage. Santana and Tornado double team the Deadman and try to eliminate him while Hercules is trying to get Jake out. Tornado saves Jake and gets beaten up by Hercules. Bulldog hammers on Hercules as Undertaker chokes Santana in the ropes. Valentine is now on Undertaker's back while Jake and Bulldog both work on Martel with atomic drops. Valentine leaps off the turnbuckles onto the Deadman who soon gains the upperhand on Snuka and Valentine. Snuka's blows barely faze the Undertaker. Next entrant in is Demolition Smash. Smash pounds on Bulldog, Martel is with Jake, Tornado and Valentine are trying to get Hercules over. Martel charges into Jake's boot as Smash whips Bulldog off the ropes. Bulldog counters a slam by slipping behind and clotheslining Smash. Martel thwarts a Jake DDT attempt. Santana introduces Valentine's head to the turnbuckle a lot. Martel escapes to the apron again with the referee's ushering him back in. Martel creeps around and snapmares Jake over and out as Jake was tussling with Hercules. Martel taunts Jake until Snuka rams his and Hercules' heads together. Bulldog is getting choked by the Undertaker and everyone else is struggling with one another as we get another entrant. It's Hawk from the LOD. Hawk goes for everyone until he is beatdown by Undertaker, Hercules, Smash and Valentine. When the dust settles Hawk is left with Hercules as Valentine has gone after Bulldog. Hawk fights back and has the upperhand with Hercules and Valentine. Double noggin knocker by Hawk. Santana with mounted punches to the Undertaker. Hawk now gets his hands on Smash as Bulldog and Tornado work together on Martel. Undertaker drops Santana to the canvas. Undertaker has no allegiances and is hitting anyone. Snuka nearly has Smash out, Hawk is the focus of the Undertaker. Next entrant is a Pre Franchise Shane Douglas. Douglas goes for Smash after thinking twice about Hawk. Hawk comes off the top rope with an axehandle to Snuka. Tornado punches Undertaker. Spinning Tornado punch is ducked and Undertaker tosses Tornado out. Snuka follows Tornado after Hawk charges forwards and tosses him out. Smash catches Douglas coming off the second rope in a bearhug before crashing him into the corner. Hercules attacks Smash, Martel chokes on Santana as does Undertaker with Bulldog. Valentine tries to get Hawk out, Hawk comes back at Valentine. Douglas and Santana nail a double clothesline on Martel. Smash saves Martel from Santana who nearly has him out. Hawk clotheslines Hercules off the ropes as we hear Smash taunting Santana saying he's going to break his neck. The crowd are in and out of this. We need a big entrant to lift them. The clock counts down but we get no entrant and everyone goes about their business still in the ring. Undertaker is choking out Hawk, Bulldog goes to stop but gets a low blow for his troubles. Martel and Smash are double teaming Santana as we get an announcement that Martel has been in 25 minutes plus. The Hammer is still there but we don't get his time as Piper speculates on whether Number 18's no-show is due to an injury. Piper informs us he's not out until the clock starts for the next participant so he still has a bit of time to come down. Santana atomic drops Smash, Hammer is with Hercules and Douglas is trying to get Martel out. Douglas switches to help Hawk with the Undertaker while Martel beats on the Bulldog as we get the next entrant who does show and it's Animal from the LOD. Oh What a Rush. LOD are in as a pair. Animal attacks Hercules, Smash and Undertaker first, no-sells a Smash club and turns and slugs with him as Monsoon informs us that Number 18 has forfeited his position in the lineup. LOD double up on the Undertaker, Undertaker chokes both, double boot by LOD and a double clothesline sends Undertaker packing to a big pop. Martel and Hercules quickly attack Hawk from behind and send him out though. Santana nearly has Martel out again. Douglas mounts Valentine in the corner but the crowd don't count as they're still pumped at the recent eliminations or just don't care about Douglas. Martel stays alive, Animal goes for the mounted offense on Hercules but stops halfway through as the crowd don't count again. Martel has turned the tables on Santana and Valentine has done the same with Douglas. Demolition Crush now joins us and Demolition beat the back of the Bulldog. Demolition high five then double clothesline the Bulldog. Smash whips Bulldog off the ropes and puts his head down, Bulldog counters with a twisting neckbreaker. Valentine and Martel both going for the longest stay record turn on one another and Douglas, Bulldog and Animal decide to divide and conquer on Demolition. Slick taunts Santana from the outside as Hacksaw Jim Duggan with 2x4 