For Love or Money: Round Twelve

JOHN: Welcome to the fifth edition of For Love or Money in 2005 and the twelfth edition overall. We were supposed to do a retrospective edition this month, but we figured with the draft lottery completed that it would be a bad time for that. So we're doing the normal thing this time with ten questions, plus the bonus question in lieu of Brock Lesnar rejoining WWE. Technically, it's the biggest FLOM ever.

The first eight (or nine in the case of this one) questions will deal with current topics while the final two questions deal with "classic" moments from the past that we feel like talking about. Think of it like a written version of Pardon the Interruption, the hit ESPN sports talk show program featuring Mike Wilbon on Tony Kornheiser. Not exactly like that, obviously, but loosely based on it.

Note: The blue (odd numbered) questions were chosen by Matt. The green (even numbered) questions were chosen by John.

Brock Lesnar back in WWE: What up?
JOHN: I love it. I say screw the people who say he should be allowed back in. The guy admitted he made the wrong decision by leaving, he wants to be in the wrestling business now and I think with a guy with his talent fully dedicated to the business he's going to become a hell of a talent. There's a ton of money to be made off this guy, I think.

MATT: I'm happy to see him back, it's just kind of a bad time, especially if he's coming back as a heel. The heel market is so oversaturated right now it's not even funny. We've got Angle, HBK, HHH, Edge and Jericho on Raw, and we've got JBL, Christian, Hassan, Eddie and Orton on Smackdown. I hope they bring Brock in as a face (although it would be quite a stretch considering what he did), and in that case he should go to Raw, because they are seriously reaching for face starpower right now. But then Raw will once again be overloaded with stars. It's just a really REALLY bad time.

JOHN: I don't care whether he's a face or heel. You don't say no to a talent like this. You don't ignore it. You find a way to use him. If anything, it just means the midcard is even stronger because there is a good amount of talent in WWE right now. Top to bottom, the roster is pretty good. Lesnar being added to it is a plus.

MATT: The thought of Batista vs. Lesnar is making me drool. That feud could be so money if done right. Although they actually would be smart to put Lesnar AWAY from Batista, because Batista's drawing power is in his size, and I'm pretty sure Lesnar would dwarf him.

JOHN: Dwarf him? Dude, they're pretty much the same height and I'd guess Batista is a little bigger in the upper body. There'd be no dwarfing. I want Lesnar vs. Michaels one day. That would be sick.

MATT: Face on Raw. Make it happen.

JOHN: I want Lesnar on SD more than Raw. I need more reasons to watch SD.

1. Is the era of the male manager over?
MATT: I hope not. Davari has proven to be quite an asset to Hassan, and he gets him more heat by spitting that Farsi (since Hassan probably doesn't know a lick of it, or Arabic). But in terms of the Jim Cornette and Bobby Heenan straight-up manager, yeah, I think it's over. It's a shame too. I think Heyman did a good job in that role for the short time he was with the Dudleys and Heidenreich. I am happy though that Melina is doing such a great job as a female valet. I wouldn't mind bringing in more male managers. Prince Nana from ROH would do WONDERS in WWE.

JOHN: Yep. Long gone. Been gone since Cornette and Heenan stopped. Heyman was of course pretty good as the male manager, but WWE never likes him getting too much attention because he's a talented person who questions their way of booking. Daivari's great in his role. I just don't see many other male managers coming in to WWE. Does Orlando Jordan count since he barely wrestles? Oh wait, he's just the worst champion ever. I forgot. This has been your monthly "John rips on the midcard titles" opinion.

MATT: Well we just found out that Cornette was fired, but I wouldn't have minded Cornette and Heyman as heel male managers again. They're both HIGHLY entertaining. It's a shame though, because if you can do the job right, it means instant heat to your protege.

JOHN: There just isn't the market for it. WWE wants girls with big boobs (or Stacy's legs) at ringside. They don't want male managers. A guy like "Sinister" Jim Mitchell would have been the perfect manager for heel Kane. Instead, they never pursued him. Like I say all the time, Cornette and Heyman aren't yes men. You can't last in WWE very long if you don't suck up to Vince and Stephanie.

MATT: There needs to be some sort of corporate overthrow. Like a coup. You know, just to mix things up.

JOHN: With Cornette and likely Heyman out there at the end of the year, there'd be some great minds available to run a wrestling promotion. Anyway, back on this question, the male manager has been dead for nearly a decade now. It's nothing new.

2. Edge was so close to main eventing Summerslam. Now he's like the fourth heel on the Raw depth chart. Is this punishment from management for his role in the Hardy/Lita breakup, or is it just a coincidence?
JOHN: I don't think it's punishment, it's just WWE relying on the same guys over and over in their top slots. They trust HHH, Angle and Michaels more as top heels than they do Edge. Edge has gotten over based on a lot of cheap heat. He was really on fire, then he joined up with Lita and it's kinda faded because Kane is not a strong babyface character, basically. Plus, everybody knows it should be Matt Hardy instead of Kane in that angle. Edge is just flat right now. Obviously they could push him up to the main event at any time, I just think they have other priorities ahead of him.

MATT: Edge is just a victim of circumstance, I'm afraid. Between Angle coming over, Jericho turning heel and the recent heel turn of Shawn Michaels (more on that MUCH later), there's just not much room for Edge. I personally think he waited too long on his Money in the Bank contract and he probably should have gotten the title shot against Batista at Vengeance, but hey, that's just me. Hopefully he'll cash in that title shot at Summerslam (if it's even still valid). But I've got a sneaking suspicion that Triple H will stick his proboscis in just in time to snatch up that title shot. Shame too, really.

JOHN: Like I said, I don't think it's some sort of blatant punishment. However, I think it might have hurt his push. The Kane feud gets more boring the longer it goes. With rumors of Matt Hardy coming in, who knows if Edge will get into that main event program this year. Six months ago I thought for sure he would be. Now, who knows?

MATT: Karma is a bitch. isn't it? I don't think they would have paired Edge with Lita if it hadn't been for the controversy caused by their relationship, and their association has brought him down from main event to upper midcard (whether it was blatant or not). So now that I think about it, I don't think it's punishment, but his relationship with Lita before has indirectly fucked him over. He's teaming with Snitsky for fuck's sake!

JOHN: Basically, Edge went from being a focal point on Raw to two weeks in a row being in stupid tag matches that did nothing but fill time. This is a problem with WWE. They are always too hesitant to get new people at the top. As much as I love the old reliables like Angle and Michaels, if Edge isn't main eventing Summerslam against Cena as rumored then they've made a mistake.

MATT: A HUGE mistake. Ask me back in October after Taboo Tuesday and I would tell you Edge was a lock to be World Champion sometime in 2005. He was a star in the making. He needs some momentum, and quick!

JOHN: Blame Lita. The career killer.

3. Who will be the next superstar to win his first World title?
MATT: I'm going to be VERY unconventional here and go with Rey Mysterio. They've really pushed him HARD this past year as not just another cruiserweight, and after this feud with Eddie dies down, they're really going to push him for the title. I think he's going to win the Royal Rumble on a fluke victory, and have the entire Wrestlemania build be on how he's too small to be a World Champion. He's going to face Randy Orton at Mania (Orton will win the belt from Batista), and have another huge victory for the title. That, ladies and gents, is the first new World Champion. Before Benjamin, before Christian, before Edge, before Hassan, before everybody.

JOHN: Hassan at Summerslam. I'm telling you now. It's in Washington, DC, the capital city of America and the hometown of World Champ Batista. Vince McMahon is all about publicity, controversy and attention. Giving the belt to the American hater in the capital city of America at his company's second biggest event, which will get plenty of publicity, will get people talking not only in wrestling, but outside of it too. Do I think it should be Hassan? No, I think Edge would be the best choice. He just seems too far off for that. For what it's worth, I'm going to a house show a week before Summerslam in August. The main event is Batista vs. Hassan. That's probably the Summerslam main event too because Hassan is facing Undertaker in a number one contender match at the Bash. Hassan as champion is my pick. Two months ago I would have said Edge.

MATT: You've got balls, Johnny, I'll give you that. I'm pretty much sold on Batista/Hassan for Summerslam, but I don't think Hassan will go over. At least not then. He's not anywhere NEAR Brock levels to justify getting the belt so soon after his debut. Christian won't be champ for a while with the glass ceiling on Smackdown (especially if Lesnar comes back), neither will Benjamin, nor Edge on Raw. They're banking on Mysterio, baby!

JOHN: Vince doesn't care about people being on levels. He likes controversy. They put the belt on JBL because he did a Nazi sign in Germany. It got him axed from his TV gig and Vince thought, oh let's put the belt on the guy because we might get some media attention. You think JBL was championship worthy? No. Hassan will beat Undertaker, and then they'll put him over Batista. Why? Because it'll get the people talking. Hassan's gimmick is the epitome of cheap heat taking to the extreme. It's not like he'd win clean. Maybe Lesnar helps him. Maybe Orton does. Somebody wants to fuck over Batista, so it benefits Hassan. The Arab American that hates America winning the World Title in Washington against the hometown dominant babyface is a storyline that Vince McMahon loves. I'm not saying it's great. I'm saying it'll happen.