is in next. Duggan drops the board and makes a beeline for the ring. Hacksaw poses and knocks down Smash and the kids are eating up Duggan's act. Tough Guy. Hooooooooooooooooooooo. Duggan focuses on Martel then Crush as everyone continues to brawl. Hacksaw poses again. Martel leaps into an Animal bearhug and shortcuts out with a face rake. Crush tries to bring round a dazed Smash who fights with Duggan. Santana and Animal doubleteam Crush until Demolition and Martel team up on Santana. Bulldog applies a sleeper on Crush as we get another entrant. It's Earthquake w/Colonel Jimmy Hart. Martel meets turnbuckle courtesy of Santana as Strike Force go back and forth. Valentine punishes Douglas who's rolled to the apron. Earthquake goes face to face with Animal and both exchange blows. Animal off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, hits one of his own and Quake stumbles back. Animal hits another one sending Quake into the ropes. Animal tries again but Quake ducks and tosses him out. Hacksaw taunts Quake ducks him then attacks as the crowd chant Hooooooooooo. Quake rakes the face and sends Duggan to the corner. Duggan fights back, Quake counters a choke and wears down Duggan. Martel stops a Bulldog elimination attempt and Earthquake tangles with Douglas then Smash. Mr Perfect is out now w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Perfect takes his time coming out to a channel of boos. Perfect walks into Duggan who Irish whips him, Perfect does a 360 back up and Duggan plants him down. Duggan charges and Perfect backdrops him out. Smash goes for Perfect, Perfect reverses into the ropes and dropkicks Smash. Santana clotheslines Perfect as the departing Duggan gets a goodbye Hoooooooooooo and Monsoon informs us Valentine has been in for 43 minutes plus with 40 minutes plus coming up for Martel. Piper adds Santana and Hercules have been in for over 25 Minutes. Everyone continues fighting as here comes the Hulkster Hulk Hogan. Smash and Perfect greet him, Bulldog attacks Perfect, Hogan comes back at Smash. Smash off the ropes, big boot dazes before Hogan throws him out. Hogan charges into fight with Earthquake and takes it to him with mounted punches which the crowd chant along too at last. Hogan can't get Earthquake's leg over and Perfect slows him down before Earthquake takes control of Hogan with short arm clotheslines in the corner. Hogan is nearly out and a Hogan chant starts. Bulldog makes the save for Hogan but Perfect attacks and Quake has Hogan almost out again. Hogan teeters but Hercules comes into the mix and he and Hogan fight. Haku is in now just as Hogan bounces Valentine out from behind as he was stomping on Martel. Valentine in for excess of 45 minutes. Martel is choking Hogan with his own shirt. Hogan hoists up Martel but Perfect attacks and Martel escapes. Martel leaps off the second rope and onto Haku. Earthquake nearly has Bulldog out as does Haku with Martel. Half brawl and half catch a breather as Gorilla and Piper dispute the record time before agreeing Martel is going for it and the win. Time for another entrant. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart sprints down as Earthquake hoists up Mr Perfect. Anvil attacks Hercules with battering rams. Hercules turns the tables, Douglas mounts Martel in the corner as we see Earthquake toss out Santana after weakening him with a headbutt. Hogan and Douglas have fireman carries on Perfect and Martel but both stay alive. Haku, Perfect and Hogan are briefly involved. Anvil can't lift Crush out. Piper says 40 minutes for Martel. Haku, Hercules and Earthquake try to get Hogan out. Shane Douglas to the rescue LOL. Anvil slugs at Earthquake as Bushwhacker Luke enters. Martel has Bulldog up in a firemans carry. Hogan and Haku exchange chops on Earthquake. Luke gets in Whooaaa and Earthquake puts him out on the other side. Record time. Luke hasn't cottoned on or looks bothered and Bushwhacks round outside whoooaaaing and licking fans as he heads back up the entrance to the back. 4 seconds I counted for Luke. Perfect is catching a breather on the apron, Douglas grabs and rams him into the turnbuckles. Perfect drops but rolls back in and stays alive. Perfect goes to help Earthquake with Hogan. Earthquake applies a full nelson on Hogan as Haku takes advantage of a free shot on the Hulkster. Earthquake scoops up Hogan but Bulldog and Douglas stop the elimination attempt to the relief of the crowd and we get another entrant. Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs as Gorilla reminds us we haven't seen the Macho King yet. Knobbs goes for Haku, Martel then Perfect. Piper says he's trying to make a name for himself. He's one of Hogan's best friends. You don't need to LOL. Martel, Anvil, Hercules and Haku pile onto Knobbs who gets free but is backed to a corner by Hercules, Haku and the Anvil again. Knobbs stops Anvil and Hercules from pushing him out. Knobbs beats on Anvil until Hogan boots Knobbs and punches allowing Anvil to gain the advantage. Apparently Martel has been in for 45 minutes as Hercules punches Knobbs who ducks and bounces Hercules out. Warlord is next in and he goes right for Bulldog. Perfect ducks outside and Heenan mops his brow with the towel. Crush tries some mounted offense on Hogan but gets caught and Hogan pushes him out. Knobbs with battering rams to Hogan. Perfect and Hogan tussle as Anvil pulls Knobbs off of Hogan. Warlord holds Hogan for Perfect chops, Perfect hits Warlord by mistake and says he's innocent before backing up. Anvil forearms Knobbs down as Perfect confers again with Heenan on the apron. Warlord reverses Hogan into the ropes, Hogan ducks underneath and quickly turns and clotheslines Warlord out. Haku attacks Hogan and here comes the last entrant... It's Tugboat. Toot, soon to be Typhoon. It's revealed Macho King was number 18. Piper says he wasn't hurt. Warrior must have ran him off after getting screwed out of his title. Tugboat charges right into Earthquake. Anvil has a headlock on Perfect. Perfect sends into the ropes, Anvil with a shouldertackle, clothesline and Perfect goes over but hangs onto the ropes and rolls back in. Lucky man. A perplexed Anvil follows to the corner and grabs Perfect by the hair as Perfect on the canvas desperately hooks the bottom rope. Perfect recovers to turn the tide on Anvil as we just catch Knobbs eliminating Shane Douglas. Knobbs exchanges with Hogan then Haku. Tugboat charges into Martel hoists him up but Martel rakes his way free. Bulldog backelbows Knobbs down. Bulldog and Tugboat can't get Martel out. Hogan attacks his friend Tugboat who returns the "favour" and bounces Hogan out no onto the apron and Hogan is still in. Anvil charges into Earthquake, Tugboat attempts to get Martel out but Hogan from behind gets rid of Tugboat. Perfect tries to go up top, Bulldog crotches him, standing dropkick and Perfect drops out. Bulldog is with Haku, Anvil with Martel. Martel reverses Anvil to the ropes but grabs him and pushes him over the top rope instead. Martel goes to stop Hogan eliminating Knobbs. Haku charges at Bulldog but Bulldog tosses Haku out. Last five folks. Martel works on Hogan as Bulldog sizes up who's left. Knobbs and Earthquake both get on Hogan while Bulldog brawls with Martel. Martel clubs Bulldog, axehandle from the second rope. Scoop slam by Martel. Martel goes up top, Bulldog gets up shakes the ropes and Martel is crotched. Bulldog with a running clothesline and Martel finally gets eliminated after close to 53 minutes. Bulldog charges into Earthquake and Knobbs who double team him and they both throw him out. Last three, Knobbs and Quake double team Hogan. Double clothesline off the ropes to Hogan. Knobbs drops elbows, Hogan chant starts again. Earthquake splashes off the ropes and poses cue high five by the heels. Knobbs drops more elbows as Jimmy Hart yells his approval from outside. Earthquake signals and shakes for a vertical splash which connects as Knobbs approves. Raised arms as Hogan gets up all Hulked up. Double clothelsine by Hogan. Big boot puts Knobbs over and out. Hogan with roundhouses to Quake, Quake off the ropes big boot by Hogan but Quake won't go down. Roundhouse drops him to one knee. Hogan knocks Hart off the apron and signals for a lift. Hogan poses for the crowd. Quake's axehandle attempt is thwarted by a Hogan boot to the gut and face rake. Hogan tries the slam no Quake lands on top of Hogan. Quake with an elbow off the ropes and another one. Quake flexes. Hogan chant. Quake lifts then powerslams Hogan down. Cover what? Hogan shoves Quake off and Hulks up again. Roundhouses have no effect as Hulk hulks up shakes about and counters roundhouses with some of his own. Quake off the ropes into a big boot and Quake is blinded. Hogan again signals a lift attempt and plays to the crowd. Hogan measures, Quake to the corner not having a clue where he is. Hogan boots and finally slams him down. Quake up and Hogan clotheslines from behind and Quake goes out. Cue Hogan celebrations. Hogan salutes the fans, poses grabs a "Hulk rules sign" from the crowd followed by a "Peace in the Middle East" and "Saddam and Slaughter will surrender" sign. Hogan waves the US flag around the ring before posing and flexing some more. End of Match. Here is Your Winner: HULK HOGAN.



Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed that and I hope I didn't lose you all during the Rumble. Was it too long?

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