MATT: See I think the build will have the controversy going for it, but maybe Vince will change his tune after the bombings in London this past week. America wants a happy ending for once, and we so rarely get one in pro wrestling.

JOHN: What? It's been happy endings all year in WWE. Cena and Batista dominate everything. Do either of them ever lose? Doesn't seem like it. They need heels to be champions and fast. The face champs are getting boring. I don't hate your Rey pick. I just think it goes to Hassan first, and then maybe Mysterio beats him.

MATT: I wouldn't mind that, actually.

4. Do you lose respect for WWE every time you see a blatantly racist gimmick like the Mexicools or Hassan/Daivari?
JOHN: I'm writing this after watching Smackdown, after seeing Juvi slant his eyes to mock Japanese people. Is that funny? No. Is that necessary? No. It's stupid and it's irresponsible. This is what you do when you don't know how to do good angles. This is cheap heat. This is just like ripping on the hometown fans or the locals, except it's on a wider scale. I wonder how Arab-Americans think about how Hassan is portrayed. Sure, WWE tries to say they don't represent all Arabs, but I wonder what ten year old Ahmed thinks when he watches Smackdown.

MATT: Only if it's not entertaining. I'm willing to forego a lot of things for the sake of entertainment. So far, the Mexicools have been entertaining. Hassan comes off as bland on the mic at times, but for the most part his heel shtick has entertained me. Even Kerwin White is racist, but we'll touch on him later. Seriously, we watch Chappelle's Show and love it even though it's racist as all fuck. But it's entertaining, so we keep watching. When they do it for the sake of just doing it, then they'll cross the line.

JOHN: I think using racism to get heat is very petty, but it's been done in wrestling forever. I think back to when Booker T was challenging HHH for the World Title at WM 19 and HHH constantly said "your kind aren't cut out to be champions" and things like that. It's racism without openly being racist, I guess you could say. Oh, and comparing the comedy writings or edgy writings on WWE compared to Chappelle's Show is like comparing Viscera's workrate to that of Shawn Michaels.

MATT: But that's the thing! There's a way you can bring up the differences between us, which some could call racist, but be witty about it and thought-provoking. I'm interested to see where this Hassan story goes, but if he says that he was like this all along, then this is a mistake.

JOHN: Busting out the terrorists to beat up Undertaker, that's going far. Again, they do it to get people talking. I'm just saying I'm not a huge fan, nor do I think it's necessary.

MATT: Maybe they think it's the new "Attitude"?

JOHN: Well, it's like how Slaughter/Hogan was in 1991. They're playing with the hearts of their fans. It's nothing new, really.

5. What happens with Shawn Michaels after his program with Hogan, if he even gets a program with Hogan?
MATT: I think the match with Hogan will happen at Summerslam, and afterward, I definitely want to see him go after Cena for the WWE title. Shawn Michaels as a heel WWE Champion would rock the fucking house. He'll show Triple H how it's REALLY done. I'm getting really excited for his new character direction, as I want to see a complete repackaging.

JOHN: Of course he gets a program with Hogan. Hopefully he beats Hogan clean at Summerslam. If Hogan goes over in that I'll make sure to let the expletives fly. Ideally, I think the spot for Michaels after that is to feud with John Cena because there's nobody more equipped on the roster (maybe Angle, but it's been done) at helping him get better in the ring. Michaels vs. Cena could be really great with the right storyline. That's why he turned heel. Plus, I'd love to see Michaels vs. Benjamin as a future feud because of how good their first match was.

MATT: I think Shawn needs new theme music. I know his music was originally designed for his heel persona, but it generates too much of a pop. I'd like to see it slowed down like Eddie's was on Smackdown.

JOHN: That's all you got? Theme music? I never understood the fascination with theme songs. I say give him the song "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. It's perfect. I don't know what you're talking about with showing HHH how it's REALLY done. I know HHH gets a lot of heat, but the guy was awesome in the Batista feud. He put that guy over just as much as Mick Foley put him over when he needed it.

MATT: I'm talking about turning up the dick heel intensity. Hunter's a good heel, but he couldn't TOUCH Shawn from 97 (My opinion, of course). This is just something we haven't seen in a while, and I'm really really excited about it. Give him the damn belt now! Fuck Edge!

JOHN: Well, Shawn won't be the same heel he was in 1997 because he has very strong religious beliefs that will probably prevent him from humping the Canadian flag, for example. I think he'll be a heel in a way that HHH is. More cerebral, more smart and more sinister than his babyface act.

MATT: Whatever it is, I can't wait. His heel turn has single-handedly turned Raw into Must-See TV again.

JOHN: When Hogan is off the show for sure, then it's must see TV. Anyway, guys like us and everybody reading this think Raw is must see TV anyway. We're not the ones they need to sell it on.

MATT: True enough. I think "bad guy" Shawn will sell though. I thought his turn in 97 was a horrible idea (I was a mark at the time) but it turned out HIGHLY successful.

JOHN: You're not still a mark? Could have fooled me! He's good in both roles, but better as a heel. To me, anyway. I'm the HBK lover, though, so my opinion counts tenfold.

6. What's the one feud that hasn't happened yet that you are most looking forward to? List a couple if you want.
JOHN: I'll do one from each show. Angle vs. Benjamin is the obvious one. Simply put, Benjamin could benefit in a lot of ways from Angle and vice versa. Would be lots of fun. For Smackdown, I'd say Mysterio vs. Orton would be lots of fun. I think Orton's going to develop into a great worker in the very near future and feuding with Mysterio would hurry up that process.

MATT: Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin. Angle mentioned it in an interview that he wants to do business with Benjamin, and I can't fucking wait. Benjamin has proved that he can hang with the top dogs in the company (as evident from his match with HBK on Raw a couple months ago), and Angle just loves getting to work with the younger talent. It'll be athletic, it'll be competitive, and it'll be a helluva lotta fun.

JOHN: Okay, so we agree on Angle vs. Benjamin. I think most would. There's a lot of potential in that. Mentioning Guerrero/Benoit doesn't apply, Matt, since they've wrestled plenty. I'm talking NEW stuff here. I mentioned Mysterio-Orton and another I'd like is of course Lesnar vs. Michaels although Michaels would need to be the face in that scenario with Lesnar the heel. God, I'd love that.

MATT: Benoit and Guerrero have never actually had a legit "feud." They've had altercations and matches have come out of it. But I'm talking about build, more than just one match, and blowoffs. But yeah, Lesnar vs. Michaels will just be the bomb diggity.

JOHN: The thread asked for NEW feuds, though. A new match. If we're talking about anything then there's a ton of things you can say. Obviously Cena vs. Michaels is another one I really want to see just to see if Shawn can make Cena a better in ring performer, which I think he can do.

MATT: That seems pretty likely, as well as Angle/Benjamin. Raw really made out like a bandit with the Draft Lottery this year, although I think Smackdown didn't do too shabby. Orton/Mysterio would/will be good.

JOHN: Let me add one more. Get Rock back for Mania, keep Michaels a heel and give me Rock vs. Michaels for the first time. I'd pee.

7. Why is there such an imbalance of faces and heels on both shows, and who should turn face on either show to correct this balance?
MATT: Well, Smackdown already corrected that balance by firing a TON of heels, making the rosters dead even. I think there was such an imbalance to begin with because heels are so much more interesting than faces. The blandness of Jericho, Orton and Eddie have now turned into awesome characters when they turned heel. And nobody knows what the hell to expect from Shawn Michaels now that he's turned bad. Besides Batista, who have we gotten to turn face? Viscera and Heidenreich. And those are joke face turns.

Raw is still horribly unbalanced towards the heel side, and when looking at the roster, only one name really strikes me that should get a face turn, and that's Triple H, amazingly. The uppercard heel scene is getting very crowded. Edge, Jericho and HBK turned heel in the past year, and Angle's not turning (He might though, if he still hates HBK). Carlito's on the rise, and he won't turn face. Really, the only possible way to go is to have Hunter turn face. How and will it work are two very good questions, but I'd have him and Flair turn, especially since Batista's on the other show now.

JOHN: I don't really know. Sadly, I think it means Hogan's going to be back for the next two months on a regular basis to help the face side. I think HHH is obviously a viable option except it's heavily rumored that he'll be off until after Summerslam. I think Smackdown is alright in the babyface department. Raw has less depth on that side. I guess I don't have an answer. Turn Carlito. He'd work.

MATT: The more I think about it, the more Angle turning face makes sense. He doesn't like HBK, he's not particularly fond of Hunter and Flair either. And I think the crowd will be more prone to cheer him than they would for Hunter. Granted, then we lose out on Angle/Benjamin, unless Benjamin turns heel, and then we've got the balance problem again! I guess nobody necessarily HAS to turn face, but on Raw, the only person who people can really root for (besides Hogan, who will probably be gone again) is Cena. And you can't just have one babyface at the top. I think Brock's the answer.

JOHN: If Brock's on Raw then the balance of power is by far on Raw's side. That said, I don't worry about heel/face stuff as much as you. I wouldn't be shocked to see HHH coming back as a babyface even though I always like him more as a heel. Can the Rock just come back? Please? I miss him too much.

MATT: Seriously. That should be the eternal answer whenever WWE has a problem. "There are too many faces!" Get the Rock. "Nobody can cut a promo anymore!" Get the Rock. "I got a cut on my elbow!" Get the Rock.

JOHN: I don't even need to see him for a year. Just four months. Two or three PPVs. Something. I need a Rock fix, man.

MATT: Rock is your boy, huh?

JOHN: Yep. Him and Kerwin White. What a segway to the next question!

8. Two words and a F'N: Kerwin F'N White. Discuss.
JOHN: Simply put, I haven't legit laughed that hard during a wrestling promo in years. Not since the days of Austin/Angle/McMahon in the summer of 2001 singing on the guitar. This shit was priceless. The thing about Chav…err…Kerwin is that he's done ridiculous gimmicks like this before and pulled it off simply because he knows how to act. He knows how and when to be funny. He has talent. This won't ever be a character with a strong push I'm guessing, but it should be good for some laughs. At least I hope so. If you take this gimmick seriously you will never enjoy it. If you learn to laugh at it, you'll love it.

MATT: HAHAHAHAHA! It's hilarious! And if anybody can pull it off, it's Chavo. I think this can only go in two extremes. Either the gimmick will be a big hit and we'll have a bonafide midcard heel, or it'll fail miserably and he'll go the way of Custom Chucky P and get fired. I really hope the latter doesn't happen. Chavo's too good of a talent to be let go. Plus, he dyed his hair for this! C'mon!

JOHN: Numba Eight (Burp) Numba Eight (Burp) Numba Eight (Burp)

MATT: lol

JOHN: Like I said, this gimmick is really funny. Maybe it could wear thin, I don't know. It's just that compared to other comedy gimmicks like Simon Dean and Heidenreich, both of which are flops, this Kerwin White things looks like gold. We've only seen 30 seconds, but from what I've seen I like so far.

MATT: did an article about how many hits his profile got (most of it by us at the Oratory, probably), which means that people are into the gimmick, and that's always a good thing. It means he's going to last, and I can never get enough

JOHN: We know he's a good worker and I always felt he was an underrated actor/speaker too. This'll hopefully show what he can do. I think as long as fans can laugh at it and enjoy it that it'll go far. I'm sure some on the net are complaining because they gave a good worker a ridiculous gimmick, but he wasn't doing anything amazing as Chavo. Might as well do this.

MATT: Absolutely. I was just afraid he'd go the way of Chaz (I'm getting horrible memories of Beaver Cleavage) and will get promptly released. As Chavo Guerrero, he'd probably get the axe. As Kerwin White, he'll be a star! Oooooooh Kerwin!

JOHN: Of course if he flops and the gimmick sucks we will never mention it again, right?

MATT: Eh, probably not. I'd say it was fun while it lasted. Kinda like Sean O'Haire before he actually debuted.

9. In honor of the new heel Shawn Michaels, what's your favorite moment from Michaels's heel run of 1992-1995?
MATT: It could be easy to just list the big ones, like the Barbershop kick, the Razor ladder match at Wrestlemania or the 95 Rumble win. I'm actually going to dig deeper and bring up a lost gem. It was Summerslam 1992, and heel HBK was taking on Heel Rick Martel. Both were arrogant, cocky heels and they were fighting over Sherri. In the match, they both kept covering up their heads to prevent them from getting hit and "ruining" their beautiful faces. It was a breath of fresh air from the usual good guy vs. bad guy match. I also really liked his IC title win against Bulldog. Very unexpected and shocking.

JOHN: WrestleMania X. Ladder match. That was easy. Seriously, the whole build to that match and the actual match was probably the best thing of his career, along with the build to HIAC in '97.

MATT: I remember the build to the Ramon match at Mania. Really cool with Shawn climbing the ladder on Superstars and shit. I'm amazed they turned a potential PR nightmare like Shawn refusing to show up for work and make it into one of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time.

JOHN: Well, Shawn had the right because he had contractual issues. He wanted to get paid, then when he did he made the match great. That's Shawn. He had an ego problem a lot of the time, but he was always passionate about wrestling. That Michaels-Martel thing you mentioned wasn't very good. I dunno, just a stupid angle, really. I'm shocked you even brought that up.

MATT: Just wanted to see what was deep inside the inner recesses of my memory. Shawn had a lot of good stuff going on in his early heel run. It's one of the reasons why he ended up being so great. There are some Bret Hart matches from 1992 that a lot of people haven't seen that are really good as well

JOHN: I know there was stuff, that's why I'm shocked you mentioned the damn "don't hit the face" match. Weirdo.

MATT: It was heeling at its best! Well...heeling at its very good.

JOHN: You probably wanted to kiss Martel. You wanted him to spray you with the Arrogance fragrance. That's what it is. Sick freak.

MATT: I'm not the one who's thinking of guys kissing other guys, not that there's anything wrong with that.

10. Since it looks like Hogan is going to be back for at least a couple of months, what would you say are your favorite Hogan moments in WWE or WCW?
JOHN: Seeing him live against the Ultimate Warrior in Toronto at WrestleMania VI is tops for me. That was just epic. I wasn't even a huge fan since I was coming around to the heels at that point. It was magic in the building, though. You can't describe it. It's just a feeling that you'll always remember. Other than that, the heel turn with NWO at the Bash at the Beach in '96 was epic. I saw that one live, I remember being at a bar for it and people just went crazy when Hogan dropped the leg on Savage. I didn't see it coming. Also, I'd say Rock-Hogan was really fun as a moment. Not a great match, maybe three stars, but as a moment it was the kind of thing that makes you loves this business.

MATT: There's too many. I think the moment he turned heel at Bash at the Beach 1996 would be my vote. It was the moment the wrestling world got turned upside down on it's fucking head. Yeah, Hall and Nash were big deals in WWF and their presence in WCW was a big deal. But the nWo wouldn't have been anything close to what it was if Hogan hadn't joined the group. It was an amazing, amazing moment, and I think it was better than anything Hogan ever did as a face, including bodyslam Andre.

JOHN: Obviously Bash at the Batch in '96 is huge. For me, seeing WM6 live was such a thrill. That was one of those nights that really solidified me as a wrestling fan the rest of my life. Largely because of Hulkster. Doesn't mean I want to see him that much at 51, though.

MATT: His Backlash appearance, I could do. The heel turn with HBK, I could do, knowing that it leads to HBK/Hogan at Summerslam. But enough is enough. There's just not that many stars left in WWE that I want a "dream match" with Hogan. Shawn's one. There's nobody else, really.

JOHN: Get ready for when his son wrestles in five years and he's 56 coming back again. He's not going to be done until he's in 70s probably. That guy loves the spotlight too much.

MATT: First and foremost, Hogan is a businessman. And as long as Hulk Hogan is alive, he'll try to make money. When he dies, his kids will try to make money off his name. Is there a problem with that? Not really. If the money's there for you to grab, grab it.

JOHN: I know that. Geez, I'm JC Money. You're MS Bankrupt. I'm just saying he's not going anyway. Accept it. So much for talking about career moments, eh?

MATT: Who will you miss more? The Dudleys or Charlie Haas?
JOHN: Haas. I've seen all the Duds can do. Haas has untapped potential.
MATT: Hass for me too. They really missed the boat on the Hass/Benjamin reunion/feud.

JOHN: Does Jericho have any chance of being WWE Champion this year?
MATT: None. But at least he'll be entertaining as a heel.
JOHN: Nope. I hope he bought a room in the midcard because he's staying there for a while.

MATT: Is there such a thing as too many Guerrero/Mysterio matches?
JOHN: Nope. Never. I'll take one a day, please. With sugar.
MATT: Same. I don't care if they feud all year.

JOHN: Are the Diva Search girls this year hotter than last year?
MATT: Not at all. And they may be dumber.
JOHN: Yep. I like 'em more. Go Ashley. Please. Oh pretty please.

MATT: Should Steve Austin wrestle again?
JOHN: Yep, because I think there's a desire to see him back in the black trunks and boots. I can wait till Mania.
MATT: If he can work one more match, then I'll be happy to see it.

JOHN: A stable on Raw consisting of HHH, Angle, Michaels and Flair. Will it happen?
MATT: I think it will make a great Survivor Series team, but as a full-time stable? Probably not.
JOHN: No, but I wish it would. I'd be giddy.


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